Instagram Thirst Traps Zander Hodgson & Troy Pes Heat Things Up In Attitude BTS Clip

Even if twinks aren’t your type, you can’t deny the appeal of these two sexy Instagram studs. On their own they’re hot enough but on top of each other… talk about Mt. Vesuvius type of eruption 😉

Zander Hodgson is a 27-year-old UK model and actor while his real-life boyfriend Troy Pes is a 28-year-old Venezuelan online personality. Check out a behind-the-scenes video of their recent photoshoot with Attitude magazine below. You’re welcome in advance 😉

Troy Pes and Zander Hodgson’s Attitude Shoot – Behind The Scenes

Zander Hodgson’s Attitude Cover Shoot – Behind The Scenes

  • TrevorZ

    They both seem so damned plastic.