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You know I loves me some action and don’t get squeamish at even the “juiciest” of Tarantino’s slasher scenes but I kind of double-took the moment I popped onto iPhone’s App Store to see a new Top 3 choice on the Top 25 Free Apps list: “100 Nazi Scalps”. If you don’t immediately recognize the reference, it’s from the great director’s latest (2009) foray: “Inglorious Bastards”. And, true to its namesake, this game is topped with kills, gore and, well, a lot of nazi scalps.

Created by MYZ Productions, the game is an arcade-styled, 2-way-running-game-play with 6 levels and offers 7 different types of weapons… oh yeah, and either a knife or bat for “getting scalps”. The game is pretty straight forward except for the fact that after you shoot down an attacking nazi they sway at their knees ready to get scalped (man, the amount of times I’ve had to type that sentence in my life ;) I’m a little surprised there’s been no blow-back for the use of a concept from the movie, but legalities aside I find it hilarious we’ve come to such an open-minded place with video games and violence that this baby is available at a click of your phone. Please do not think me the “Thought Police” here: I love progress in any and all forms and am the last to balk at violence… Christ, have you SEEN my last movie review? Just wanted to get the word out there and see what the interest was like!

Click through to see the video of live game play of “100 Nazi Scalps”

A Chilly New Thriller: “Frozen”

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Forgiving the lame pun, this movie is actually quite well done: full of cringe-worthy moments just like a thriller ought to be. Combining the hot, mainly tv-actress Emma Bell with the once-too-young sexy “Transamerica” homo son Kevin Zegers alongside the boy-next-door Shawn Ashmore (“X-Men’s” Iceman), this 90 minute scare-fest pulls off a pretty damn decent flick. As oppose to recent fright films like “Resident Evil“, “A Serbian Film” and “Piranha”, “Frozen” is not so slash n’ gore but rather sustained fear and less-is-more bloodsport: an appreciated break from the norm.

Set on the ski hill, we endure the tortured limbo of a couple and their disgruntled friend’s nightmare: being held captive by a shut down ski lift as they head up the hill in an attempt for “one more run.” Admittedly, you need to set aside a bit of reality to believe that in this day and age, a mountain could let this stranding happen, what occurs after the sun sets and the kids start to panic is actually quite believable and painful in a “that’s what I would do” kind of way as we watch their terror unfold. And, don’t worry, it’s not just the story of a bad case of frostbite ;) The characters are realistic, their dialogue is simple but accurate and the suffering they endure is both cringe-worthy and utterly likely considering the situation. Short but sweet, this thriller doesn’t need incestuous, stalking mutants or raised zombies to sell its fear factor- just plain old “god I hope that never happens to me” storylining.

Click through to see the trailer!

Off the top of my head, I have no clue where I heard about this recent release, but if you decide to watch this- please remember you have me to blame (unless you’re angry, then try and forget it!). Title and first sentence into this article you likely have the impression that I hated this movie but JUST THE OPPOSITE! I love any film that fulfills what it and its trailer promises: this movie claiming to be “The Most Horrific Film Out There” pretty much tells the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help them satan! While I jest about the darkness of this movie, I do have to immediate disclose that this is absolutely not for anyone with even a sliver of a faint heart. Hell, I’m just chauvinistic enough to say that no woman out there should watch this either. “A Serbian Film” (“Srpski Film”) is a combination of horror, pornography, suspense and psychological thriller… heavy on the first two.

The movie revolves around a tired but loving father and husband Milos- a former C-List porn star from Serbia who gets a second chance to make one last film for more money than he’s ever made before. Wanting to provide for his family, the wary, aged porn star quickly finds himself increasingly worried and confused by the film he’s starring in as the “artistic” director refuses to offer him a script or tell him what the movie is even about. Chosen for his singular talent to achieve and maintain an erection for as long as he wants, Milos begins to realize he’s not just involved in an indie skin flick. Paired with the usual naked, busty Eastern European ladies of the evening, a young orphan cross between Lolita and Alice In Wonderland keeps popping up in the background of his sex scenes in more and more inappropriate ways until Milos decides to quit the project… but, no one is about to let him do that.

Click through to see the rest of my review and the terrifying Official Trailer (Must be over 18 to view!)

The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Begins With a SNAP!

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Say what you will about some of last season’s slower episodes of “Vampire Diaries“, last night’s Season 2 premiere begins like the opening scenes of “Scream”. All I can say is thank Christ that damned ring was chopped off the lame-o uncle’s hand… one of the dumber story lines as from day one we ALL knew that was a pretty damn easy way to loophole around the “immortality ring”! But, spoiling plot-line reveals aside, I’m actually pretty damn impressed with how this show made its comeback on the CW this year. Often, with these shows of secret powers/identities/pasts, the only thing keeping the good guys from properly working together are lies and unnecessary interruptions in the flow of info- an issue this show definitely suffered from in the first season. I’m gonna assume either new writers were brought in or the previous ones got a swift kick in the ass because “Vampire Diaries” has smartened up! As shows like “True Blood” and “Supernatural” set 21st century standards for smart fantasy series, I’m glad to see this one has risen to the charge and manned up with coherent and reasonable (for a world full of sexy vamps) storyline.

