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Adam’s Weird Movie Review: Only God Forgives

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This movie is not for everyone. First off, if you’re obsessed with Ryan Gosling (as I’m slowly finding out half the man-loving world is) then you’ll want to see him as severe and lean and sexy as ever in this. Second, if you love Asian revenge movies (plays really), then BAM this is up your alley. Third, if you liked the film Drive by director Nicolas Winding Refn then you’ll love this because it’s basically Drive 2, set in Bangkok… with an equally amazing and eerie sound track. Oh, fourth, if you like violence: watch this.

Set in modern day Thailand, this is a revenge film about family honour and drug lord crime. The two protagonists are both severely flawed as they attempt to restore peace to their respective homes. Ryan plays the brother of a murdered child rapist who is tasked by the incredible Kristin Scott Thomas (whom you will remember from Gosford Park Drop Dead Gorgeous but CERTAINLY not recognize) who acts as matriarch to this f-ed up family and who through horrendous guilt and near-incestual flirtation demands for retribution of her dead son. Ryan is pitted against a retired police officer who murders without shame the worst members of society in this vast asian city. There’s sword fights, massive gun shoot ups, beatings to death with bare hands and a lot of kinky sexy: if you’re into any of that, this movie is worth a look.

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How much do my friends HATE it when I leave a voice mail. I’m not joking, I get RAILED constantly by my closest friends who have no qualms informing me that short of their mother and grandparents, I am the only person in their lives still leaving voice mail. Am I alone in this?

Why the voice mail hate on? What’s wrong with leaving a funny message (which I almost always opt for by the way) to let a friend know you’re thinking about them and want them to hear the sincerity in your voice. In an age where mis-reading text messages is a five time daily occurrence, how can anyone be down on my attempt to bring clarity to a situation by clearly explaining and emoting what I want to communicate? While I’ll get into my reasons for vm’ing later, I just wanted to posit the basic and starting off question: What happened to the voice mail? What year was it exactly that this method of indicating to someone that you need to speak with them became antiquated and (apparently) annoying? I often get quoted: “Adam, I have call display, so I know you called and I’ll get back to you when I can.” Well smartypants, maybe I don’t want you to get back to me, and maybe I didn’t or couldn’t text, did you ever think about that? And, WHY ARE YOU YELLING AT ME? It’s just a voice mail! You may think I’m tending for my usual histrionics here, but this issue is no laughing (well, fine, it kind of is) matter with my group of friends as we constantly battle to voice mail or not to voice mail.

Click through to read the rest of my rant and hear why I argue this is still a valid communication tool and let your opinion be known

Adam’s Brit TV Pick: Orphan Black

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Yes, the entire British domain and international community of nerds are well aware of this little gem, but, seeing as it somehow didn’t pick up a single worth Emmy and that basically ZERO of my gay friends have heard about it, I thought it was high time I tell y’all about the amazing show Orphan Black. And, before you zone out because you “don’t like shows with robots and flying cars”, know that this British dark drama actually takes place in present day and has one of THE hottest man starring in it- often naked- and I just found out is FROM my hometown of Vancouver, Canada and went to uni at Seattle, Washington. So yeah, you’ll get to watch my future husband bang a lot if you turn on this show!

Orphan Black actually takes place (though you have to pay attention to realize it) in Toronto, Canada where its filmed and wonderfully makes use of some pretty amazing local talent. Starring the darkly beautiful (and Canadian) actress Tatiana Maslany it follows its sometimes-heroine, sometimes-villain as she attempts to reconcile the fact that she is not a normal girl but a clone and an endangered one at that. The MAIN Tatiana is thrust into a life of lies as she attempts to recover her daughter and is forced to work with other very colourful versions/clones of herself and survive about 4 different factions of people trying to kill her. The show is futuristic in the science made available in the world but not so advanced that you couldn’t see most of this happening in the next few decades if the scientists really wanted. What matters here though is two things: the unbelievable acting and the incredibly HOT co-star Tatiana plays against and gets pounded by (excuse my French) in countless scenes.

Click through to see the show’s trailer and find out who her hot counterpart is

Adam’s (Cheap) Horror Pick: 6 Souls

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Cheap as in…. well, not amazing.

The only reason I fought the urge to ignore yet another “demonic possession” movie scoring a whopping 4% on Rotten Tomatoes was the protagonist role accredited to the ever-lovely Julianne Moore. The ageless ginger has constantly saved difficult movie after difficult movie for me with her tremendous acting ability and today is no different- though, this time she can only do so much to bolster this pained script. Honestly, I wonder if she was friends with the director or owed her bookie a couple mil cause things production seemed sloppy at best.

6 Souls is an admittedly scary look at the intersection of multiple personality disorder and demonic possession (according to this film they mingle). Julianne plays the role of a critical psychologist who debunks cases of MPD (actually referred to in the psych world as Dissociative Identity Disorder… but that sounds less sexy to the audience). Called in on a special case by her father, she starts to question how her (quite handsome) subject can so perfectly portray the personalities of other dead actual living beings. Played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers, the “antagonist” of the film also adds some decent acting chops to the film but between the two of them it’s really not enough to call this film an actual success.

