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Let’s call a spade a spade: this movie (in theatres now!) will anger the fudge out of you. No joke, from about 20 minutes in until nearly the end you will hate almost every character on screen and be pleading for something, anything to happen that will interrupt the unnatural progression of awful events you’ll be force to witness. I won’t ruin anything that the trailer won’t give away by saying this movie follows the story of an accused fast food cashier- played by the doe eyed and well cast Dreama Walker- and her surrounding staff and superior who “follow orders” and torture the girl to horrific ends.

No this movie isn’t based in the 80s when people “were dumber” or in some small city with people that act nothing like you and I as “reasonable people”: instead, it uses accurate characters placed in a complicated and atypical situation and watches them as they react accordingly. Now, I use the word accordingly here very carefully. As a student of psychology, I’m all too well aware of the famous Stanley Milgram study from Yale in 1963 wherein he had everyday test subjects zapping likable partners in an adjoining room every time they made a mistake in a learning test. I’m simplifying things (look it up, it’s worth a read) but the gist is that 100% of the subjects electrified their partners till it started to hurt and beyond and a terrifying 65% never stopped as the voltage got higher all because there was an experimenter there “ordering them to do so”. This movie takes this sad truth of our psyches and throws it in our face as we beg the movie’s characters to WAKE THE F UP.

Click through to see the trailer and read the rest of my review

SYTYCD 9: Top 8 Perform & Two Are Eliminated

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No more foolin’ around kids. As we watch the Top 8 perform tonight we finally start to see some hard dancing from our remaining possible winners as the chaff has been put aside and we pare down to only the best of the best. I’m gonna cut the rants to a minimum today as you readers have proven yourselves to be the better conspiracy theorists in the comment section (which I love reading by the way!), and focus myself on the dances and their performers.

What? No bitchy Adam? Of course not, you can’t have one without the other I assure you so don’t fret, but I promise to collect all the vids I can for you at-work and looking-to-avoid-the-commercials folks and succinctly present them to you in the hopes that you don’t- like so much of America seems to be doing- quit on this show due to the fact that this enterprise has basically turned into a completely sales driven 2-hour variety show with less and less redeeming qualities. Damn, that certainly got bitchy! Let’s get to the show, shall we! Before we start in on Opening Number I’ll let you know that tonight we see 8 different pairings and 8 different solos tonight so there’s gonna be a LOT of dance. Thankfully, Jesse Tyler Ferguson of “Modern Family” is the guest judge tonight. He’s basically the slightly less emotional and less educated version of Adam Shankman so I’ll take it. Oh, and Cat looks amazing in a slinky little black number and my crush on her is back on. Okay, now on with the show!

Watch the performances & find out who went home after the jump…

SYTYCD 9: Top 10 Perform & Two Get Eliminated

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And we’re back!! After last week’s LAME attempt to shove “inspired remakes” of Mia Michaels routines down our throats as SYTYCD sought to save some bucks on hiring a cast of actually varied choreographers to produce actually new pieces (note: that is not fact but my favourite conspiracy theory as put forth on last week’s article’s comment wall, thanks Mason!), we’re hopefully in store for some GOOD and ORIGINAL programming tonight. As we finally cut the fat (though not all- I still miss you Amber!!) down to the Top 10 what matters most is that we get back some All Stars to pair off with the newbies and present some excellent duos for our viewing pleasure.

This Top 10 cast features all the “lucky” dancers who will take to the road once this show comes to a close and perform for screaming fans at likely less-than stadiums all over the country. Though I jest, in fact about 6 writers and a plethora of other good gays and I went to see one of these tours when it was nearby in Everett, Washington and the show was a riot. However, it was during Neil and my personal fave Kameron Bink’s years so maybe we were a bit spoiled… BUT I digress! Tonight, Cat finally has returned to a reasonable level of fashion and style and we finally have some eye candy in the judges booth as Benjamin Millepied- choreographer of Black Swan and Nat Portman’s husband takes a seat next to Mary. Let’s cross our fingers he has something good to add: on with the show!

Watch the performances & find out who went home after the jump…

SYTYCD 9: Top 14 Perform & FOUR Get Eliminated!

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Well, the b!tch is back! Dan is taking yet another jet-setting trip around the world and will be checking in via wireless to make sure I don’t drop the ball as we count down towards finding out just WHO are America’s favorite dancers. Step by step we’re losing the girls and boys in tandem as we cringe at some of the more painful dances and jump to our feet for the rare beauties. Thus far I have no problem saying that to me it’s been the choreographers more than the dancers themselves who have been causing the kids to lose their spots on the mains stage. So, as we watch tonight’s performances and await the final axe and see who goes home, let’s judge like the mean girls we are and see if our faves continue to impress!

We are reminded that 4 dancers will be going home tonight due to the show’s hiatus which means a ton of pressure for the kids to do well so they avoid the judges’ picks to leave us once America’s lowest voted upon are revealed. Oh, by the way, I’m being facetious. We ALL know that Skeletor himself has already decided who’s to leave tonight based upon census numbers from his marketing team who warns him which kids are the biggest draws for advertisers and viewers alike. Sorry to be so cynical, but that’s how this game is played my loyal readers. America might get to narrow it down (and I’m not sure I even believe that aspect of the show) but it’s the big bad skeletal wolf who we all know makes the final decision. OH! And we’re JUST getting Mia Michaels routines tonight? Old pieces redone?? This night has the making to be somethin’ special or a total freaking disaster! Let’s get to the show and enjoy the dancers’ talents while we can.

