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While isn’t exactly the be-all-end-all of polls and stats as far as the American man is considered, they do have a pretty good site and a high readership so I’m willing to give them some credit as they boldly proclaim the results of an extensive poll of over half a million of their readers, titling Jon Stewart of “The Daily Show”: The Most Influential Man. Running 14 years (god, I remember when it started; I am old), this once-college-campus gossiped about comedic news show has become a ratings bonanza, but more importantly it has garnered the trust of throngs of TV-viewers. To me, that’s the most important thing.

In a time where dozens of the world’s countries control the votes, the information released to and the lives of their people; where America itself is slowly becoming brainwashed by an ever-more watched, right wing controlled, propaganda machine AKA FOX News, it’s not just a breath of fresh air but a boon that’s maintaining the sanity of a nation in turmoil. It may sound a bit hyperbolic, but truly this man has changed the face of news in the US and set new standards for other programs to aspire to. And, it’s for that that this once stand up comedian and writer of basal skits has captured the attention of millions.

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Let’s start by saying I loves me some “Brothers & Sisters“. This show was intro’d to me by fellow writer Daniel (you call him Dan, but that’s a whole ‘nother can of soup), who promised me that the second I started into this series I’d be hooked like a twunk on the juice lookin’ to upgrade to “gym rat” status, and he was right! The show not only offers me a glimpse into a familial life similar to my own immediate-family-of-six WASPS (plus ten years on the kids’ ages), but also produced smart writing combined with established, award-winning acting. Becoming an instant fan from episode one (Daniel, you called it!) I’ve always had my issues with plot-lines or character demonstrations, but not until this most recent episode: Sunday, October 24, have I been so turned off by the sad, sad demonstration of a comparable bunch of White Anglo Saxon Persons ;)

Though I’ve always had my issues with the sisters and brothers (and moms and uncles) of “Brothers and Sisters”, never until this episode have I been so annoyed by the childish and undeveloped maturity of the Walker clan’s siblings. Revolving heavily around mother Nora‘s attempt to take to the airwaves with her no-nonsense and didactic ways, nearly all the kids get wrapped up in someway or another with mom’s effort to advise the AM radio world. But, in classic “Brothers and Sisters” style, the world at large melts away and the kids become so enraptured by their own selfish dramas that anyone else who’s surname doesn’t start with a “W” seems to disappear from focus.

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Now, you might be saying: “Adam, I’ve known how to do this for a year… you’re an idiot.” But, I was just informed of this little gem function and figured there must be at least SOMEONE out there who this might have not heard of this yet.

While at a recent dinner with the straights, it came up that a friend of mine wanted me to pose for a shot with his iPhone so he could: “Have picture of me pop up when I called,” to which I replied: “Sure, actually, if we have time I want to get a pic of everyone…” At this point our tech friend Brodie held back a laugh and asked why we didn’t just sync our contacts with our Facebook app. What… The… Frig… Who the hell knew you could do that? Apparently, for a WHILE now us iPhone users who also take part in the Facebook app (and really, who doesn’t), have been able to follow a few quick steps and from there-on-in have up to date (according to our friends’ profile pics) photos every time we send a call or receive one.

Click through to read how to get all your phone contacts pics synced with Facebook

TV Backtalk: “Walking Dead” My Pre-Air Review

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At the risk of a Canadian Supreme Court judgment against me for a hundred large, I watched a pre-air, leaked episode of the much-anticipated new Fall release: “Walking Dead”. To be aired Saturday, October 31st, on AMC my succinct review is… meh.

Assuming you haven’t read every snippet and blog out there about this puppy, I’ll quickly explain the premise… Have you seen “24 Days Later”? Yeah, that’s about it- set in boons. Honestly, considering the years worth of sci-fi zombie, vampire and fantastical productions that have been created and perfected to a tee, to find this seemingly well-budgeted and promoted piece basically a remake of a nearly decade old horror was disappointing to say the least. Set in anywheresville-USA, a recently shot and hospitalized cop (6.5 at best of the sexy scale) wakes up to find the world around him in chaos and overwrought by necrotic infestation: sound familiar? As he wanders the city and takes about 4 zombies longer than it should a normal post-apocalyptic survivor to realize it’s odd that little girls are eating the faces of their parents (seriously, has this protagonist NEVER seen a horror film before?), we get some standards set for the rules of this game. As most horror-aficionados know, each film/show has its own set of laws regarding “how to kill” “how to survive” “how the monsters act” and “Walking Dead” is no different.