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Adam’s IGNORE This Movie Pick: The Lifeguard

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Oh Kristen, can’t you please just focus on finishing the Veronica Mars film?

The Lifeguard is a boring look at an existentially angsting 30-something (good god I hope she’s not pretending to be in her 20s) who quits “the rat race” lifestyle of big city living and working as a reporter to return to her sleepy town in Nowheresville to take up her old home with the rents’ and job at the local pool as a lifeguard. Already I can tell you’re clicking to the next article. Yes, this movie is much more for those looking for drama, a pseudo love story and for us 20-30 year olds who likely have too much time on our hand to think about the minutia of daily comings and goings as they/we search for meaning outside of “making money and being powerful“.

Kristen Bell is by all means a fine actor in this production and there’s nothing hoakey or bad about it, but good lord does this thing move slowly. Focusing on her sad return to a simpler time, this movie follows the older lifeguard as she slowly but surely falls for a high school senior (I think his name is David Lambert… he is MUCH too young for me to call hot, but he’s cute enough for those into that type). The story is painful as you watch the blond regress but eventually discover herself through the eyes of a younger and non-spoiled younger man. To be honest, I did NOT watch this one all the way through but saw enough to warn you about it.

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Adam’s Psychological Twist Pick: Side Effects

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Acknowledging that this movie has been out in the theatres since early this year and likely for a while now on DVD, I did want to take the time to review it because a) in broad terms the topic of this film is within my career bailiwick, b) friends keep asking “if it was good” and, c) it actually was decent enough to take the time to blog about.

Side Effects follows a supremely depressed woman through her action of a horrendous crime and the resultant trial and punishment as it’s questioned if she was to blame or the pharmaceuticals she was prescribed with. Trying to be “relevant” as America’s culture of “pop a pill and you’ll feel better” shifts less from this medical model towards a more pure and vegan mindset that altering chemicals won’t lead to anything but trouble, this psychological mystery has enough twists and turns to keep it interesting but isn’t ever brilliant enough to make you REALLY want to recommend it to someone else. Starring some huge names including: Jude Law, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Channing Tatum and the maudlin Rooney Mara as its lead, there is no lack of star power and sex appeal… just a lack of a uniquely original script.

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Adam’s TV Comedic Gem Pick: Inside Amy Schumer

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Tell me you’re watching this show.

Amy Schumer has seen a pretty huge rising in notoriety and popularity over the last few years or so ever since (I would attribute it to) her spot on stand up at The Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen back in 2011 where she came relatively out of nowhere to tear down the tiger blood drinker himself and some of the oldest names in comedy standing next to her. Her humour has been PERFECT for the gays as it mixes just the right amount of dick jokes, self-deprecation and abortion references to have us question momentarily: “Could I date this pretty, blond Jewish girl? She’s soooo funny…” But, then we remember she has a vagina and we shake off the bisexual ick and go back to just laughing with her. Amy is a clear New Yorker in every way and doesn’t apologize for it for a second as she plays predominantly comedy clubs all over the USofA and has recently forayed into the world of television with her newest endeavour: Inside Amy Schumer.

Click through to see two of my favourite clips and read the rest of my review of the show

The Coolest Art Promotion I’ve Ever Seen!

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So, I own my first piece of art! Yes, it’s sad that as a 30-year old I’m still living with posters of my favourite twisted De Goya or framed prints of Rothkos, but to be honest: original and real art hasn’t yet topped my list of things to own. And, to be further honest: paying off school fees and my gas bill have been coming first and foremost so “hangable luxury items” haven’t yet seen their way onto my credit card… that is until recently. Recently, I was getting geared up to celebrate my friend’s 46th: this is one of those friends that has EVERYTHING. So, refusing to buy a bottle of vodka (don’t worry, it wouldn’t have been Stoli 😉 and throw a bow on it, I had to look outside the box. After conferring with two friends for hours, former writer for the site, and close friend, Dave, told me about a unique art opportunity he had heard about on his last trip back east (the Canadian East!).

A Canadian artist living and working in Toronto, Randy Grskovic, has begun on online campaign to create 100 pieces of original artwork for 100 patrons for $100 each. Essentially, you donate $100 to his cause and he will create and ship and original art piece to you as a “thank you” for becoming one of his patrons. Having taken Art History in High School, I was always intrigued by the notion of patrons and pictured them as these larger and richer than life beings who deigned to throw money at starving artists to either own them or continue to purchase and help produce their work. The thought that I could be one myself and for such an affordable price seemed too good to pass up. Randy’s artwork is modern, unique and each piece works as a standalone piece for you to hang at yours and as a part of a larger project he’s working on. I’m counting down till the day it arrives!

Click through to see the video Randy created of this project and see some of his work

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