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While I would love to claim to be an authority on all things DC and Marvel I’m really just a huge admirer. I LOVE superpowers and adore the work they’ve done to promote the gay agenda of rights and equality for all those being “othered” in society. Don’t worry, I’m not one of those that fawn over the latest Superman doll as if it’s fisting porn (I have fisting porn for that)- instead, I love the action and fantasy of the escape. So, when I found out that DC was releasing it’s 17th (Christ that’s a lot and keep em’ coming!) installment of their ongoing comic book to film adaptations I was excited. After having watched it: i’m FLOORED.

This, I have to say, is by far my favourite of the expansive series. Not only is the animation spot on (they vary artists and time and advances always make difference) but the storyline and script is absolute. Long story short, The Flash (Barry Allen) suffered the loss of his mother at a young age- in this movie he (wait for it) attempts to run fast enough that he can go back in time to save her. Instead, he is shot into an alternate timeline plagued with a looming war between Aquaman’s Atlantis and Wonder Woman’s Amazons. I know, it sounds like a lot but it’s a 90 minute movie and worth every second of your time. The wit is dry, modern and combined with just the right amount of drama to have you laughing, gasping and caring about the characters all at once. Voiced by the sexy doctors of Grey’s Anatomy: Kevin McKidd and Justin Chambers as The Flash himself, you just want to listen to these gruff studs as they battle it out on screen.

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Lord, three reviews for the price of one? What am I getting myself into. ‘[REC]‘ the trilogy however is JUST that good that it deserves the dedication and singling out. Even while I’m writing this, a fourth in the series is getting busted out but as you’ll read below, though sadly the films start to lose their connectivity as time goes on and new directors take over. Still, all in all, any fans of zombies or scary things in the dark will appreciate this series as the terrifying tale of gore and fright that it is. While I won’t bore you with the name of spanish actors that will mean nothing to about 95% of the people who will read this article, I will tell you that the acting itself is dead on.

The first two movies have a VERY different feel and approach to the zombie theme than the latest installment which is both frustrating and interesting. It’s annoying because you kind of fall in love with the “found footage” approach taken in [REC] and [REC]2 which YES has now been done a million times over now but was admittedly more original a decade ago when this series started. What matters is that it’s done WELL here- you believe the camera would stay on to record this (for reasons given that I won’t offer up to spoiler alert you out of reading forward) and it captures the story as terrifyingly as if you were there. [REC]3 pays homage to the style by beginning its tale with the footage thing but goes all Tarantino on your ass and turns into a blockbuster style flick once the zombies take over as if to say: “we’re done making up reasons to have a nerd want to capture this for evidence; let’s just watch some zombies kill some people in the hills of Spain”. Personally, the first two are what make the series for me but I’m open-minded enough to laugh and still be consumed by the more typical third installment and definitely think you should give these films a chance… subtitles and all!

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Vancouver Pride Party Cruise – All Aboard!

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For 22 years now- coincidentally, how old most guys guess I am- Cruisey T has been hosting THE on-water event of Vancouver Pride with their epic 4 hour tours of the local inlets and sounds (geographical terms… don’t ask me what they mean). This year is no exception and full steam ahead the men behind the boats are satisfying all your nautical needs by hosting THREE different cruises: two on Sunday, the day of pride itself and a third on our holiday Monday for those of you that didn’t get enough fun the day before. My best friend- and site co-owner, and often barely clothed partner in crime- Patrick, will be joining me on the earliest of the three cruises (the Pride Party Cruise) as we drown ourselves in vodka on the high seas. Christ, we sound classy, don’t we?

Just what is Cruisey T? Well, it’s a T-Dance on a boat. What’s a T-Dance? First, are you on the right site because I shouldn’t have to explain this unless you just moved here from wherever they do the Iditarod or you just turned 19. Second, it’s basically an afternoon gathering of gay men to enjoy a social where with music, liquor and a casual space where you can sit and chat or dance your ass off. Third, it’s on a boat, where, well, everything’s just better on a boat y’all! The cruise tours the impossible-to-beat scenic views of West Vancouver coastal life and offers a packed ship of hunky men in amazing moods. While Vancouver is often called out for its sketchy to predict weather, YVR Pride falls smack in the middle of summer and is as close to a guarantee for sun as you can get- so make sure to take it all in dancing and surfing the waterways!

