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“I put on dresses and wigs and pretend to be a life-size plastic person: you love it or you hate it.”

A quotation from Trixie Mattel that says it all.

Trix- as I like to call her- of Season 7 RuPaul’s Drag Race was a stand out from the very beginning. I loves me a funny girl and this Wisconsin lady never ceased to provide entertainment on the small screen as we rooted for her to take it towards the top. She was dropped in Episode 4 in one of the most controversial RPDR moments and was so good she was given a second chance at the title. While she didn’t win 1st place, she was absolutely successful at propelling herself onto the drag scene and her latest work, titled “Ages 3 and Up“, is happening Saturday, February 27 at club XY in Vancouver. And, I can’t wait to see the one WOMAN show!

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As you may or may not have ready in years past, I have been a huge fan of the biggest event of Spring: White Party Palm Springs. Not only is it a painful (to your tightening jeans) collection of some of the most carb starved and protein blasted, tan, beefcakes this side of Barcelona, but it’s a collection of amazing DJs and performers from yesterday and waiting still to explode. In past years we’ve seen the likes of Lady Gaga, Debbie Cox, and Ariana Grande, and this year will not disappoint as the latest and greatest little blond bombshell to hit the gays’ radar will be appearing: it’s Erika Jayne, bitch!

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Wet & Wild: Vancouver’s Newest Night

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In the past few years, one of Vancouver’s longest standing watering holes (pay attention to the double entendre as we’ll return to it later) has seen quite a bit of change. The Pump Jack bar on our one and only “gay street” has gone from older gentleman attending semi-seedy with don’t ask don’t tell back rooms, through an acquisition of space and remodel to become a sought after dancing club and bar, to a now hit locale that attracts guys of all ages and all types. While the soul of the old gal still exists with it’s regulars from “back in the day” being forever welcome and offered a place to drink or cruise, the face of the place has definitely changed. Recently, in conjunction with our largest bathhouse- Steamworks– the Pump Jack is venturing into a new world with new offerings with its Wet & Wild weekly shower nights.

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Adam’s Gay Movie Recommendation: hopefulROMANTIC

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Wait, does that title need a comma somewhere? It kind of seems like my review is gay rather than referring to the fact this review is about a gay-themed film… oh lord, they’re both accurate.

Hope you like em’ hairy folks! I know I do! hopefulROMANTIC is the short film musical story of two bears from the end of their story to the beginning and back again. A bit like Adele’s “Hello”, we get told the tragic song of two broken up bears and what they and we all go through when we start our lives over, right in the middle of them. But, most important of all: George freaking Takei is in it!!

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Fifteen years and counting and Rapture has not only stood the test of time, but proven itself to be a destination weekend of events worthy of the global scale.

Even though YVR has been getting a bum wrap these past few years as “no-fun-couver“, the evidence that at least we gays can pull it together for an incredible, long weekend is found in the line up that TFD Presents has created for this year’s Pride. Something for absolutely everyone, Rapture 15 will have you sweating and smiling the entire time through. You can get wet with beefcakes from across the continent, or dance up next to some of your favourite male models- hell, you might get a lesson in how to beat your face from the hottest drag queens on the scene. A huge thank you and hats off to the men and women behind the scene of this collection of events, serving up rainbow realness to the boys and men who live and visit our great town looking for an amazing time. You’ve found it.

Click through to find out the details on Vancouver Pride’s Hottest Parties

UnReal: Lifetime Show You Gotta Watch

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Who even knew this show existed??

Honestly, a behind the scene look at the crap that goes on in the making of a shows like The Bachelor? SIGN ME UP!

Honestly, I’m gay but my card doesn’t get so punched that shows like Bach and it’s female counterpart make it onto my PVR… HOWEVER, I am incredible intrigued by just how those women (and men) allows themselves to look like complete assholes and terrors on national tv. And, this is the show to explain how. Looking at the filming of a rip off version of The Bachelor, UnReal follows the cast and crew of a reality show from start to I’m assuming finish of the season’s taping and we get a front row seat for the horror of tv magic.

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Orange Is The New BACK!

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Crazy Eyes, Poussey, Red, Nicky, (and I suppose Piper if you’re still into her) are back and this time it’s a whole new jailhouse ballgame. Gone are the semi insane storylines of prison breaks and constant murder threats: this season seems to be a lot more focused on women, nature vs. nurture, and the place of criminals in our society. Don’t worry, this isn’t a spoiler article: mostly because I LOATHE when people can’t comment on something without giving away plot details… but also mostly because I’m only like 5 episodes deep. Guess I’m not that superfan I mentioned earlier! Really though, the blame falls on the girls: click through and I’ll tell you why.

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Broad City: How Aren’t You Watching It Yet?

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As Todrick Hall videos of YAAAASSSS QUEEN continue to break the internet and more and more “straight acting” mo’s let down their guard for this still interestingly relevant phrase, I’m reminded of who brought this little gem into my life and it wasn’t the sassy 30-year old Mean Girls remaker: it was the HILARIOUS jewesses of Comedy Central’s Broad City.

Move along if you’re smart enough to have already heard of this still mostly unknown gem- I’ve already got you on my side- this article is written to the bad gays out there who haven’t found this show yet. I fully predict these girls are the next Amy Schumer “best kept gay secrets” as our people played a huge part in promoting her to fame I swear we can do the same for Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson. No joke, this 30 minute scripted series now finished its second season is one of (if not THE) funniest things on television and you need to stay home from work today to find it and understand why.

Click through to see a trailer and read the rest of my review

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