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Vancouver Flash Mob Success!

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Always looking to take lessons from my (and they’ll kill me for calling them this) “more mature leaders” in the gay world, my friends and I recently had a chance to maximize having a good time with being vaguely good people all while sipping (fine, pounding) some delicious and dangerously fruity martinis on a gorgeous veranda in the centre of downtown Vancouver.

The Rand House is a magnificently restored and rebuilt heritage home found in the heart of the west end at Nelson and Bute and is owned and run (they rent out various sweets in the huge mansion) by two very close friends of mine: sexy husbands in crime. After we returned home from an amazing cruise through the Baltic, the boys from the Rand House decided to host one more “porch party” as they have so casually named the elaborate and hangover-educing Friday summer tradition, but this time with an altruistic goal in mind.

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While Donovan has concretely established himself as Homorazzi’s “Man Crush” expert, I felt the need to combine my bailiwick of TV know-how with my long (long, long, long)-term search for a boyfriend by revealing to the world my secret relationship with Sam Jaeger of “Parenthood”. Okay, my obsession with all things TV and getting a hubby are totally true, but being ACTUALLY connected in the REAL world with TV’s Joel Graham… fine, that might be a bit of a stretch- but maybe this article will pop up on his google alerts and I’ll be golden.

To set the scene, before watching this “Party of Five (but with parents)”-esque new drama, I had never heard of the burly dreamboat. Born in 1977 (wow, only 6 years before me… am I getting more reasonable??), Sam Jaeger of Perrysburg, Ohio made his way into some great tv/movie names like “Law and Order” and a personal fav: “Lucky Number Slevin” and recently became a much better-known name in the newest two-seasons-running-so-far show: “Parenthood”. Here’s where my sad kink starts to take over. Playing the blue collar, good-with-his-hands, rustic, plaid lovin’ stud turned stay-at-home dad and perfect husband, Sam has managed to combine what he actually looks like with the character he plays on tv to amalgamate as the man of my wildly inappropriate dreams.

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The Cutting Edges Oktoberfest/Daddyfest!

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Coming into Thanksgiving weekend is always a bit of a dubious situation for me: is everyone heading out of town? are any parties actually competing with the family-ridden vacation? how many more kids have my siblings created this year around to bring to the dinner table? So, to find out that yes there is a proper event for us mo’s to enjoy was a definite smile inducer… hearing that it’s being hosted by the built boys of the gay hockey league was a definite, well, you-know-what erector ;)

The Cutting Edges (a reference to the kitsch 90s skating cult classic?) are Vancouver’s gay hockey club and they host an annual dance party called Oktoberfest for fans and friends alike to drink, dance and skate at (for the few dozen brave enough to combine tequila and toe picks ;) Last night it was hosted at the Denman rinks and was by all accounts a total success… okay, I actually kind of failed miserably at my true mission to finds me a husband, but that was certainly not due to a lack of prospective bachelors: this party is a veritable beefy, sausage fest!

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So many tragic stories in the news lately of gay teens been bullied in school to a point where they feel they just can’t take anymore – to a point where they take their own life. It’s so sad. If only we could tell them to hold on, to let them know that it gets better and life after high school is really where your life begins.

The writers/cast of this site are gay, and we’ve all gone through the sometimes troubling times of high school, so we were very eager to share our stories and contribute to the “It Gets Better” campaign. Because it does. It gets so much better.

If you’re being bullied in school, you’re not alone. There is someone here for you – someone who cares and understands. Call The Trevor Project, a confidential, toll-free, suicide hotline for gay & questioning youth. It gets better!

Listen to Homorazzi cast members tell you how & why it gets better after the jump

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