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You may have never heard of Jordan Bach before but I will tell you now he’s a man you should pay attention to. Between his inspirational tweets, topless YouTube’s and adorable Instagrams with his niece a gay man might go into dreamboat overload following him. But Jordan isn’t just another pretty face, he’s a man on a mission.

Jordan Bach is a Life Coach based out of New York who is building a life from inspiring gay men to live authentic and genuine lives. Called ”one of the LGBT architects of the next decade” by The Advocate, he created as an online home for gay men who want to make the most of their lives.

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I absolutely adore Lily Allen. I’ve alway been a fan of hers and her thought provoking lyrics. I’m very glad to see her getting back into the game and that she’s witty as ever. She reminds me of the days when I lived in London and now that I’ve just made the big move to New York I’m glad I have a little Lily to go with it!

After a long break to focus on her personal life she’s back and wants you to know that it’s “Hard Out Here.” The video and song depict what it can be like getting back into the game after such a long break and the industry pressures that go along with it. I always enjoy her thought provoking lyrics that aren’t just senseless words like some artists. I’m excited to see what else she has coming out and look forward to a new album! Anyone else out there a big Lily fan? Let us know what your favourite song from her past is in the comments below!

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World AIDS Day will be here in less than a month on December 1st and I’ve just discovered an awesome way you can do your part and raise awareness. As I’ve been traveling and volunteering across North America I’ve met some amazing people doing great work to help those in need. From digging out houses affected by the floods in Boulder to helping with the AIDS Walk in Oklahoma City, I’ve been there. Now that I’m in New York City I’ve decided to plant myself for a little while. I’m always still looking for ways to help so it was perfect when a friend told me about Zulu Love Letters.

Zulu Love letters are made using a safety pin and beads to convey a message. When a womans husband or lover would go away to work the women often had no way of communicating because they didn’t know how to write. Being creative they developed these love letters, using symbols and colours to convey a message to their loved one. They would make a Love Letter and send it off to wherever the loved one was working so that he could pin it to his shirt and keep it close to his heart.

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AIDS Walk OKC group

We are 6 weeks into The Random Acts Of Kindness Tour, better known as #GetRAOKT, and it’s already been the adventure of a life time. For those of you who don’t know, I’m currently on a year long trip with my friend Jessica around North America doing Volunteer work and Random Acts Of Kindness. We left on September 2nd after doing a 6am interview on CBC Radio 1′s “The Early Edition.” Since then we have been on the road doing our part to try and make a difference.

So far we have been to Calgary, Seattle, Oklahoma City, Boulder, Denver and now reside in Nashville thanks to Greyhound! They’ve been getting us around this massive piece of land and it’s been really amazing to see all the different areas we wouldn’t be able to see if we flew. All along the way we have met incredibly inspiring people doing their part to help out in their communities. A few of our biggest events to date have been volunteering with the AIDS Walk in Oklahoma City and helping flood victims in Boulder after they experienced devastating floods.

Volunteering in Boulder

As our trip continues we’re always looking to meet and work with new people. Our hosts in Nashville found us on the website and read our story. He asked us if we would like to come and volunteer at the HOPE Family Health centre as part of our adventure and of course we said yes! Now we are having the best experience here and all because someone reached out to us and asked if we’d like to help out. We have the rough outline of our trip set out if you’d like to see when we might be in your area. If you work for an organization or simply want to host two crazy Canadians on an epic adventure we’d love to hear from you!

Most recently we we’re interviewed by Fiona Forbes on The Rush in Vancouver because they heard our story and thought what we are doing was awesome. We never imagined something like that would happen when we started this trip. We simply wanted to go out into the world and do something that we thought would make even a little difference. Being on the road constantly can be very draining but with what we’re doing I think it’s 100% worth it.

We’ve been making videos all along the way and posting them to YouTube so people can keep up to date on where we are and what we’re doing. We’d love for you to follow along and share your thoughts and ideas with us. Have you done any random acts of kindness lately? I think it’s a bit of a lost art in today’s world but if everyone did just one simple thing a day it could easily make a comeback. Maybe buy the next person in line their coffee or take some thank you cards to the workers of your local charity. There are a million ways you can help that won’t take up too much time or money.

Next up on the agenda is the Big Apple! It’s always been a dream of mine to go to New York City and now that it’s happening I’m beside myself with excitement! This whole trip has almost seemed like a dream, I find I need to keep pinching myself just to convince me it’s real. If you reside in the NYC area and have ideas or tips for Jessica and I please contact us and let us know! The best way is to email us at

If you want to see more photos of our adventures we Instagram like crazy! Just follow Calan_Travels and Jessicas_eyes to check them out.

