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Homorazzi Episode 36: Watch It Here!

In: Adam, Patrick, Tommy D, TV Shows

Here’s this latest episode of Homorazzi on OUTtv. After catching up with Patrick who talks about his recent trip to Las Vegas with Donovan, Brian and others, the three panelist discuss what the latest in entertainment news is.

Some of what is talked about includes the latest music videos from Beyonce and Katy Perry, movies like Grand Piano with Elijah Wood and TV shows like Resurrection. In Gay news, the boys talk about Ellen Page coming out and in less cheery news, what has been happening in both Arizona and Uganda.

Check out the episode below.

Episode after the jump…

Adam’s Terrifying Revenge Movie Pick: Oldboy

In: Adam, Movies

A cross between Kill Bill, Hard Candy and Running Scared, Oldboy is a tale of revenge and mystery- a pretty damn good one too! Not wanting to give away anything more than the trailer would, I’ll tell you that this movie follows the search for answers and vengeance by a man imprisoned in a Satre-esque prison for 20 years. Played sexily (if you’re into daddies, and WOOF am I ever) by Josh Brolin, the protagonist is someone you’ll love to hate and hate to love as he vacillates between total dick and wounded pup. He hunts without discrimination the men and the men behind the men who trapped him for two decades leaving an impossible body count along the way.

This one is bloody. While its famed director Spike Lee doesn’t go all Quentin Tarantino with exploding veins of geysering blood, there is definitely some old world kung fu choreography that would look fake if you saw it in real life but gives this movie an otherworldly quality. It’s almost like watching a horrific dream sequence and you keep waiting for either the main character or yourself to wake up from it. Josh well embodies the dogmatic and determined killer who won’t rest until justice is paid and he can reunite with his daughter. Along the way, the fighter meets an overly sexy (seriously, HOW did an Olsen girl turn out so pretty?) Elizabeth Olsen who is really killing it these days with actual talent (sorry Michelle and Michelle!). The connection between them is undeniable and who cares about the age difference: they’re both hot. From violence to sex to more violence, this is definitely a GUY’S movie.

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As the 25th anniversary of one of THE biggest gay events in North America fast approaches (April 25-28), the boys of White Party Palm Springs have been working tirelessly with major clubs throughout both America and Canada (or Canadia as I’m sure they’d call us ;) to set up some outstanding official kick off events to increase awareness of the awesomeness of this event (and I know first hand what I’m talking about!) AND to offer some free tickets so some of the biggest parties of the weekend itself. Including major American metropolises like San Diego, Atlanta and South Carolina, these official kick off parties including international locals like Sydney, Australia and of course a variety of spots up here in the great North! So, read on and find out about the White Party Palms Springs official kick off parties happening in cities near you and find out what you can win to curb the price of your trip to this ultimate event!

For your chance to buy tickets to this annual party of friends, fun and f…. well, you get the idea, click here to get to the owner of White Party Jeffrey Sanker’s page to find out every detail you could possibly need to know about the event and the people and talent involved.

Click through to read about events happening near you and how to win tickets to White Party Palm Springs Events

Adam’s Hilarious Jewish Movie Pick: In a World

In: Adam, Movies

Now this is one funny movie. Basically a sitcom premise for the big screen, In a World follows the neurotic and unaware of her own gorgeousness Lake Bell as she attempts to break into the apparently very male dominated arena of trailer movie voice overs. You know, the guys who say: “In a world where men and women have to fight for survival etc etc..” Well, apparently this “world” is quite commanded by sexy sounding men who do NOT want to give up any screen time to a lady. Lake Bell takes issue with this. The daughter of one of the most famous movie voice over artists, Lake lands job after job as she burrows into this exclusive career to the dismay of her coworkers and acclaimed father.

An odd but fun premise for a movie, the real meat is in the relationships Lake has with her family, her clients and the odd duck who has a crush on her. Lake plays alongside some C-List names including Fred Melamed, Rob Corddry and Michaela Watkins who all play comedy to the max in their respective roles. Each character seems completely consumed by their own world and issues to the dismay of everyone else around them, but in classic american film style: deep down everyone is essentially a good person and cares for one another. It’s sweet, it’s damn funny and it’s definitely gonna give you a laugh: watch this one with a date.

