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Rosette Has “Only Just Begun”

In: Calan, Music

This girl is on “FIRE.” Lately Rosette has been all over the map and living the life of a true budding star. Most recently she was in Lommel, Belgium performing at the Daydream Festival with diMaro. Every time she comes out with new music I fall in love a little more. Her song “Amnesia” with Ian Carey and Timbaland was also just added to Much Music’s website. It’s only a matter of time before this girl is all over the place and in my opinion, it will be well deserved.

Give a listen to diMaro and Rosette’s newest track, “We’ve Only Just Begun” which was chosen as the anthem for this year’s Daydream Festival below.

She may be back but sans the bang. So today Cheryl Cole, former member of the famed UK group Girls Aloud, launched her new single off her forthcoming album “A Million Lights” available June 18th. I can’t say that I was immediately drawn to the song when I heard it. I mean it has a good beat to it and it’s going to be played over and over again in the gaybourhood clubs for sure, but it lacks for me. The main chorus is great and I love it but the other parts are womp womp for me.

The track was produced by Calvin Harris and I love a lot of the work he does but I was kind of hoping for more. Is it just me? I thought that if you’re the sweetheart of the UK you’re title track would have had more passion and power behind it. It just sounds like what everyone else is doing at the moment and not pushing the envelope. It’s the same reason I was underwhelmed with MDNA. I will most likely end up listening to it a good few times but in the end the track is pretty forgettable. Lets hope that the rest of the album is stellar and that this was just a bad pick for a first track. I really like Cheryl and I think she has more in her to give.

I personally think the best way to pick up here career again would be to join The X-Factor USA. The US would get to know her better, she could use the platform and she’d be much better than Nicole was (I like her but she did NOT win me over with her poor choices and less than ideal personality traits). So that’s my two cents, what do you all feel? Like it, love it, hate it? Sound off below!

Listen to the track after the jump…

Sh*t Rancid Gay Guys Say

In: Calan, Random Reads, Videos

I know Patrick wanted his to be the last “Shit People Say” because lets be honest, they are getting out of hand, but I laughed SO hard when I saw this one. I have to admit that this one has many things in it that I have heard many gays say…”WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERK MOMA.”

The video was created by Mike Diamond, Giggles, Nick Stryker, and Mike 3.0. It’s not the best quality I have seen but damn it has some of the funniest quotes I have heard in a while. Before I saw this video my personal favorite was “Sh*t Yogis Say.” These are some of my favorite quotes in the video:

  • “Kids just suck up oxygen and slow the subways down.”
  • “I was so surprised when I got gonorrhea from that Indian guy, I figured the spices would kill it.”
  • “And let me tell you b*tch his apartment smelt like bawls, I mean full on nut sack REALNESS.”

Ok Patrick, NOW I will let these videos be put to bed…Enjoy!

Watch the video after the jump…

Pop-Tart Pick: Chic Gamine

In: Calan, Music

So I’ve veered off a little on this pop-tart pick this time round because I was blown away when I saw this group. Over the winter holidays I took a trip to Winnipeg, Manitoba, to visit a friend of mine and as a special Christmas treat she took me out to a local indie holiday concert. Little did I know what I was in for! I was assuming that it was going to be a pretty cool and hip show with good music and a holiday cheer going around. Turns out I was about to get pretty much front row seats to watch some Juno Award Winners in this little trendy 400ish person theatre in WinterPeg Winnipeg. The show was called “JP Hoe Hoe Hoe Holiday Show” and I would highly suggest looking the guy up, he has some awesome tunes and a few stellar Christmas songs. The one’s who really stole my heart were the girls of Chic Gamine, they blew me away the moment they were spotlighted. They were mostly there singing backup for Mr JP Hoe, which I think is super awesome that a Juno Award winning group would be so down to earth to chill in the background. That shows real class in my books.

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Rosette seems to be on a roll, and we like it! Hot off the heels of her last track “Amnesia” with Ian Carey and Timberland, which Patrick did a post on, Rosette has hit the mark again with Michael Mind Project and Bobby Anthony in the song “Rio De Janeiro“. Bobby Anthony’s song with Ian Carey and Snoop Dogg “Last Night” is all over the radio these days and doesn’t show signs of slowing down. I hope this next song will have the same effect and burn up the radio stations.

Rosette says: “The song is about letting loose, jumping up and just heading off to Rio De Janeiro! It’s about have fun and letting go, don’t let anything or anyone stop you from enjoying your life.”

From a personal stand point I can’t WAIT until Rosette starts coming out with more music. This girl has been working her bunz off over the last few years and it’s really starting to pay off. It just goes to show that persistence and dedication can take you a long way. I’ve herd a few of her unreleased songs and I’m really excited for when they come out. There is a specific ballad one that I like and it really showcases her vocals, so trust me when I say she’s not just a house music singer. Now check out the hot new track!

Listen to the hot new track after the jump…

The Occupation Has Begun

In: Calan, Celeb Gossip & News, Politics & Issues

On September 17th “Occupy Wall Street” officially kicked off and saw roughly 1,000 protesters show up. That number has now grown substantially in the past for weeks and The Occupying has spread to more than 45 American cities and is quickly moving all over the world. The protest was originally called for by the Canadian activist group Adbusters but many more quickly joined in. On October 15th, a multitude of cities across the world plan to join the non-violent movement against the banking and major corporate worlds. Canadian places include Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, and Calgary with international cities London, Dublin and Sydney following suit.

Many celebrities including Rosanne Barr, Kanye West, Russell Simmons, Susan Sarandon, Deepak Chopra and Michael Moore have already voiced their support for the movement. Many people are sporting signs that read “We are the 99%,” stating that they are part of the 99% of the population who have had enough with the 1% of the population that controls the money.

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Pop-Tart Pick: Pixie Lott

In: Calan, Music

Soooo happy this girl is going to be releasing another album on November 7th! Another girl from across the pond in the UK, I loved her first album “Turn It Up” and I’m sure I will love this new one as well. The new album titled “Young Foolish Happy” will have collaborations with Stevie Wonder and John Legend just to name a few. This weeks Pop-Tart Pick is “All About Tonight” and it’s the lead single off her up coming album. I’ve had this song on repeat on my iPhone since I came across it, addiction. I’ve included the track below for you to hear for yourself.

The 2nd single off the new album will be “What Do You Take Me For” featuring Pusha T. It has a more RnB flavor too it which is a bit of a change up for Pixie but I’m sure North America can get down with the new sound. My favorite song from her first album was hands down “Here We Go Again” which was produced by RedOne so be sure to check that one out as well.

“It’s All About Tonight” after the jump…

Pop-Tart Pick: Nicola Roberts

In: Calan, Music

So this is a special pop-tart pick as Nicola’s first solo album Cinderella’s Eyes is about to drop on September 26th, in the UK that is. Nicola Roberts hails from UK girl group pop sensation Girls Aloud which I have featured before for pop-tart pick. It all started on Popstars – The Rivals where Nicola was the quiet ginger of the bunch and stayed like that for most of her years in Girls Aloud. Since the girl group called it a “break” all the girls have been trying their own things. Undoubtedly Chery Cole has had the most success with her solo endeavors and also being a judge on the hit UK series The X-Factor.

Now it’s Nicola who is stepping up and I think she’s got a great career ahead of her. She’s quite the little fashionista and has a pretty good following in the UK. I personally like her because she’s the ginger of the group and I gotta show support (even though the sperm banks apparently don’t want us anymore).

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