Raise Awareness For World AIDS Day With Zulu Love Letters


World AIDS Day will be here in less than a month on December 1st and I’ve just discovered an awesome way you can do your part and raise awareness. As I’ve been traveling and volunteering across North America I’ve met some amazing people doing great work to help those in need. From digging out houses affected by the floods in Boulder to helping with the AIDS Walk in Oklahoma City, I’ve been there. Now that I’m in New York City I’ve decided to plant myself for a little while. I’m always still looking for ways to help so it was perfect when a friend told me about Zulu Love Letters.

Zulu Love letters are made using a safety pin and beads to convey a message. When a womans husband or lover would go away to work the women often had no way of communicating because they didn’t know how to write. Being creative they developed these love letters, using symbols and colours to convey a message to their loved one. They would make a Love Letter and send it off to wherever the loved one was working so that he could pin it to his shirt and keep it close to his heart.

The Zulu Love Letters company works in conjunction with the women of Zululand to now bring us new versions of these Love Letters. They’re created ones for Breast Cancer Awareness, Human Rights as well as HIV/AIDS Awareness. When you purchase one, or maybe a bunch for a company or organization, $20 of your purchase goes to the Zululand women who created them so they can pay for better education and things like fresh water. In essence this will make the Love Letters themselves void because hopefully all the woman will eventually be able to read and write but the tradition and story will still be at the heart of it all.


Show your support and raise awareness for World AIDS Day by sporting a Zulu Love Letter which you can purchase HERE

AIDS Walk OKC group
Volunteering at AIDS Walk in Oklahoma City