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So, either you don’t even go to this school or you’re visiting from far, far away to see what Vancouver and its myriad of mos have to offer, regardless: here is what you need to know about Pride in Vancouver 2014. While the “pride” gays is felt (mostly on Grindr) for an entire week, the REAL events happen on the weekend when work is done and school lets out and the sun finally gets its act together.

Though we aren’t the biggest of metropolises, we DO however have a load of party options and choosing which one is right for you can be overwhelming. Amassed below is the lineup of events put on by the staple of gay vancouver nightlife TFD productions and it spreads eagle over the entirety of Pride Weekend from July 31 – August 3. No matter what day you’re looking to party, how hard, or with what kind of boys, there’s something here for everyone with Rapture: OLYMPUS‘ pride lineup.

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In honor of Mother’s Day, some of the Homorazzi cast (past and present) decided to proclaim their love to their respective mothers on the website. We hope you enjoy this post which was originally published when the site first launched.


I love my Mom, and just recently we’ve developed a relationship of being less Mother/Son and more friends who can share a good laugh and story over a drink or two. While growing up, I never thought that I would come to a place where I actually WANTED to hang out with my parents, but that day came knocking on my door a few years back after I invited them to my 23rd birthday party and they actually showed!

It dawned on my that my Mom is a pretty rad woman who cares a lot about her family and who’s sole goal in life is to make sure her children and grandchildren have everything in the world they could possibly want, even before her own needs. For this, I take my hat off to her, and say I love you with all my heart.

She hasn’t had the easiest life, but I would like to think that the few beers we shared in sun are well remembered and will keep her smiling!

Thanks for everything Momma, I love you!

- Daniel

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White Party Palm Springs 2014 REVIEW!

In: Adam, Totally GAY!

Well, it’s come and gone. White Party Palm Springs’ 25th Anniversary was absolutely what I was hoping for and more (well, to be honest: SLIGHTLY less… I only racked up 8 guys this year but I was focusing on friends so give a slut a break).

Let’s start with an overview. The weather was actually what I would call pretty temperate for PS. We arrived to a mini wind storm Friday evening which had me showering every hour or so to stay moist and clean for the dirty days to come but it was reasonable to walk into fresh off a chilly plane ride from the great white north. Saturday was DAUNTINGLY threatening periods of rain- and seriously, does god hate gays, when does it RAIN in PS- but, some homo angel put a call to the big guy and it was nothing but clear skies and actually a very nice temp to go perfectly with the pool party madness.

Finally, Sunday saw light overcast to allow the hoards of dancing queens perfect comfort while at the T-Dance to take off their shirt but not be drowned in sweat. Monday (recovery day) was spent lazily around town and poolside soaking up REAL Palm Springs heat so you could assure a tan to make your coworkers jealous for your eventual return. I couldn’t have been happier. But, who the fuck is reading this article for a weather report, right? Let’s get to the parties, men and the men we met at parties!

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In as much as my BA was in English Lit, my knowledge of writers contemporary and American is LIMITED. That said, hearing that Harry Potter‘s Daniel Radcliffe and Dexter‘s Michael C. Hall were costarring in this… what do I call it: gay, historical biopic work of fiction(?), I knew I had to try it. And, I’m very glad I did.

You do NOT need to be a lover of On The Road or Naked Lunch to appreciate this film- though I’m sure a love of mid-century writing couldn’t hurt- but you do have to be okay with medium paced, psychological thriller-lite to enjoy Kill Your Darlings as most of the movie is spent in a drug induced comma as the protagonists (if you can call them that) plot to revolutionize Columbia University and destroy their enemies. The characters, as I mock their virtuosity are nonetheless very human- which you would hope for in a historical work. As such, you hate them as much as you respect their efforts and intellect. Watching the boys cheat, finagle and condescendingly make their way through the ivy league institute annoys as much as it does have you admiring them for their attempts to alter an educational system painfully limited in scope and creativity. Taking place in the 40s during WWII, the ever-present backdrop of a world war lends an almost humourous backdrop to these essentially spoiled boys who existentially question life while on nitric oxide as men and women die overseas for their right to do so. Let’s just say you don’t leave this movie loving the characters in it: you can still leave it loving the movie itself though, and I did.

