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Cum and Go?

In: Adam, Totally GAY!

Tell me it isn’t just me.

You’ve just met a great guy– be it online, walking down the street, at a bar- and you’ve gone home with him. Everything’s clicking, he’s hot- you’re hot- you guys are laughing and getting along and things have progressed how they should into the bedroom (briefly back into the kitchen and ankles in the air atop the island somehow) and you both end up in a sweaty mess across his sheets, panting, out of breath, fully released and feeling amazing. And then, immediately after you’ve delivered your pay load like a Russian space rocket, your body and brain tell you to GET THE FUCK OUT!

Now, I’m not going to bore you with talk of Oxytocin and other sexually released chems, but rather discuss that overwhelming urge that I have- and maybe others do as well- to bolt like Superman breaking the sound barrier immediately following orgasm. Personally, I don’t need to see how he’s doing, I don’t need to have another beer, I don’t even need to pretend like there’s going to be a second time and “totally put his number in my phone,” and I definitely don’t need to cuddle. My heart, my brain, my stomach and my feet scream that time’s up, and the only place in the world I want to be is back at home- alone. Tell me it isn’t just me.

Click through to see if I’m completely insane and sound off on me

Having just aired on OUTtv last week, we’ve got the latest episode of our Homorazzi show to share with you and this one’s pretty funny. Given that it was a while ago that it was filmed, some of the content is a bit out of date but regardless, we’re pretty sure you’ll get a good laugh or two. The usual peeps make up the panel (From Left to Right: Tommy, Nic, Patrick and Adam.

In this episode, the cast talks about a few of their goals for 2013, as well as the latest in music, television, movies, and gay news. The cast also discusses their plans to attend WinterPRIDE 2013, which they did indeed end up doing this past weekend (stay tuned for pictures and video from the weekend).

Keep your eyes peeled for all of Adam’s eye rolls and one part where Patrick says something he didn’t intend to (something that sounded dirty but wasn’t supposed to) and the result is the whole crew bursting into laughter. Nic & Patrick have some serious trouble pulling it together after that.

Watch the episode below and subscribe to Canada’s LGBT television network OUTtv to watch new episodes as soon as they come out.

Video after the jump…

Well, it’s definitely that time of year if Adam is talking about hitting the slopes for some nice relaxing trips down the blue runs and a couple of black diamonds before ending it all with a nice long relaxing wind down Grandfather’s Trail… I’m kidding of course: it’s time to head up to Whistler to PARTY! While I loves me some skiing, I focus on what Gay Ski Week up in Vancouver’s iconic and pristine Whistler Resort does best in February and that’s BOYS, BOOZE and MORE BOYS AND BOOZE. I know, I sound like a crazed bar star but there’s just something about the gathering of hundreds to thousands of gay sexy men gathering from all over the globe for a week/weekend of fun no matter how you define it. And, the Celebrities Snowstorm party is often seen as the height of sexuality and sin for the whole shabang. It’s an annual tradition that can’t be missed.

Though over the years the location and performers involved have evolved slightly, the core of the party has remained strong and that’s to offer a less “drop n’ dance till 8AM” meet up, and more of an ultimate club night for you and your friends to relax, drink and boogie with other hot, hot men. I’ve honestly never had anything but the best of times at these parties and that’s mainly due to the atmosphere of chill fun and the friends I’ve attended it with. While the week/weekend up in Whistler may have you split from others due to skiing/snowboarding schedules or hangovers or the need to sit in a hot tub and soak in the surroundings, Snowstorm is THE place to be come Friday night so it’s a great place to rest assured you’ll see you buds and that hottie from the slopes you almost ran over. This year’s performers are a mix of names I know very well and ones I’m looking forward to testing out but rest assured that no one will be able to say this party didn’t bring it- if past years are any indication at all!

Click through to see clips of past performances and get the deets on the party

Well, at least I can’t complain there’s nothing to do in this city during the week tonight! Vancouver has this image of being a great city to visit to ski, to climb mountains, to hit the beach and to get the opportunity to pay $6 too much per shot of tequila, but when it comes to live shows of local talent in the pop music domain? Well, we’re not exactly bursting at the scene with opportunities to party like a rock star into the late hours of the night. Tonight that changes.

After two and a half years of fine-tuning and toning his instrument and his style, dance/pop artist Tyrell Witherspoon is releasing his sophomore EP “Scorpio” to what I can assure you will be a crowd of handsome men (I’ve seen the list, and trust me: I’m pretty damn superficial) and fit ladies in Vancouver’s iconic Gastown district at the trendy Electric Owl Social Club. Having watched Tyrell perform throughout the country and most memorably at last year’s Whistler Pride I know that the dancing will be perfected to a tee, the songs will definitely ring true for the crowd attending and the energy will be the perfect way to start off the weekend.

