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American Idol 11: Premiere in Savannah

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Well, despite a god awful teaser of Lopez… well, walking… Season 11 of “American Idol” didn’t fail to have some classic AI, entertaining moments as we kick off the season in (do they always start here??) Savannah, Georgia. Home of the extremely young and talented, the gayest of the gays and way too many Steven Tyler fans, though that’s probably just because Georgia- like Australia and India- is about 20 years behind and is only just now hearing about this crazy new rock band called Aerosmith. All together though, they make for a pretty interesting opening show.

While many choose to skip over the auditions and hold out for Vegas week or even “Top 20s” (or whatever random number they go with this year), I’m a beginning to end kind of guy as I love to pick my faves early in the competition though typically the true stars don’t shine till they hit Sin City. You might notice that Donovan is no longer the welcoming face at the top of this article, well, we unanimously came to the decision that since the show is taking on a “kinder image” with Lopez and Tyler falling in love with every fresh face that hits the stage, we’d hit back by having our bitchiest writer- me- take the reins on the reviews. And speaking of…

Click through to read my cutting review of last night’s episode

Once again, in my unending search for the perfect, unheard of indie I’ve uncovered a pretty good gem amongst the typical flotsam and jetsam of low-bug, handheld student flicks. Today we look at: “Another Earth“.

Recently I wrote about the much more famed piece “Melancholia” which was backed by huge names like Lars Von Trier, Kirsten Dunst and Kiefer Sutherland. It looked at the psychological crumbling of a bipolar princess as her loved ones struggled to keep her sane while a giant planet came crashing towards the Earth. An interesting melange of themes and scenarios, “Another Earth” is not too dissimilar. In our indie, we follow a brilliant and beautied ex-con after she does her time for drunken vehicular manslaughter. Though the typical approach to this story would have her life post the big joint viewed as tragic and difficult, in this movie there is a familiar but unique twist that suddenly a parallel Earth has appeared next to our own and seems to have nearly identical inhabitants leading nearly identical lives… Okay, it sounds a BIT hokey, but I promise “it gets better”!

Click through to read the rest of my review and see the trailer

First off, let’s make this official: this isn’t Tommy’s “I loves me a diva” or Donovan’s “I can appreciate a classic” version of X Factor US, this is mine. I’m fellow writer Adam and for the most part people either hate or hate my reviews so let’s just get that straight right away cause I will be pulling no punches this evening for my (succinct I promise) recap of yesterday and today’s finale of X Factor US. Dono is away at his handsome hubby’s family Xmas thing and Tommy is glued to her eBay screen hoping Elizabeth Taylor’s jewellery somehow ends up back on sale so for now, you’re stuck with me ;)

I’m writing this article as the show occurs and hope to have it up and ready to be pummelled by unfortunate Chris Rene fans by the time the glitter falls on our winner ;) Tonight we were “lucky” to be graced by the famed likes of Justin Bieber, Stevie Wonder, Leona Lewis, Ne-Yo, Pitbull and (are you kidding me, “I hate gays”) 50 Cent. But, what you came here for is the RESULTS!! Also, me bitching super quickly about the missteps of last night so without further adieu…

Click through to read about tonight’s show and find out who won X FACTOR US SEASON 1!

Fresh from watching German vamp-thriller: “We Are The Night”, I became nostalgic for some previously viewed and equally disturbing germanic productions. What immediately came to mind was the powerful psychological thriller “The Wave”. From the same director Dennis Gansel, this piece instead looks at a famous American novel of the same name based on a German experiment from the the 60s set to test if Nazism (an abhorred political movement) could see a resurgence among impressionable students simply by calling their conduct and approach by a different name. This film is pretty damn epic.

First off, get the subtitled version: anything else is just cheating. Second, take a second to appreciate the hot daddy lead character and teacher to the students: it’s okay, you’re suppose to feel funny down there. Third, get ready to cringe cause the realism and terrifying plausibility of this movie as one by one the kids get swept up by the militant and unifying power of national socialism in a high school setting.