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Wandering Eyes Early In the Relationship

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In a recent relationship (that obviously blew up in my face), I was confronted by some interesting behaviour that I’ve been subject to over a dozen times lo my many dating years: the wandering eye of a new beau. Before we make the easy joke that I’m“clearly not enough man to keep the new guys interested”, I’d really like to ask you boys: is it okay to flirt with or fawn over other guys in plain site of your new man in the early stages of your relationship? To put some details to my histrionics, I had been on three dates with a great guy and finally stayed over at his for the first time and we went out for breakfast the next morning. Everything was on track: I was smitten, things were moving along nicely and I’d even deleted my Grindr and Scruff thinking this could be a good one. And then, he started talking about the hot bartender from the night before… Mid hash brown, the man I had slept with the night before and was about to spend the day with, started to go on about how “god damn hot that little new bartender kid from last night” was. He explained he thought he was gorgeous; that he couldn’t believe he was single; and, that he had tried to ask him out once but it seemed the guy may or may not have a boyfriend himself. I was pretty shattered.

Here I am, wondering what cute place I could take my early-stage-guy for dinner to, and he’s telling me he’s dripping wet horny for some (much younger by the way) kid we had serving and cleaning up our drinks the night previous… about 2 hours before we were naked together. Well, let me tell you: I did not react well. Yes, I should have been direct and told him that that bothered me, or hell, yes, I should have not cared at all and been so confident in myself as to ignore the fawn altogether, but I’m not that good a gay. I’m flawed, I’m reasonably self-conscious and I’m not someone who wants to hear how hot you think some barely 20, south american kid who is nothing like me: to me it sounds like I’m just straight up not good enough to hold your attention. Not only was his mind on someone else, it was all over a kid that I look nothing like, worrying me that maybe that’s really his type and I’m the temp: “filling a position” for now, so to speak. Am I crazy to be bothered by this?!

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Adam’s Psychological-Mystery Pick: Trance

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I’m honestly running out of original ways to frame the titles of these articles, so thank hell the genres of the movies I review keep blending; I have nearly an infinite amount of combinations to play with! Today, we’re looking at the psycho-mystery entitled Trance (Spring Release 2013). Staring some decent big name-ish actors including the impossibly pretty Rosario Dawson, boy-next-door cute James McAvoy and the maturely European-to-a-tee Vincent Cassel, there’s no lack of talent on the screen… but does the story hold up? Basically, we follow the aftermath of a art heist gone wrong at an auctioneers hall (btw the purloined artwork in question is by my FAVOURITE artist: Fancisco de Goya) as the protagonist played by McAvoy recovers from an amnesiac blow to the head and attempts to remember where he placed the lost painting. Cassel easily plays the playboy, hardass thief who threatens to murder and torture our main character at every turn if he cannot remember the painting’s location while Dawson plays the vixen hypnotherapist who works to coax McAvoy into retracing his steps.

The good: this movie is NOT predictable and you won’t know what’s really happening until the very end so being bored isn’t really an option. The bad: this movie REALLY stretches your belief that it’s something that could happen in real life. Don’t get me wrong, no one turns into a bat or anything, but the layers of deceit seem hard enough for us the relaxed viewer to follow let alone the damaged characters of the movie. Still, it’s totally worth a view. There’s some pretty agro sex scenes and while Cassel is a bit skinny to get my daddy-fetish going, McAvoy is just enough a jerk to make my asshole-engine running! The director is the main pitch of this one as it’s created by Danny Boyle of Slumdog Millionaire, 28 Days Later and Trainspotting fame. The premise is definitely interesting and the action and twists non-stop, so, as long as you have your wits about you and don’t mind a bit of violence, this could be for you.

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First off, don’t get too excited by the fact that this is a Brazilian movie… with Brazilian guys… often with their shirts off. These are REAL Brazilians, not the cover of DNA Brazilians. But, just because there aren’t The Covenant-esque boys jumping around doesn’t mean you should pass this one by: it’s actually pretty epic. I’m not going to bore with too many details cause I know you all just click through to the trailer anyway so we’ll get to the point. This duo/sequel is a cop flick about the leader of and elite squad (hence the name… shocking, right?) in the favelas of Rio, Brazil. The favelas are basically the poorest and most “anything goes part of Rio where drugs, guns and gangs runs rampant. Having been on the outskirts of the favelas myself I can tell you that they are not a place to wander with your fanny pack and spread out map- and watching this movie will definitely help to convince you to keep the f-away.

