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What’s that Apple? Google has you beat your ass AGAIN? I’d tell you to mail your complaint directly to their main office in Mountain View, California but you’d likely use your iOS 6 Map App to locate them and ship the threatening letter to Siberia by accident instead. You gotta love when Goliath takes a hit… even if it is from Goliath Jr.

Just hours previous to my writing and posting this article, the worker bees at Google, released their app to the tech-savvy world. And, I couldn’t be happier. As most if not all iPhone users know- and non-users who enjoy laughing at us as we clamour to purchase $$$ phones that sell with sub-par technology- the recent “mega” release of the iPhone 5 and iOS 6 was extremely disappointing to many with unmanageable and bugged out major applications like YouTube and particularly the Maps App, a quintessential component to our “smart” phones. Suffering annoying issues like erroneous locations, poor graphics, and showing places that do not exist anymore, the dictators people at Apple, as they purposefully slice and dice all things Google from their phone, have shown themselves to be short-sighted and stubborn, cutting off their noses to spite their face. But, who suffers? Hardly the CEO Tim Cook, instead it’s users like you and me who accept that this is the best we can get if we want to continue to use a product we’ve become use to depend on. BUT, Google continues to wage war and take advantage of the free market-esque app availability on this platform and have released a brand new and vital Google Maps App to relieve our suffering.

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This week, a new episode of Homorazzi aired on OUTtv (Episode 9 to be exact) and in case you missed it, we’ve got the full episode for you to check out below. Since Nic (one of our usual panelists) was away vacationing in Hawaii (stay tuned for coverage on that), Blue from OUTtv join in as a special guest!

As usual, the panel started off by tackling some of the latest Gossip and the most heated discussion took place on the topic of Rihanna & Chris Brown seemingly back in a relationship. The conversation then transitioned to Britney Spears &‘s new “Scream & Shout” music video as well as comments on how she’s been doing on The X-Factor as a judge. Also discussed was Tegan & Sara‘s new “Closer” music video and we’d like to clarify that the Canadian indie rock duo are indeed both lesbians and twin sisters (despite some of the confusion discussed in the episode below – LOL).

For film & TV, the panel discuss two highly anticipated movies that include Lincoln & The Hobbit are discussed, while for TV they tackle The Walking Dead, Once Upon A Time, Gossip Girl, and Dexter.

In closing, they talk about the recent viral YouTube videos that started with “Gay Men Will Marry Your Girlfriends,” and a new gay British series worth checking out. Check out the episode below!

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Adam’s Foreign Gore Pick: ‘Frontiers’

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An oldie but a goody. Christ, when did a movie from 2007 become “an oldie”? I blame Justin Bieber. Let’s call a spade a spade with this one: Frontiers is DAMN scary. I had recently posted about the German thriller Hell and referred to this past flick as reminiscent but realized after the fact that that’s like comparing Apple stock prices lowering $2 a share to the Great Depression. Frontiers isn’t just a thriller- which it is partially is- but is more likenable to films like Hostel and Severance with it’s extreme violence and terrifying plot. But, I’m not just setting you up to peek through the cracks in your hands for 1.5 hours- this movie is actually interestingly written and extremely well pulled off by the cast and crew. It’s a scary bitch to be sure.

Frontiers is a French movie that follows a pack of French Muslim thieves who attempt to flee the country and take refuge in a Bed and Breakfast near the border/frontiers. What could go wrong right? Well, when you combine an aged mansion with more trap rooms and doors than you can shake a stick at AND a surviving Nazi family of sexual miscreants and masochists, you get quite the tail. Don’t give up on me quite yet though, I know it sounds very The Hills Have Eyes or House of a Thousand Corpses which no one is acclaiming as brilliantly written, but this one provides a level of acting and patient thrill that does not solely depend on meat cleavers and vice grips to keep you paying attention. But don’t take my word for it- check it out below.

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I know what you’re thinking: ‘Adam, this is SO 2011!”. That said, I’ve come across WAY too many supposed cinephiles lately that have not seen this worthy German flick and therefore it’s my duty to get this piece to the masses: watch Hell! First off, this one ain’t got nothin’ to do with hell… well, not really. Interestingly, the German word for “Bright” (the real title of the movie) is Hell, and the director did not realize the implication it would have to have his film named something in his native language that would have such a clear meaning to us English speakin’ folks. That said, Hell isn’t that bad a name for this movie as that’s pretty much what these characters endure.

I know what you’re thinking: I have to read subtitles AND get terrified at the same time? At least you wont fall asleep though right? “Hell” (or “Bright“) is a look at the world in 2016 in a post-apocalyptic scenario where the sun is so blindingly bright and brilliant that everyone needs to cover from head to toe and gas and water become impossible to come by resources. Yes, the plot isn’t exactly jumping-off-the-page with originality but give it a chance because the execution is brill. As you know if you follow my posts, I’m a lover of all things bare boned and verging on Dogme in terms of production- as a result, this reasonably low budget and simple staging with nothing but a constant lens flare to add the bursting sun effect is a gem for me. It occurs in the wilderness and dirty back roads where most everything included in the story could have been found as the filmers took up the location. That aside, the real power is in the acting.

