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BC Revisits Common Law Relationships

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For the first time in a long time the Province of British Columbia revisits law surrounding common law spouses. In particular, they are having another look at division of property, pensions, and issues when there are children involved.

From the perspective of the GLBT community, where a majority of people still live in Common-Law marriage relationships, this will further strengthen the right of partners who choose to share their lives.

On the flip side. Move in with your partner and after 2 years you’re going to need to contemplate a pre-nuptial agreement.

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During my childhood, I would spend a portion of every summer in California. Besides playing with my cousins, hanging by the beach and watching a lot of MTV, one of my favorite things to do was go to a baseball game. My uncles would take turns taking myself and my cousins to watch the Oakland A’s play.

I was such a fanatic. Literally, I would dress in Athletics attire from head to toe. I looked like a such little freak, dressed in green and yellow. On top of that, I would only want to go on special days when they were giving free shizz out. I could never get enough Oakland paraphernalia to satisfy my needs.

Normally whenever we go San Francisco, it’s always for a short timeframe to attend a family obligation (wedding, graduation, funeral, reunion). With so many cousins and family living in the area, I’m down there at least twice a year, but barely do anything outside the familial unit. I digress. So recently when Brian and myself were in the Bay Area to just hang and not for any obligation, I thought I would take Brian to experience one of my favorite childhood things.

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Isn’t it funny how your whole day can turn around with a simple apple keynote address via RSS.  I wasn’t having the best morning but the afternoon and evening were pleasantly redirected.  I’m continually impressed by Steve Jobs and Apple for continuing to announce their newest iPhone each June. Allowing just enough time for delivery before my birthday (early July).

So what’s the new phone all about?  Turns out the gizmodo leaked photos from a few months ago are proving to be incredibly accurate.  The new iPhone 4 has a completely reworked aesthetic and I love it even without looking under the “hood” at what else is new. I guess that’s one of many reasons I’m all about the iPhone -apple has designed our tech gadgets to be sexy. The segment of goods considered sexy, long dominated with high end luxury automobiles, the occasional piece of furniture, and of course designer clothing now has to make room for a new must have -the iApplePhonePadPodMacProccessory.

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CamelBak: Fairfax Hydration Backpack

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A couple of weekends ago sparked the energy of summer in my soul. I have to admit, as much as I like the other three, summer is my favorite season. Saturday morning I woke up and then went for a great run around the seawall… Sunday was a fun day flying a kite and riding a bike. I live for weekends like this; although I could’ve been a bit better prepared and brought some sunblock.

The newest member of my weekend adventures has been a new Camelbak backpack I’m enjoying. I am so tired of water bottles; let alone having to carry then around, so, when it was time to replace them, I was looking for an alternative. Enter the 2010 Camelbak fairfax 1.5 litre hydration backpack (if you have no idea how these packs work check out the websites below).

I have used camelbak style hydration systems in the past (almost 10 years ago) and liked it but found the pack didn’t really suit the type of physical activity which I normally do. For example, I don’t go on epic hikes where I require a huge pack or tons of water. Instead I’m looking for small, lightweight, and breathable -A pack with adequate storage for my keys, iPhone, and a small tool kit or tire pump. In short, the perfect sports day companion.

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Lip Sync For Ya’ Life – Brian

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Blessed with a great wardrobe, excititng career, good-looks and a relationship that has lasted longer than a flat of extra gum, Brian is our latest victim in the bright yellow 2009 Mazda MX-5!

After nearly getting hit by a moving truck and swerving through construction, we made it to Stanley Park to see which song Brian was going to attempt.

Video after the jump…

Bike Lanes… Enough Is Enough Vancouver

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I think the city of Vancouver has gone 1 lane too far with the recent addition of a bike lane on the Dunsmuir Viaduct. As a biker, pedestrian, and driver I feel like I am an advocate for all three groups. I am so proud of our fair city for embracing alternate methods of transportation. Helping people to break their love affair with their favorite method of transport, even if just for the work commute.

Bike lanes for the sake of bike lanes are a terrible idea and here’s where my respect for the cities decisions starts to diminish.

I wrote an email to the city of Vancouver at least a year ago complaining that they hadn’t removed the concrete barriers placed on the Viaduct during the construction of the Spectrum towers. I wanted to remind them that the capacity of the viaduct is actually a whole lot greater than was being taken advantage of. More importantly, I would watch people waiting, burning gas, for 5-10 minutes on the Viaduct. Cars literally crawl across the expanse during the morning commute; mostly because there are cars turning off, blocking the straight thru flow of vehicle traffic. The response to my email was simple; the urban planner who wrote me back blamed it on Concord Pacific – a local developer who had arranged for the lane to be closed during the construction. Apparently they had some more time before they were required to return the road to its former flow.

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Homorazzi Vancouver Restaurant Recommendations

As the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games are on our doorstep I thought I might share some of our favorite restaurants.  As locals and tourists alike have know for years, Vancouver has an excellent restaurant culture.  Many restaurant guides will highlight the best in the city; a sampling of the most delicious and expensive spots -I am making my recommendations based on my favorite spots to have excellent affordable food and drink.  I have separated the selections out by neighborhood, with a spot in each burrow of downtown.

1.  Davie Village:  Check out the delicious creations at Lolita’s restaurant on Davie Street.  This small but essential restaurant is my favorite place to eat in the Village!  The Plántanos con crema are a simply delicious start to a spectacular dining experience.  Armed with one of Lolita’s signature cocktails such as the Matador Mojito I cozy up in the friendly surroundings.  A friend favorite is the Lolita’s tacos. I would recommend the tacos to anyone I’m bringing to Lolita’s for the first time.  They are truly special in their flavor, texture, and presentation.  Lolita’s is a must if you enjoy a cozy local cultural experience with some, one of a kind, delicious tastes.


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Adidas: Originals Star Wars Collection

In: Brian, Fashion

This week, Sci-fi and fashion geeks unite with the launch of a collaboration born in a galaxy far far away. Adidas has just launched its limited edition Star Wars fashion and runners. I can’t help but want a pair of the Skywalker sneakers!!

Check out the whole collection here.

My brother, sister and I grew up in a house where Star Wars was frequently playing in our VCR. My dad always enjoyed sci-fi movies… Everything from the Terminator to Star Trek were his favorites on TV and Screen. As such, we were no stranger to the genre of film. We would watch on a Sunday morning, then go outside and make ice forts as if we were on the ice planets we would see in the movies. Strong fortresses that would keep us safe from the creatures depicted in the classic films.


When I was in high school, there would be an occasional movie night featuring the classics especially as the new series was being launched. I think it was at this point that it became “cool” to have kept your star wars toys from when you were a kid. I watched episode 1, 2, and 3 as they were released into the theaters; you couldn’t help but want to be part of it. The series shaped so much of my childhood imagination and captivated my attention during my first visit to Disneyland via the epic StarTours.

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