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FOX Trims Glee’s Fifth Season

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Just like Scandal this season, Glee will air less episodes than expected. While ABC trimmed the political drama due to Kerry Washington’s pregnancy, I’m sure FOX’s decision is based on the musical show’s declining ratings. The most recent episode nabbed only 2.59 million viewers. A far cry from its hey day when it consistently attracted more than 10 million eye balls weekly.

“Glee is still a great property to have on our air,” says Fox COO Joe Earley, citing statistics that show it remains a top 10 comedy among teens and viewers with household incomes above $100,000. “There have been some scheduling challenges … but what we see is still an incredibly popular show with a lot of time-shifting.”

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Calvin Harris is such a tease. Among the numerous teasers the Scottish DJ posted on Instagram for his new music video was a photo of himself shirtless in the desert. It’s clear he’s been working out. Girlfriend Rita Ora is one lucky chick. You’d think he’d want to flaunt that body of his. Sadly, all we’re left with is a simple white tee snugging his torso.

Summer” will definitely be a club anthem this Summer. For such a catchy track, I was hoping for a much more entertaining visual. It’s pretty standard with a bunch of women in bathing suits and cut-off denim shorts on display as they hang poolside and watch a drag race (not of the RuPaul variety) in the California desert. Check out the clip below.

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Holy hotness Batman. Andrew Christian you’ve got some competition. He usually taps Randy Blue models to star in his viral clips. ES Collection has upped the ante and enlisted a stable of Bel Ami porn stars to front an ad campaign for their Addicted line.

“Three new collections that the company is presenting are the most daring ever, when it comes to the designs. For this reason we needed a strong and a recognisable worldwide image and this was why we contacted the wonderful team at BelAmi to propose this collaboration. Without hesitation they responded with an emphatic “Yes!”. Working together on this project has been an incredible experience that we will never forget”, comments Héctor Aguilar, Campaign Production Manager.

Florian Nemec, Kevin Warhol, Adam Archuleta, Robin Michaux, Hoyt Kogan and Joel Birkim flew down to Cape Town for six days to pose for famed photographer Dylan Rosser. The company recently unveiled photos for Wet Me Up!- the first installment of a trilogy planned. Check out a slew of titillating photos below.

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Lupita Nyong’o Is Lancome’s Newest Face

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Bravo to Lancome. I’m pretty certain there was a bidding war to snag the Best Actress Oscar winner to represent a cosmetics brand. It’s a no-brainer. The 31-year-old is stunning and exudes grace and elegance from every pore. Nyong’o shared the news in an Instagram video and released statement.

“I am truly honored to join the Maison Lancôme, a brand with such a prestigious history that I have always loved. I am particularly proud to represent its unique vision for women and the idea that beauty should not be dictated, but should instead be an expression of a woman’s freedom to be herself,” the 31-year-old 12 Years a Slave Oscar winner said in a statement.

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It’s not as sexy as the #cockinasock campaign but anything to raise awareness for testicular cancer is always a good thing. If you didn’t know, testicular cancer is the most prevalent form of cancer for males between the ages of 15-29. Good news is that it’s highly treatable if detected early.

To help save your nuts, twenty guys volunteered to get waxed below the belt. Watch their facial reactions in slow motion below as they undergo the procedure. Not surprisingly, it’s somewhat hilarious.

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Hey you guys!!! Brace yourselves for some pretty awesome news. A long-awaited sequel for the beloved 80s classic The Goonies might be coming soon.

During a run-in with TMZ, director Richard Donner teased that he’s working on the project and is hopeful the original stars will all return. Hopefully, Donner isn’t just yanking our chain. He has a history of doing this. In 2011, he told plans of adapting the film for an irreverent Broadway musical. “Goonies is moving at the beginning stages,” he said, while admitting it was a “long process.”

Over the years, the film’s stars have also weighed in with conflicting reports. Sean Astin told MTV in 2001 that a sequel is an “absolute certainty” but admitted filmmakers faced several challenges. Meanwhile, Corey Feldman wrote, “There is no Goonies 2! I’m sorry but it’s just not gonna happen” on his blog in 2008. Hopefully this time around Donner is telling the truth. Check out his impromptu interview with TMZ below.

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If the actual movie is half as good as all the promotional artwork, X-Men: Days of Future Past is going to be beyond epic. The studio just released a whackload of new posters highlighting Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, Patrick Stewart, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence and Ian McKellan. Pretty much the big names. Sorry Ellen Page, Evan Peters, Boo Boo Stewart and the rest of you non A-listers ;)

The highly-anticipated film hits theaters on May 23. Check out the new posters below.

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Who knew Emma Stone was such a hardcore Spice Girls fangirl? I assumed the slight waterworks displayed when Scary Spice greeted her via video was simply an exaggerated act put on for Aussie audiences. I assumed wrong. The 25-year-old actress wasn’t joking.

During a promotional stop on Jimmy Kimmel, she revealed her given name was Emily but changed it to Emma because Baby Spice was her favorite. She also displayed a unique talent. Girlfriend is an expert forger. At least when it comes to copying each Spice Girl’s autograph. She even does it from memory. Someone seriously had lots of time on their hands in their bedroom as a girl. Now we know why she performed that scene in Easy A so perfectly.

Meanwhile, over at The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Stone was joined with her Amazing Spider-Man 2 co-stars for a game of Never Have I Ever. Not surprisingly, she’s the most prude among the trio. Check out both vids below.

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