Click through to see the trailer and read the rest of my review


Because not every movie I review has to have people eating or sleeping indiscriminately with one another, I bring you The Kings of Summer: a sweet, funny look at boys turning into … well, older boys though I’m sure they’d call themselves men. Growing up I never quite when through the: “You can’t tell me what to do, I’m 13 and in charge of mine own life” stage, but I was probably too busy fantasizing about being kept after school by sexy male teachers so likely I wanted to stay a kid (you know, for the role play) but I’m SURE that straights out there appreciate this theme. My gross sex life aside, this is a movie worth the watch. Following three boys who don’t especially fit in with their age group and who definitely can’t stand their families, the flick tells the story of them bonding together as they conquer nature and live secretly in the forest in a fort they built themselves.

A cute premise, the pull of this one is the relationship these boys have with their families: it’s HILAR-balls. But, with actors like Nick Offerman from Parks and Recreation, Megan Mullally from Will and Grace and up and comer Allison Brie from Community, there’s no way this wasn’t going to be a riot. The parents are so distracted by their own issues they have no idea the extent they’re alienating their sons: it’s realistic, simple and relatable. And, it’s damn hilarious. The trailer alone should convince you to try it out so click through!

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Homorazzi Episode 35: Watch It Here!

In: Adam, Patrick, Totally GAY!, TV Shows

In the most recent episode of Homorazzi on OUTtv, Patrick and Tommy welcome back Adam who was away in the last episode due to a serious surgery. Luckily, he’s doing well now and you can hear more about what happened in the episode.

It’s also the first episode with the new set (which is still in progress). As in all episodes, the boys talk about the latest in entertainment gossip, music, movies, television, and gay news.

It’s interesting to see their differing opinions when it comes to watching the Olympics as well. Find out who’s watching and who isn’t in the episode below.

Watch the episode after the jump…


Okay, this movie is straight up pretty much only going to appeal to art house movie buffs and REALLY big fans of either the vampire genre or Tilda Swinton: I got pulled in by the pull of that amazingly androgynous act[ress] and of course the lure of the eternal. Only Lovers Left Alive follows a coven of vampires who have lived what seems like millennia, making love and playing music along the way. Honestly, that’s about the entirety of the plot. Yes, to answer the burning question: they have some powers… but it seems mostly contained to extreme speed they rarely make use of and of course an ever-present aversion to the sun. In fact, it seems like death is a possible part of their existence and not just by a wooden stake: we’re talking natural causes.

So, what is the point of watching this one? Well, Tilda as per, delivers a haunting and stunning performance and does it with crazy bed hair the entire time. Apparent hottie (though I don’t see it) Tom Hiddleston of mythical Loki fame plays the brooding and ever-annoyed lover of Tilds quite well and there’s the little known Mia Wasikowska from one of my favourites: In Treatment, who nails it as the bratty vampiric younger sister. Really, this is a bohemian fantasy tale that follows a motley crew family of blood suckers that want nothing more than to have sex, play weird trance music and hide from humanity. It’s a weirdie- but good enough to through in on a suicide tuesday ;)

Click through to see the trailer and read the rest of my review

Is Racial Preference Racism?

In: Adam, Politics & Issues, Totally GAY!

For sad single years now, I’ve been cruisin’ for a bruisin’ (you know where ;) using all the available online resources.Grindr one day showed me a picture of a young black guy who had posted a smiling picture of himself with some interesting stats to accompany the profile: “Age 20, 5″10, 150 lbs… white”. Upon seeing this I burst out laughing at the sheer oddity of it.

To give it some context, your profile on the gay, hookup, iPhone app Grindr has a default of no ethnicity so one must choose to post what race they are and second, the “slipped finger” excuse doesn’t apply here as the “black” response has 5 different options between it and “white”. Realizing this choice was more than likely made on purpose I reasoned it was okay to post a screen shot of this scene to my facebook to find out what people deduced was the reasoning. Just as I was about to post it however, I wondered: “Is it racist to laugh at this?” I know me, and I know I’m not a racist person but am- like the rest of the world- sensitive to the issue and always try to think before I speak and act on issues of race, religion and ethnicity. In the end, I of course posted the pic and got a handful of fun and non-hateful comments from my friends regarding it. But, the whole situation caused me to think about race and dating on the internet.

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