Zachary Quinto Shows Off His NYC Loft To Architectural Digest

Ever wonder what Zachary Quinto did with all that Star Trek money? He obviously spent a decent amount on a stylish loft in the NoHo section of Manhattan. The 40-year-old actor opened up his $3.2 million abode, which he shares with his longtime love Miles McMillan, to Architectural Digest.

“Miles is a trained fine art painter, he’s got a really strong visual sense,” Zach said, “and I do too, but I was happy to have Miles’s input on everything and he was happy to have mine. If one person tended to overrule the other person more, though, I have to say it’s probably Miles. There are certain things he’d be like, ‘Absolutely not. We’re not doing that.’ I’d be like, ‘OK, sorry, I thought it would look good!”

Check out the tour below. Not surprisingly, it’s stunning. Their collaborative efforts is a reflection of their artistic flair. For more, head over to Architectural Digest.

Architectural Digest – Inside Zachary Quinto’s $3.2 Million NYC Loft