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I think it’s time to stage an intervention with Ashley Parker Angel soon. Clearly, the former O-Town member is addicted to posting selfies on Instagram.

Obviously, I’m joking. If anything, the 33-year-old needs to amp things up and take it to the next level ;) The only thing I suggest is that he tones down the duckie faces. They’re a tad douchey on him.

If you think, posting selfies is why he chose not to take part in the O-Town reunion, it’s not. Ashley is currently in Australia on tour with Wicked playing Fiyero. Check out more pics of the singer below.

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Empire’s Ratings Continue To Rise

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FOX’s breakout hit continues to break every TV ratings growth rule. This ‘cookie’ isn’t going to crumble anytime soon.

Since its premiere, the total viewers for Empire have risen every single week. Last night, it hit 12.9 million viewers. With regards to the coveted 18-49 demo, the hip-hop drama notched a huge 5.1 rating, up 6 percent from last week.

When asked one broadcast analyst for a historic comparison, they replied, “Don’t have any new historical references for its post-premiere growth. It has literally exceeded all Nielsen total viewer records to date.” Last week, Empire broke the last existing record when it posted more consecutive ratings gains than any other new broadcast show in at least 23 years. We’re now in uncharted territory folks.

When Empire first premiered, I instantly fell in love. I just hoped the ratings would be solid enough for FOX to renew it for a second season. No need to worry about that anymore. Taraji P. Henson isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. Thank God. I live for Cookie Lyons.

Just in case you missed last night’s performances including one from Courtney Love, check them out below. My favorite, though, is the Dire Straits cover though.

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Fun’s Nate Ruess Goes Solo & Teases New Single

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Fun. recently announced on their website that they’re not breaking up but simply taking a break to pursue individual projects. The news shouldn’t come as a surprise given Nate Ruess‘ successful collaboration with P!nk on “Just Give Me A Reason.” And then there’s Jack Antonoff who’s doing his own thing with Bleachers and busy being Lena Dunham’s boyfriend. I can only imagine the latter is a full-time gig ;)

On February 23, Ruess releases his single “Nothing Without Love” of his forthcoming untitled solo album. Based on the short video teaser, the track appears to be an acoustic ballad. The 32-year-old singer’s voice definitely packs an emotional punch.

Check out the teaser below featuring Ruess barely keeping his head above water. I can’t wait to hear the entire song and watch the full clip. I predict a future chart-topper.

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If spoilers aren’t your thing, definitely do not proceed ahead. This one is a major doozy.

It’s been rumored that Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be the darkest film yet seen in the long-running space saga. Based on this new report from, it would appear JJ Abrams delivers on fans speculation. A ‘most trusted’ source in production reveals a major character will die in Episode 7. Find out who below.

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Club Tropicana” is probably Wham’s most underrated single. It’s so awesomely 80s, I can’t stand it. The ultra cheesy music video is even more of a guilty pleasure. Believe it or not, the track was actually a satire targeting cheap holiday packages prevalent during that time aimed at young, single people on a hedonistic prowl.

Hilariously, British Airways has chosen the track to promote the airline’s vacation destination options. They enlisted Oxford University’s male acapella group, Out Of The Blue, to cover the track.

They flew the guys to Malta to film the music video, recreating some of the scenes, shot for shot. Too bad, Ibiza wasn’t the chosen location like in the original clip. Check out the cute cover below.

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Clearly, Big Sean and Ariana Grande have chemistry both in and out of the recording studio. The real-life couple have collaborated previously on “Big Mistake” and “Right There.” If you count Grande’s smash hit “Problem” where the 26-year-old rapper makes an uncredited vocal contribution, that makes it three.

For his third studio album, Dark Sky Paradise, the Detroit-born emcee enlisted his girlfriend for the catchy hook on “Research.” Big Sean names drops several names including Chris Brown, Drake and Meek Mill in what appears to be some slight shade aimed towards his ex-fiancee, Glee actress Naya Rivera.

Sean calls out a ‘girl’ for ‘researching’ his phone for incriminating evidence, while all the while having some dirty skeletons in her own closet. Give the track a listen below and see if you think he’s dissing Naya.

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How do you try to beat the selfie that broke the Internet? I have no idea and neither does Neil Patrick Harris. Not even the woman who hosted last year’s extravaganza knows. Mind you, if Ellen DeGeneres did, I doubt she’d share it. Deep down, I’m sure she doesn’t want this year’s show to outshine hers ;)

The 41-year-old actor reveals his biggest fears about hosting the 87th Academy Awards to DeGeneres. The daytime host dishes she was extremely lucky that all the cards fell in place for that definitive moment at last year’s Oscars.

“Here’s my biggest concern,” Harris confesses to DeGeneres. “Your selfie shot [featuring Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence and plenty more A-listers] was the most spectacular, successful thing. It worked out so well. But it’s a horrible dark cloud above my head now. How do you try to beat the selfie that broke the Internet? I see that in my nightmares. It turned out to be a great thing … selfies in my brain, so I’m gonna try to do something better.”

That’s not the only obstacle NPH talks about preparing for Sunday night’s big event. Find out the others in the video below.

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Do buttholes sweat? Apparently so.

Gwyneth Paltrow recently steamed her vagina at Tikkun Spa and raved about the experience. BuzzFeed felt inspired by the Shakespeare In Love actress and convinced some of their male employees to try the A-Steam treatment, but steam their buttholes instead.

What are the benefits of said treatment, you ask? Apparently, the Chinese herbs are great if you have stomach issues and hemorrhoids and fantastic at balancing hormones.

To be honest, if I got a free session, I’d definitely give it a shot. How about you? Check out some BuzzFeed employees become butthole brothers below.

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