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Well, the moment’s arrived: White Party Palm Springs’ Talent is revealed! And, I can’t WAIT to get down there!

The biggest name of all for me is definitely G.R.L.. A newer name to the scene I’m currently OBSESSED with their song Ugly Heart and they’re blowing up the charts right now with their featured performance on Pitbull‘s Wild Wild Love single. While I would never touch the man sexually, he himself seems to have the Midas touch these days and everything and everyone he attaches to turns to gold and these ladies are no exception. The all-girl band was formed by Homorazzi’s ever-loved Pussycat Dolls’ Robin Antin and includes a collection of 5 talented girls from America, Britain and even our home up here in Canada. Covering all their bases they’re looking to rock out the Sunday T-Dance which was dominated last year by Icona Pop and I’m sure G.R.L. will be able to fill the big stilettos left by those babes (WHOM I got a kiss from, just sayin’!).

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As White Party Palm Springs 25th Anniversary quickly approaches (April 25-28), you can bet your ass (and mine!) that this Type A gay is mapping out anywhere and everywhere I want to get it wet while down in the sun… and I’m NOT talking about swimming.

After getting special approval by the boss at Homorazzi and the go ahead by the awesomely shameless men at WPPS, I’ve put together a careful article to describe the ins and outs of sticking it in and out while at this years event. I’m only a second year returnee to the party but you KNOW I’m already an addict and can’t wait to get my fix. Last year, my best friend, partner in crime and co-owner of Homorazzi, Patrick and I took the sunny desert town by storm and we did not fail to come out with a smile on our faces and a check up planned at the clinic. To be fair, Patrick was there to meet celebrities, I was the only nicknamed “Dirty Dozen” by the flight home. It was a weekend for the books, but this time around I knew some planning was involved to ensure a record breaking trip and thought I’d share with the readers my two cents on the ultimate places to bang at WPPS.

Click through if you’ve got a dirty mind and want to read the best places to trick at WPPS

Homorazzi Episode 37: Watch It Here!

In: Adam, Patrick, Tommy D, Totally GAY!, TV Shows

The latest episode of Homorazzi has just aired this week on OUTtv and in case you missed it, it’s now available to watch online below.

After discussing personal updates and some celebrity gossip, Tommy, Patrick and Adam move onto music. The boys take on Kylie Minogue‘s new “Sexercise” music video, Jennifer Lopez‘s “I Luh Ya Papi,” and The Chainsmokers‘ “#Selfie” video.

Following music, they discuss some new movies that you should check out, including the much anticipated Veronica Mars. Moving onto television, there are a handful of new shows that are introduced that you may be interested in checking out.

Lastly, they share their thoughts on RuPaul’s Drag Race so far this season, as well as a wrap up on HBO’s Looking. Check it out below!

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You know life is going a little bit better than just decently when THIS is the kind of place you’re “summering at”. Hot damn are we here at homorazzi gonna be some lucky boys come this June. Look out Puerto Vallarta, cause you only think of you’ve endured sassy mo’s before… you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

Tucked away on a the pinnacle of a hill two blocks from the VERY gay Los Muertos beach, myself, site owner and writer Donovan and his partner and fellow writer Brian will be staying at the recently completed to utopian perfection Signature by Pinnacle Penthouse 6 Suite a brand new ultra-modern and incredibly chic condominium complex in the heart of old town Puerto Vallarta’s romantic zone. And I MEAN to make use of the word romance while there! Having visited PV (as the lazy gays acronym it) once for New Year’s a few ago, I know the big rules of visiting this charming seaside gay town: stay somewhere near the beach; stay somewhere near the bars; stay somewhere your trick is going to want to come home with you to. Hot DAMN does this palace have all three of those requirements in spades!

Click through to see this beautiful penthouse and learn how to rent it for yourself

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