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Because not every movie I review has to have people eating or sleeping indiscriminately with one another, I bring you The Kings of Summer: a sweet, funny look at boys turning into … well, older boys though I’m sure they’d call themselves men. Growing up I never quite when through the: “You can’t tell me what to do, I’m 13 and in charge of mine own life” stage, but I was probably too busy fantasizing about being kept after school by sexy male teachers so likely I wanted to stay a kid (you know, for the role play) but I’m SURE that straights out there appreciate this theme. My gross sex life aside, this is a movie worth the watch. Following three boys who don’t especially fit in with their age group and who definitely can’t stand their families, the flick tells the story of them bonding together as they conquer nature and live secretly in the forest in a fort they built themselves.

A cute premise, the pull of this one is the relationship these boys have with their families: it’s HILAR-balls. But, with actors like Nick Offerman from Parks and Recreation, Megan Mullally from Will and Grace and up and comer Allison Brie from Community, there’s no way this wasn’t going to be a riot. The parents are so distracted by their own issues they have no idea the extent they’re alienating their sons: it’s realistic, simple and relatable. And, it’s damn hilarious. The trailer alone should convince you to try it out so click through!

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Homorazzi Episode 35: Watch It Here!

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In the most recent episode of Homorazzi on OUTtv, Patrick and Tommy welcome back Adam who was away in the last episode due to a serious surgery. Luckily, he’s doing well now and you can hear more about what happened in the episode.

It’s also the first episode with the new set (which is still in progress). As in all episodes, the boys talk about the latest in entertainment gossip, music, movies, television, and gay news.

It’s interesting to see their differing opinions when it comes to watching the Olympics as well. Find out who’s watching and who isn’t in the episode below.

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Okay, this movie is straight up pretty much only going to appeal to art house movie buffs and REALLY big fans of either the vampire genre or Tilda Swinton: I got pulled in by the pull of that amazingly androgynous act[ress] and of course the lure of the eternal. Only Lovers Left Alive follows a coven of vampires who have lived what seems like millennia, making love and playing music along the way. Honestly, that’s about the entirety of the plot. Yes, to answer the burning question: they have some powers… but it seems mostly contained to extreme speed they rarely make use of and of course an ever-present aversion to the sun. In fact, it seems like death is a possible part of their existence and not just by a wooden stake: we’re talking natural causes.

So, what is the point of watching this one? Well, Tilda as per, delivers a haunting and stunning performance and does it with crazy bed hair the entire time. Apparent hottie (though I don’t see it) Tom Hiddleston of mythical Loki fame plays the brooding and ever-annoyed lover of Tilds quite well and there’s the little known Mia Wasikowska from one of my favourites: In Treatment, who nails it as the bratty vampiric younger sister. Really, this is a bohemian fantasy tale that follows a motley crew family of blood suckers that want nothing more than to have sex, play weird trance music and hide from humanity. It’s a weirdie- but good enough to through in on a suicide tuesday ;)

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Is Racial Preference Racism?

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For sad single years now, I’ve been cruisin’ for a bruisin’ (you know where ;) using all the available online resources.Grindr one day showed me a picture of a young black guy who had posted a smiling picture of himself with some interesting stats to accompany the profile: “Age 20, 5″10, 150 lbs… white”. Upon seeing this I burst out laughing at the sheer oddity of it.

To give it some context, your profile on the gay, hookup, iPhone app Grindr has a default of no ethnicity so one must choose to post what race they are and second, the “slipped finger” excuse doesn’t apply here as the “black” response has 5 different options between it and “white”. Realizing this choice was more than likely made on purpose I reasoned it was okay to post a screen shot of this scene to my facebook to find out what people deduced was the reasoning. Just as I was about to post it however, I wondered: “Is it racist to laugh at this?” I know me, and I know I’m not a racist person but am- like the rest of the world- sensitive to the issue and always try to think before I speak and act on issues of race, religion and ethnicity. In the end, I of course posted the pic and got a handful of fun and non-hateful comments from my friends regarding it. But, the whole situation caused me to think about race and dating on the internet.