Click through to get the details on the evening and see Tyrell perform past hits

If I could attend any awards show, it’s hands down the Golden Globes. Not only is it the most star-studded, but you can eat and drink while pretending to be interested in some of the acceptance speeches ;) Admit it, some of them are major snoozefests. Too bad Meryl Streep couldn’t win every category. Her speeches are always hilariously witty.

Going into tonight’s ceremony, Lincoln has the most nominations with seven. Tied in second are Argo and Django Unchained. On the television front, Game Change is on top with five nominations, with Homeland in second with four nominations. Who will be the big winner when all is said and done?

A few of us have shared our predictions in each category. Not to toot my own horn, but I’m the reigning champ amongst the Homorazzi crew. Last year, I predicted the most correctly. That being said, Adam was numero uno for our recent Emmy predictions. Who’ll win this time? Check out all our choices below.

check out our predictions after the jump

A new episode of Homorazzi has been airing this week on OUTtv, but in case you’ve missed it or you don’t live in Canada, we’ve got it here for you to check out, witch cast members (from left to right) Tommy, Nic, Patrick, and Adam. We’ve also included our New Year’s Special, which aired on New Year’s Eve as well.

As you may recall, Nic was away in Hawaii for our last episode as well as for the New Year’s Eve special. In our newest episode, he may have been wishing he was still there because Adam seemed to be on his case the whole episode, catching Nic off guard by calling him out on some things that had recently happened (allegedly) in his personal life. Nic was not happy and ironically, this all went down while discussing the new Les Miserables film.

The panel talks about what they think about Ke$ha‘s new album, The Hobbit, This Is 40, the Gossip Girl finale and more. They also talk about how much they love the hilarious new web series, Willam’s Beatdown.

Episodes after the jump…

Adam’s Newest Band Obsession: The Lumineers

In: Adam, Music

I can now officially answer when people ask me what kind of music I like: folk music. Now, before you click away thinking I’m wandering strawberry fields with crowns of daisies sewn into my hair, you have to know that folk music is not just your hippie father’s bands anymore. With chart topping releases from bands like Of Monsters and Men and local Canadian phenomes like Dan Mangan, this once pseudo-sub-culture of music has made a resurgence in the past decade and much to the happiness of my ears! What I love about folk music is the lack of reliance on synthetic voices, overly elaborate instrumentals and desperate production value; instead, the music is often just a few pieces from a band (if not simply a guitar) and the soulful voice of the singer. And, my band pick today: The Lumineers, are no different. They’re nominated for Best New Artist at the upcoming Grammys.

An American folk band from “the heart” of the US in Denver, the band consists of Wesley Schultz, Jeremiah Fraites and Neyla Pekarek and their few specially chosen instruments: oh, and they sound freaking amazing. They came out Spring 2012 and have just this month been certified gold for their self-titled album in Canada, the US and Ireland. What I love the most about this band is the simplicity of the lyrics (a far cry from the complex metaphors of Of Monsters and Men), the perfection of Schultz’s voice and the constant nostalgic theme of their songs. It’s honestly the perfect band to relax and remember the ol’ days to even if you’re barely a decade out of high school like myself. The band is up for a Grammy as “Best New Artist” so you know they’re not messing around. Below are my top three picks of theirs including the smash hit “Ho Hey” that was featured to huge accolades on “The Heart of Dixie” (a show which I am NOT endorsing but I know fellow writer Tommy just looooves).

Click below to see my Top Three “The Lumineers” Songs!

We’re taking the day off today, so we decided to repost some of our favorite Christmas-themed posts from this and previous years.

If you’re an avid reader of the site, you might’ve noticed there was a shortage of articles Sunday. Reason being was, we were all busy having our Christmas staff party. Given everyone’s busy schedules this time of year, it’s almost next to impossible to find a date that works for everyone. Surprisingly, all but three of us were able to make it yesterday. That’s a pretty amazing feat considering our busy lives and Alex, Kevin and Topher not currently living in the same city as the most of us. Check out the pic above. The only people missing from the pic are Nic (his BF’s sis was in town), Stephen (was there earlier but had to leave for another engagement) and Alex (LA) and Kevin (Toronto).

It was great to have so many of us together to laugh, catch up and reminisce about the early days of the site. Not to sound super cheesy, but there’s this amazing energy among all of us when we’re all in the same room. With our recent accomplishments, it was nice to sit back and relax for one night and pat each other on the back.

In between all the laughs and drinks, we decided to have a gingerbread contest. We split up into two different teams determined by names out of the hat. Team 1 (my team) won the right to pick either the house or the train. We opted for the train. Each team was given only 30 minutes to build, decorate, and come up with a theme for their creation. Now, we need your help to decide which team pulled it off better. Cast your votes so we can declare a winner and give one team bragging rights over the other.

THANKS again to all of you for making such a success in a short period of time. We have the best readers on the internet for sure.

view our gingerbread creations after the jump

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