Calan Breckon and Jessica Schafer of #GetRAOKT

When’s the last time you did something nice for someone randomly? Not for someone’s birthday or for someone you have a crush on, we’re talking completely random, like buying coffee for the person behind you at Starbucks.

“You can’t change the world in one day but you CAN change someone’s world.” That’s the motto for #GetRAOKT, (pronounced like Get ROCKED) which is an acronym for the “Random Acts Of Kindness Tour.” This September 1st Jessica Schafer and myself will be setting out on a year long adventure around North America with one goal in mind, perform as many random acts of kindness as we can and inspire a new generation of people to get involved in their communities whether it’s a small or large amount. It only makes sense since I’m the “Do-Good” one of the cast here at Homorazzi. We decided 3 months ago that it was time to make a change and do something that we felt would make a difference and thus #GetRAOKT was born and we’ve been saving ever since.

North America tends to be a place that easily gets lost in the “me” syndrome. Have you ever noticed how it makes you feel way better when focusing on the “we” instead of “me” by making someone’s day a little brighter? From volunteering at shelters, cleaning up after natural disasters and writing thank you letters for social workers to taking underprivileged families to a theme park for the day, we’re going to try and do it all. Couch surfing and car sharing every inch of the way. Speaking of which, if you’re interested in having 2 awesome house guests for a few days let us know! The trip itinerary along with more information can be found on, a website dedicated to helping fund purposeful travel.

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The Science of Sexuality

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I recently had the pleasure of checking out the newest exhibit at Telus World of Science titled The Science of Sexuality. I went because I wanted to know how homo-friendly the exhibit was or if it was a going to be a hetero-hypocrisy. I’m pleased to say that I did see and read quite a bit about the gay and lesbian communities. Unfortunately there wasn’t anything on our transgender friends. My Science World rep Jo-Ann said because of this Science World worked with a board of advisers to find a way to make the exhibit more inclusive and added these fun speech bubbles everywhere.

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I’m a sucker for all things Werewolves (Team Jacob) and this book takes that world to a whole new level. First time authors Jade Olivia Braddock and Cyril Alfred Blake really outdid themselves on this one. If I had to compare it to anything I would say it’s like Game of Thrones meets True Blood with a hit of The Mortal Instruments.

This is the story of the death of Devon Andrews, and her rebirth into a world she never asked for. On the night of the winter solstice: a lunar eclipse, a prophecy and a world of war and leadership. A once-forgotten ancient culture and a dynasty under the guidance of the last of the druids. A war between two families, one given gifts by the Gods the other created through dark magic, both with their own secrets and agendas. Her old life ripped away, a new destiny is created. Follow Devon and her journey into this one-of-a-kind story of history, magic, and werewolves. The Solstice Moon Series has taken a classic supernatural genre beloved by its fans and given it a world that no one has seen before.

I found Devon Andrews to a rough and tumble kind of girl with a tomboy sense of fashion and a street smarts attitude. She kept me guessing the whole way about how she was going to react in certain situations and there was always this aura of mystery around her which I quite enjoyed. There is also a slew of other characters to fall in love with along the way including a fabulous gay and a studly trainer. I find whenever there is a gay character in a book, like The Mortal Instruments for example, I grow more attached to the story and enjoy reading it just that much more. All in all I loved the story and thought it did a beautiful job of setting things up for the rest of the series, which I will definitely be buying.

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Kelly Clarkson Sings It For The ‘People Like Us’

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My girl Kelly Clarkson has announced her second single off her Greatest Hits – Chapter One album will be “People Like Us,” which will hit radio airwaves on April 8th.

I’ve been in love with Kelly from the moment she walked into the audition room. My parents can vouch for me that I said “she’s going to win this show, hands down.” She’s become a powerhouse in the music industry and was ranked #1 money earner among her Idol alumni in a recent Forbes article. I’ve seen her live twice now and wouldn’t hesitate to go again. I saw her in Las Vegas last year and the final show of her Breakaway Tour here in Vancouver. I still consider her Breakaway show at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre one of the best concerts I’ve ever attended.

In “People Like Us” Kelly takes on the roll of supporter singing…

People like us we’ve gotta stick together
Keep your head up nothing lasts forever
Here’s to the damned, to the lost and forgotten
It’s hard to get high when you’re living on the bottom

On her official Facebook page she says the following about her new single:

I’m so excited people are digging my new single! It’s my favorite song I’ve ever recorded …. Ever!

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