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Homorazzi Episode 33: Watch It Here!

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Happy Sunday, everyone! The latest episode of Homorazzi on OUTtv is now online for you to check out. After catching up with what they’ve been up to, Tommy, Patrick and Adam talked about the Golden Globes and their highlights from the show. From there, they move onto music and chat about Shakira and Rihanna’s duet called “Can’t Remember To Forget You” in addition to Lea Michelle‘s new solo music career.

You’ll find out what movies (Devil’s Due, That Awkward Moment, Labor Day, and I Frankenstein) they think you should check out in theatres and what new TV shows you might not be watching (Bitten, Helix, Flowers In The Attic, and more).

Also, find out who each of them think “the supreme” is in American Horror Story: Coven! Enjoy!

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Adam’s Gay Short Movie Pick: Squared

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Well this isn’t what I thought I was gonna watch on a Sunday afternoon while the good boys and girls of the world are in their best are at church! Squared is a short film (15mins) that tracks two hot boys in San Fran (?) as they battle over their apparently mutually exclusive top status during an ill-conceived hookup. More humourous than realistic, the asian/caucasian pairing dialogues in a stream of consciousness type way that will have you cringing as they say things we only dare to sometimes think. Written and directed by Vietnamese Hieu Tran, you definitely get the feeling this film is from the perspective of a gaysian who’s looking to put all the cards on the table about cross-cultural hookups and the assumptions and unfair comments that can arise as a result of them.

While “I would” with the lead actor Yamil Jaiman, I have to say I definitely don’t care for his character. That said, I’m not saying he’s poorly written or completely unbelievable (except in his lack of verbal filter), rather, I’m more angry that I’ve read his words on many a Manhunt or Grindr profile before that really don’t represent my race very well. Refusing to believe his asian hookup would want or be able to top cause “his white friends say all their asians tricks are bottoms“, and throwing out some pretty racist “ching chong wing” verbiage, this cracker definitely doesn’t quite get how to rice queen. Again, less a real portrayal of the typical gay boy and more a polemic starting point for racial relations in the homo world, this film exposes what we all assume about guys with limper wrists or certain racial backgrounds or body sizes. While I’ve personally found that some assumptions do tend to be more true than not (social schemas exist for a reason!) it does tell us to be open minded coming into a new experience or you might shut yourself off to something worthwhile.

Click through to see the rest of my review and the trailer (including nearly naked sexy men)


I’d say excuse me for the impropriety in the title but screw it: this party is gonna be sweaty, furry fun and it’s about time considering the arctic winter we’ve endured thus far. Come the Stat holiday Sunday, January 9th at the spacious and multi-level Club 560, you will find the hottest and beefiest men in the Pacific Northwest turning up to turn it out until the wee hours. I truly live club-wise for these seasonal show ups by the men of Bearracuda who turn this 3-floored beast of a club into an all night party for the hirsute studs of Vancouver and nearby locales. This is not a night to be missed.

Returning by demand is Sydney’s DJ Paul Goodyear who played to a packed bear crowd in years past who will be spinning on the main floor to the dancing fantasy that are the “beefy bear babes” who stomp and spin on stage to the delight of all those in attendance. Downstairs will be ever-full and offering a second musical playlist by local bearded stud DJ Jay Douglas (who, to this day STILL won’t respond to my woofs on Scruff!). This night will hold nothing back and neither will I so make sure you say hey when you see me there but try to wait until I’m done making out with the beefiest man there ;)

Click through to get the full details of the party and read what you’re in store for!


Well, it’s been a while since we got one of these posts up, so it’s time to give our year end review of 2013!

If you haven’t been watching or don’t get OUTtv, lots has happened for us on air. We lost one of our cast members, brought on some guest hosts and we FINALLY got a new intro with new pictures (What’s in Tommy’s mouth?). We are so excited for Season 3 which we’ve already started filming and there is lots in store… including possibly a new set!

Check out the latest YouTube clip where we wrapped up the year and talked about what we loved (and hated). Thanks for watching!

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