Watch the performances & find out who went home after the jump…

Anyone who’s been on this site within the last couple years has seen Tyrell’s name more than a few times a day as he covers everything from dance to music to the latest entertainment interviews. On top of his insane writing schedule he keeps up his long standing dancing career working with different (oh what do the kids call them these days..?) troupes/companies. With the four remaining hours left in a day, Tyrell has been working this past year+ on his singing career performing at events and locations around Canada, and today marks the release of his latest and by far most professional piece to date: “One Step Closer“.

Tyrell is most often recognized for his work on the CW’s “Hellcats” as a dancer but has come into his own as a solo singer and entertainer. Thankfully he makes huge use of his years of dance experience to liven his shows and- as you’ll see after the jump- his video today. Having opened for acts like Destineak, Wynter Gordon and Martha Wash, Tyrell has learned the ins and outs and dos and don’ts of this insane industry I wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole. The culmination of his work is most definitely the piece below as the official vid release for “One Step Closer” which he worked on with my good friend and local music talent producer/editor Nick Bertossi whose own work as a (sexy and bearish) DJ proceeds him. Looking at the ever-present issue of “the other man” in the gay community, Tyrell and real-life fiancée and writer Patrick Levesque flirt, fight and f… (KIDDING) their way through a rocky relationship that will probably remind you of at least a few couples you saw out this past weekend. Check it out!

Click through to see Tyrell’s Latest Video for “One Step Closer” after the jump.


Does omitting facts in your profile constitute as being deceitful?

Or, is it just clever marketing by the boys out there who feel they’d rather not advertise it all on first appearance/click of the mouse? The reason I ask is because I was recently commented on in an old post about racial preference as possible racism wherein I still question the drawn in the sand line between prejudice and preference with things like preferring men over women, tall over short, muscle over lean, one race over another… I believe that until you bring hatred or assumptive stereotypes into your reasoning that we aught to be allowed our preferences. I’m okay that some muscle guys don’t want to date a thin guy like myself- it’s not a hate crime- but others see malice and spite in these types of decision.

What this “preference” based decision making has created however- and what I’d like to look at today- is a culture of online deceit/omitting that seems to me to cause a lot more confusion and anger than it does solve problems. Is typing in “I Don’t Know” a fair answer when you really do know. Is skipping out on the eye colour box an attempt to obfuscate your race? Click through and read my experience with this question and PLEASE sound off below!

Click through to read the rest of my opinion and let us know what you think about online omissions!

UPDATE JULY 2012: Just before the start of this year’s International AIDS Conference in Washington, DC, the FDA approved a major game-changing drug called “Truvada“. While I’ll let you read my article below from 2010 on the details of the drug’s history I’ll summarize by saying it’s a medication established by “a three-year study f[inding] that daily doses cut the risk of infection in healthy gay and bisexual men by 42 percent, when accompanied by condoms and counseling. Last year, another study found that Truvada reduced by 75 percent the rate at which an HIV-infected person in a heterosexual relationship passed the virus to his or her partner.”

Basically, it works to prevent the passing of HIV. There was a LOT of flack surrounding these studies and attempts to approve the drug as people argued the acceptance of this drug would lead to a reliance on it as the sole source of STD prevention by its users. However, Dr. Debra Birnkrant- FDA’s director of antiviral products (who does not work for Truvada!)- found that subjects in clinical trials in fact increased in condom usage and that STD rates either stayed at a baseline or decreased… basically, users of Truvada didn’t consider it a panacea to replace the ever important condom. THAT SAID, the pill is a daily one and repeated missed doses do reverse the preventative benefits of taking it. Further the cost attached to this puppy is set at about $1,200 a month (woof but it IS a new drug after all) and can cause side effects like diarrhea, kidney and bone damage. My two cents: it’s amazing we’re continuing to battle this disease and any new and effective drug is a step in the right direction. Most importantly, I’m hopeful for monogamous and discordant couples wherein one partner is positive and the other is negative who can possibly add this drug to their regimen to foster some- though of course not total- relief regarding their health and sexual practices. Go science, go FDA and thanks to my handsome Brazillian friend from down South for making sure this got its due coverage.

Read the rest of the drug’s details in my 2010 article below

Week two on the main stage and the cuts are finally in! I’m not going to lie, there will be no tears from this writer today but less because every guy I’ve ever dated is right and I’m completely heartless and likely sold my soul for perfect metabolism, but rather because it is TOO damn hard to connect this early on. To me, the sassy blonds just melt together and are nearly impossible to tell apart and the guys’ sexuality still bounce between “dancer metro” and straight up mo’ to the point that we can’t properly figure out which one to poke on facebook now before they get famous 10 weeks down the road. Still, the performances are top notch when they’re good and disastrous when their bad and isn’t that truly the spirit of Christmas So You Think You Can Dance?

This year (in case Dan hasn’t instructed yet, the show has cut from their typical two episode a week format (including one for duet performances to be judged and another for strictly results and dancing for their lives) to a weekly combined mega-sode where we get cuts and the paired dances. I’m not sure if this is a sign of the show maturing or losing grip in the ratings but it is what it is and ain’t nothin’ doin about it. So, without further adieu and hesitation, let’s get to this weeks’ results!

Click through to see who stayed and who went and see tonight’s performances!

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