The movies basically pick up from one another so prepare to get VERY involved in the lives of these cops, drug dealers, revolutionary students and innocent bystanders. The first film focuses on the preparations leading up to the Pope himself visiting the troubled city of Rio while the second follows the aftermath of a disastrous prison riot. The best way to describe this “mini” series of drama is to compare it to The Wire… with subtitles. You’ll follow the corruption of a beautiful but unbelievable dangerous city from the lowest to the highest levels and feel for the few noble men and woman who essentially fruitlessly attempt to make a difference.

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Though I often come across as holier-than-thou with my articles about guys in relationships having never been one and therefore being free from persecution, this time I’m ranting discussing the topic of friends once they’re OUT of their “forever love”. Once the other shoe drops, the other guy cheats, they both cheat, they realize they’re both bottoms, they find out the other one isn’t really as circumcised as they originally thought, WHATEVER; the point is, your friend is broken up and now he needs and wants you– his friend- like he never needed you before. Actually, let me set that straight, he needs you now like he absolutely didn’t need you in his life at all a hot minute earlier when he was “in love” and couldn’t care less about his friends because focus was laser pointed on loverboy and friendships be damned. Have you ever had a friend who dropped you and “the gang” the second he got into a relationship and the exact moment that all-consuming passion ended he boomeranged right back into your lives as if nothing had changed? Well, I call bullshit.

Get your comments ready and roarin’ to go on this one. Yes, we’ll cover the possible jealousy from my angle. Yes, I’ll allow that maybe I’m not being the BEST friend ever. But, I’m sure as hell also going to look at how crappy this feels to friends who repeatedly get this done to them and question the motive of these boomerangers who seem to expect it both ways and honestly get pretty freakin’ nettled when you call them on it. Often my articles are “subtly” about a recent exchange or interaction with someone close, but this one is just out of year in and out eye rolling annoyance with comrades who have complained alongside me about this selfish action and the turn around and do it themselves. Before you freak: this departure/return routine is NOT performed by all people who get into relationship. In fact, I RARELY see it in friends who get into truly long lasting and healthy relationships. Instead, I write to those repeat offenders who think your friends are just sitting by the phone waiting for the second you have time for them: we’re not. And, you’re kind of acting like a bag of dicks.

Click through to read the rest of my thoughts on this phenomenon and sound off below!

Adam’s Action Thriller Pick: The Hitcher

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Following the success of Donovan‘s sexy post about the “Men of Sophia Bush” I thought I’d write up a throw back referral for all you thriller movie buffs out there about a not hugely known scare titled The Hitcher (2007). Starring the gorgeous and sublimely scratchy voiced Sophia Bush and the baby face cutie from Happy Endings, Zackary Knighton, this pseudo remake of the 80s cult classic of the same name updates the old campfire story of the maniac hitcher who tortures the unsuspecting good samaritans who pick him up on the side of the road. Slightly predictable in premise, this film does what I love in all torture movies: has the good guys fighting back and playing dirty to do what they can to survive and even get some revenge. I LOVE a good revenge story and this mos def one has that.

The antagonist is played by the impossibly handsome Sean Bean and more than a few times while he’s wielding his switch blade to the younger drivers you question if it wouldn’t be a LITTLE hot to be taken hostage by this blond daddy… okay, I’m messed up. The story follows the cute love birds and tests their tolerance and devotion to one another, and their ability to take a punch (stab, bullet wound etc.) and keep on fighting. You absolutely have to watch the trailer below to get a good sense of what you’re getting into with this one because it really is as action packed as the clip makes it seem. Admittedly, the reviews on this puppy are not great but screw those ink print nerds: I thought it was a blast of a movie and terrifying as shit at moments. It DOES get a little out of control with police chases and helicopter shoot outs but suspend your beliefs for an hour and a half and think twice next time before you pick up the hot daddy on the side of the road (even as I write that, I know I’m picking up any daddies, anytime ha).

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