Click through to read the rest of my review and see the awesome trailer

I officially have a new favorite show. In the pained hiatus during which we true tv-philes have been awaiting the return of cartoon brilliance “Archer”, there has a arisen a new shinning star onto the FOX network lineup: “Allen Gregory“. It is modern, hilarious, simply drawn and insanely well-written. Oh, and the voices… my god the voices.

Assembling a motley crew of some of the best voice actors out there, this show includes Jonah Hill of “Superbad” fame as the protagonist Allen Gregory, Will Forte and Nasim Pedrad from “Saturday Night Live”, “Party of Five” fave Lacey Chabert (clearly making up for skipping out on the role of a lifetime as Meg from “Family Guy”) and to a less exciting extent “3rd Rock From the Sun”‘s French Stewart. Iconic voices aside, it is the writing that brings this show to life. Created by Jonah Hill himself, this 22-minute cartoon will have you busting a gut from opening credits till close. Gay dads, nouveau-pauvre New York elite, condescension and racist humour out the ying yang, “Allen Gregory” can do no wrong in my eyes.

Click through to read more of my accolades and see the trailer and another killer scene from this puppy

A couple weekends ago, eight of us from the Homorazzi Cast took part in a photoshoot for a brand of ties called Knot Theory. Designed by Tanya Huang, these ties are very unique in both form and function and have both men and women standing out among the crowd when wearing them. These modern ties make a statement and are very easy to integrate into your wardrobe and personal style.

When we each met with Huang, she wanted to make sure that the ties and colors we wore complemented our own personal style. There are several ties to choose from in the current collection, and even more colored and embroidered knots, allowing you to achieve countless looks with one tie. In each of the two-part ties, the knot is fastened by way of a chain link which is inspired by old fashioned cufflinks. Brilliant!

We had such a blast during our photoshoot with the sexy & talented photogropher Brodie Soon of Freshworks Photography. We were also lucky enough to have Reel Illusions on set to capture the whole experience in the video below.

The photoshoot took place at OUTtv studios on the set of our upcoming new show! Stay tuned for news on that in the near future. In the meantime, as Tyra would say, check out our “best shots” below and find out where to get your own Knot Theory tie!

Check out the pics and where you can buy these ties after the jump…

Once again, TV fulfills me like no man ever has: this past month has seen some hands down amazing episode of my favorite shows like “It’s Always Sunny“, “American Horror” and “Supernatural“. BUT, while those puppies offer great stories and hilarious one-liners amidst terror, drama et al., what really works for me is when shows throw in some killer tracks and help me with my iTunes playlists. Recently, “How To Make It In America” and shockingly “The Good Wife” have been really pullin’ it off and I had to give them a nod here.

Specifically, there’s two tracks that have been getting HARD replay action on my phone. The first has been out for years but the more recent remix is the one making me dance mid-drive to work: “Bump” by Spank Rock featuring Amanda Blank remixed by Kid Legit. The second, just played on this week’s “The Good Wife” made it onto “Weeds” earlier this year but passed by me at the time. By Tune-Yards, the track “Gangsta” is topping my must-have list.

Click through to read about the songs and see their videos

Wow… this is definitely a new one. This month, scientific news sites have been abuzz about this latest in cosmetic surgery alterations: lasering brown eyes into blue! Dr. Greg Homer from Stanford University is developing a laser that zaps your eyes and changes their color from brown to blue in 2 weeks after only 20 seconds of exposure. Working to remove the pigment from the eye he argues that because it only affects the coloring aspect there isn’t worry that it will hurt your eyesight! So far, there’s been 17 cases in Mexico of his procedure working and he’s currently being funded by Storma Medical to create this $5,000 surgery for the masses.

The question becomes: how pissed is this gonna make all the “brown eyes” out there? I use to make a joke with Homorazzi co-owner Patrick about the fact that no one is ever gonna write poetry about his dirt-brown peepers but it was always just in jest as he was without recourse… until now. There’s definitely a waft of “westernized concepts of beauty” where blue > green > brown, so I wonder if this surgery might night be met with some anger by the public? A blue-boy myself, I’m not a client for this treatment but I wonder if I’d hated my colouring all these years if this was something I’d risk just to see em’ shine? The most important thing to note is that this surgery is one-way only and is NOT reversible as yet.

Click through to see a video news report on this latest development!

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