Now for my review. First off, Bonnie thank God you dropped the spurned bitch routine and have finally met the limits of your powers. While I love the lesbo-witch twist “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” offered us oh so many years ago, the problem with introducing such powerful characters is giving them too much control. This season starts with Bonnie flaunting just enough mojo to stay a threat but keeps her from destroying all the immortals with just a flick of the wrist. Second, the first season’s underlying question is final answered as Katherine gets invited to the party and Nina Dobrev’s acting talents are put to the test as she pops back and forth between the evil and ever-good role of Elena Gilbert with surprising ease. Her vampiric version of multiple personal disorder is actually extremely well-presented and came across as shockingly believable. Surprise surprise, the evil one is hotter… must be the layered and curly locks- and the fierce leather Italian cut jacket ;)

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Though my life has more TV in it than the highest execs from ABC have, Donovan continues to remain my official spur for the few remaining gems on the tube I haven’t quite added to my repertoire, and this past week, the newest addition has been “The Real Housewives of New York.” Having the Atlanta gurls, the New Jersey gals and the DC ladies already on the PVR (I download, but it sounded better that way), I was prodded week after week by Dono to take on the dames from New York as they would: “Instantly have me hooked,” as they were just the right combination of wit and bitch that I would love. And, he of course was right.

After quickly catching up on the three seasons in about 5 days (this is how I work), I’m enamored by the ridiculous lives of these layered locks lassiesbut while I’ve been able to follow Kelly’s plummet into madness, Bethenny and Jill’s oh-so-familiar to my best friends’ fights and Alex’s husband’s continual denial of his latent homosexuality… there is one thing that doesn’t make sense to me. WHAT’S UP WITH BOBBY ZARIN’S SUNGLASSES?? Jill Zarin and her healthily wealthy hubby Bobby appear frequently at parties, dinners, clubs, day events and luncheons and in every scene, the fabric-king husband is sporting a giant pair of dark sunglasses without seemingly any rhyme or reason.

Click through to see my theory and pics of the weirdness


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A few weekends ago, some of the Homorazzi cast along with some other close friends went spent the weekend away at Adam‘s cabin on Gambier Island. It’s an annual trip every August, and for the second time at the cabin, I thought it would be fun to organize a “Big Brother” game for us to play the first night we were there.

As you’d expect, while at the cabin, our activities consist of eating, drinking, playing cards, and playing drinking games, so this game is a great way to bring some of those activities together and…encourage us to stab each other in the back. I had announced that we’d be playing it on the boat ride over, and the whispering, plotting, scheming, and alliances began right away – it was hilarious!

Houseguests (Back Row Left To Right: Landon, Jonny, Colby, Patrick, Joel, Matt, Mitch, Adam, Dan; Front Row Left To Right: Kodie, Brian, Donovan)

Who do you think wins? Watch and find out!

Big Brother Homorazzi Edition video after the jump…

“Clue” The Movie: Remade for 2011?

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I oh-so wish I didn’t have to put the question mark at the end of that title!

As any good gay, woman over 35 or board game-loving… well, gay would know, Clue– the quintessential whodunit game- was made into an instant cult classic film in 1985. Staring screen legends like Tim Curry, Madeline Kahn, Christopher Lloyd, and Lesley Ann Warren, the mystery/comedy was often called “so bad it’s good” by critics everywhere I just called it amazeballs brilliance. Admittedly, I was 2 when it came out, but one of my earliest memories of non-Disney movies was this gem and ever since it has made my “top movie picks”, topping the chart time after time. The perfect example of camp, this chase through a giant, dusky mansion with weapons in hand has 6 caricatures of insanity rushing to solve multiple murders before they’re the next victims. Complete with 3 alternate endings (this movie was totally revolutionary for its time), the flick is hands down one of the fumiest things you’ll ever see.

The 80s aside, the rights to this film have been taken up and- wait for it- there is STRONG plans to have this baby remade by 2011!!

Click through to see details of the remake and the original film’s trailer

“True Blood’s” Newest and Greatest Songs

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This latest season of “True Blood” has taken an already amazing show to the next level by upping the monsters, the blood and of course the SEX! Not only have multiple, gorgeous characters been added (Kevin Alejandro, Grant Bowler yum, and of course, my secret boyfriend Joe Manganiello), but the show has pursued such an amazingly welcomed gay-centric twist that appeals perfectly to the disenfranchised homos out there in a sublimely accurate parallel of queer vs. vampire hatred that no one can deny the genius of it all. To top off the thrilling writing is some dead-on music choices by the show that take the visual and the storyline to the next level.

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a huge tv-phile and have become head-over-heels enamored by the advances made in the intelligence of the drama and comedy put out these days and particularly the thorough thoughtfulness put into musical accompaniment of episodes’ most important scenes. Personally, I look to “Grey’s Anatomy“, “United States of Tara“, “Entourage” and now “True Blood” for the latest and greatest in oft-little known and new bands’ songs. My three pics below (which unfortunately don’t even have official music videos they’re so random and hard to find) are from the final scenes from very recent episodes… most of which included some crazy hot sex or murder scenes. Fortunately, they are discoverable online so don’t worry about falling in love with tunes that you can’t locate which happens too often with these miscellaneous pics ;)

Click through to see the my three YouTube favourite “True Blood” pics!

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