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Hollywood Week returns and we get the draaaaaaamaaaaaaa of Round 2. Year after year this remains a secret favourite of mine as attitudes are checked and bravado goes out the window, forcing the real personalities of the bitches and bros to finally show as they group up and realize they have to share the spot light… at least for today.

While the singing is less the focus of this ep, the tears more than make up for it by far! Though Donovan has already revealed the Top 12 Girls as well as the Top 12 Guys, I am a purist with reality TV and opt not to peek ahead at internet chatter and leaked hints of things to come. So, all my predictions and ups and downs are of-the-moment and therefore more than likely my faves are without a hope and those I hate seem to always stay. That being said, let’s get to last night’s review and most importantly start with the CRASH of Symone Black off the stage!

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FINALLY IT’S HERE. The moment you’ve all been waiting for: tears, drama, pressure and actual talent, it’s Hollywood Week!

Often the moment when many Idol fans actually start caring about the show, Hollywood week is that special time of the year when we finally see what those original Golden Ticket winners can TRULY do when the pressure is on, the stage is huge and the song isn’t always something they get to control. We are gonna see gays passing out from consumption, divas pulling hair and backstabbing like no other and straight guys wondering just what the hell they signed up for. So, without further ado, let’s look at the most memorable moments of American Idol XI’s Hollywood Week!

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“We Need To Talk About Kevin”… We Really Do!

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While Homorazzi’s Kyle covered the trailer of this puppy months ago, I felt the need to very VERY strongly recommend a full viewing of this cinematic masterpiece to all of you out there as the Oscars draw to a near and as poor Tilda Swinton and this film missed out on the “ultimate” nod from the golden man. Though Swinton received recognition from the other big award shows this year, she and the movie itself didn’t make the final cut and while that’s a disappointment (really, “The Artist”??), that’s no reason you should be allowed to miss this beauty.

So, let’s get the brief- spoiler free- description out of the way before we show some great scenes from it and I review the puppy for ya. “We Need To Talk About Kevin” sounds more like the tale of a downtrodden, wheelchair-bound boy who overcomes adversity to win the big game, but oh HELL’S to the no, that ain’t what this is about. Rather, this is a modern, time-jumping story about a mother pushed to her limits as she loses herself to a child born seemingly without a conscious. I know, it sounds more like a horror than a drama, but nothing happens out of the realm of possibility, instead we see the life of a monster through his mother’s eyes. And, it’s told brilliantly.

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American Idol 11: St. Louis Auditions

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THE AUDITIONS ARE FINALLY OVER!! Well, after this final review that is. Typically, the loyal viewers of Idol fall into two groups: those who like the try outs and those who prefer to jump on the wagon once the messes have been sorted. I have always been one to like finding the stars early, before the producers, stylists and makeup men and ladies take hold and change everything about them. So, as we hit the final audition city of St. Louis, I have high hopes that maybe SOMEthing worth a snuff will show up.

A pretty established city for talent and performers who do well enough in past seasons, I’m slightly optimistic going into this but considering the awfulness of the last 6 cities (save for Galveston), that optimism is VERY limited. So, let’s take a deep breath, take a few shots of whatever says at least 80 proof and dive into this the final night of what might go down as the lamest series of auds ever recorded.

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While I might be the LEAST physically appropriate writer from the site to cover this event. I am however hands down the most excited mo’ to attend it!

This Statuday, February 4 at Club 560 (560 Seymour Street), this friend of Dorthy’s is gonna be chanting: “Lions and Tigers and BEARS oh my!” all throughout the 3 story bar. In case you’re new to the scene or this particular brand of party, Bearracuda is a bear-specific event that travels the States and Canada to the bigger gay hot spots and puts on a REALLY well-priced, good time for all. It’s low on pretension, low on cost and high on sexy. And, before you ask, no they don’t count chest hairs before admitting you: anything from full bear to cub to otter to smoothed out admirer (ahem, right here) is allowed in so long as you’re looking to have fun.

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Oh Idol, what a roller-coaster of lameness and slight peaks of excitement you’ve sent us on thus far. Thank FRIG for Galveston, Texas last week cause otherwise my coverage today might have been a lot more disenchanted and in my world that equals complete and utter bitchiness. So, for the talent’s sake, it’s a lot better I go into this with an open mind… trust me.

I’m slightly more excited this time around that they’re auditioning so close to my hometown in a great city I love to party in… though, once again they choose a slightly no-starter town and state: Portland, Oregon. Yes, the land of Dr. Kevorkian and a mecca to married lesbians everywhere, Portland has many an interesting thing to offer but an abundance of star-worthy talent isn’t typically what comes to one’s mind: at least not mine. Still, I’m banking on this whole Texas episode thing as being a turnaround moment for this show and hoping against hope that we see something valuable in this “jewel” of the northwest as Ryan so scriptedly puts it.

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A little late in posting, sorry about that folks, but I was so taken aback by the actual appearance of talent in the most recent foray into Texas tunes that I had to sit in astonishment most of today!

Where Aspen was the city that taste and talent forgot, it was proven last night that definitely everything IS bigger (and better!) in Texas! Even the judges themselves seemed to be more/actually aware of the true singers they had in front of them this time around and weren’t just passing out golden tickets like so many 5cent candies.

What I take from this experience is (sorry Nowheresville) that Idol REALLY needs to hit the big cities more often. While I love San D and the hills of Colorado, those aren’t place you go to for talent: those are places you go to drink 😉

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Adam’s Pick For Three Songs To Make Your Weekend

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Well the weekend’s finally here, and as we prepare to celebrate the break from our respective 9-5s as hard as possible, we often look to our iPods, iPhones and iTunes for guidance and stereo solace. I’m no different and have been loving the new shows of 2012 and some local talent for a lot of the new music they’ve so graciously brought into my life.

So, today, I thought I’d share some killer tracks and their respective music videos(to be honest, only one has a proper video, the other need to get their ass in gear, though trust me it’s still well worth clicking through to see and listen to) with ya’ll as you primp, transit and dance your way until the wee hours of Sunday evening. We go from Azealia Banks– the NY breakout star of last year that hasn’t gotten nearly as much play time and advertisement as she should have- to a funky remix of Knife Party and Tonic– mashed up by DJ WELD– and end with an funky but soothing original version of Morgan Page. Trust me, within one of the three you’ll find something to love so try em out and let me know what you think.

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