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Adam’s Wintery Thriller Pick: ‘Deadfall’

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I loathe seeing straight guys on the big screen and lustin’ for them- it seems desperado for me. HOWever, when a movie brings the sexiness and thriller factor like “Deadfall” does, I’m willing to make an exception. Eric Bana gets dirty and terrifying as the murderous and slightly incestuously inclined antagonist thief who gets pitted against the rustic good boy and hot as heck Charlie Hunnam (REMEMBER him from Queer as Folk? Didn’t think he’d turn out this hot!). While Charlie’s current IMDB pics make him look like a Ted Kaczynski lookalike, in this 2012 release, he looks clean shaven and good enough to take home to mom. Speaking of mom, the movie packs some real star power and uses Sissy Spacek as the sweet, supportive if not slightly sad mother of Hunnam who brings home dirty girl Olivia Wilde of “House” fame. Olivia plays the greedy and abused sister to Bana’s psychopathic ways as she gets caught between wanting to please both her new beau and her controlling bro.

That’s about as much of the plot as I want to give away without ruining anything for you- and to be honest the general storyline is pretty predictable within the first 20 minutes of the film and yet, you follow this one from start to finish without a second of boredom. Following the separated siblings after a big heist, you get to watch their demons and characters play out as you assume they’ve never spent more than 20 mins apart from one another in their lives. The movie is violent, smart, sexy (again, quite sexy) and a good ride. Taking place in the American Tundra, there’s a ton of beautiful shots and haunting frozen scenes that juxtapose the eventual torturous bloodied scenes you know are inevitable.

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We gays LOVE to brunch: that’s a fact. Be it to enjoy soaking up last night’s toxins with fresh fruit and sweet yogurt or to meet up after a long week and catch up on the ups and downs over mimosas, brunching is a mo’ tradition that even the most conservative of politicians can never take away from us. Something else we gays ought to and do enjoy: giving back to our community to gay it forward (thanks Jack MacFarland) and appreciate that our success as a collective is just that, a group effort and we need to support those that have come before and will come after.

As such, how else could you celebrate this coming weekend than donating your hunger, your laughter and a bit of your $ to YouthCO’s Brunch With Benefits? YouthCO, for those who have never been to this site before and haven’t heard of their amazing work, is a local, Vancouver, organization that works to reduce the impact of HIV and Hep C on the youth of British Coloumbia through peer support, eduction and meaningful community engagement. Full disclosure concerning my bias for this great organization: I’ve recently joined YouthCO’s board to get first hand experience of the amazing work and dedication of its staff and huge volunteership. This weekend however, is about meeting other, giving and supporting members of your community over a fabulous (I said it) meal at one of Vancouver’s most illustrious restaurants, all in the name of philanthropy and a great time.

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Our latest Homorazzi episode just aired yesterday on OUTtv with Tommy, Nic, Patrick and Adam (shown above, from left to right). In case you missed it (or if you’re not in Canada), we’ve got the full episode for you to check out below. This was our eighth episode and we definitely had a lot of fun with it.

After sharing our Halloween costumes with you, we move into Gossip and discuss the rumor that Jessica Simpson’s dad is gay. One of the four panelists admits that he finds Joe Simpsons attractive and perhaps has a little crush on him.

In Music, we talk about No Doubt‘s controversial music video and Christina Aguilera’s new Lotus album, which quickly turns into why Tommy thinks Aguilera is “TOO MUCH!” As we delve into Movies, we zone in on the biggest movies of the moment, Skyfall and Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2.

Moving onto TV (which Adam & Tommy watch A LOT of), the first show to be discussed is The New Normal. “Nene Leakes is turning me out,” says Tommy. Nic tries to say something is “turning him out” later in the episode, but it doesn’t go so well. LOL. Other shows discussed include American Horror Story, The Walking Dead, DTLA, and RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars.

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Adam’s Indie Pick: ‘Sound of My Voice’

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Recently Nic turned me onto a little known 2011 indie flick: “Sound of My Voice“. It’s a trip. Honestly, I have a huge appreciation for the “Blair Witch” style productions that shoestring budget their way to a well done result. This… let’s call it a drama/sci fi/thriller does not depend on explosions or CGI to make you watch the screen closely, this one is all about the script. Not to ruin anything, “Sound of My Voice” follows two film makers as they attempt to infiltrate a cult led by the hauntingly gorgeous and C-list (hopefully not much longer) actress Brit Marling who purports to be from the near, apocalyptic future. On premise alone, I was definitely down to try this one out. In a time where originality is harder and harder to spot, I zoomed in on this piece like a shot. And, was happy for it.

The movie nearly entirely occurs in the cult’s basement but you don’t care. The outfits are mostly white robes, but again you don’t care. You’re too entranced by the enigmatic leader and her agressive but soothing words as she syren songs her followers to the weirdest ends. Speaking of ends, while I’ll give NOTHING away I will say that the conclusion of this one is no let down and answers the myriad of questions- to a point- that will inevitably arise as you watch this one.

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