Sports Stud: Zach Parise

As you may or may not know, each Saturday I’ll be highlighting one of the many studly men in sports and giving you a brief peak into their world. This week I chose to highlight a man from hockey. Born in Minneapolis, MN, this naughty little New Jersey Devil named Zach Parise is 26 years old and plays left wing, as well as an alternate captain on the team. Parise was also an alternate captain for the United States team at the 2010 Winter Olympics, scoring the tying goal late in the gold medal game, which sent it into overtime. That was intense! As you know, they ended up getting the silver medal after fellow hottie, Sidney Crosby brought Canada to victory. Earlier on, he had scored both of Team USA’s goals in 2-0 quarterfinal win over Switzerland as well.

He’s been argued to be one of the best players in the league right now. Last year, during the 2009–10 season, he played in 81 games for the Devils, finishing with 38 goals and 44 assists. Not bad if you ask me!

He’s 5′ 11″, 195 lbs, and leans to the left…wing.

He’s good looks can make you melt, on and off the ice. I’m sure his horny “devil” teammates have sneaked a peak once or twice in the shower. Straight guys have man crushes too!

My, what a big stick you have… The better to “puck” with?

  • Don Juan

    What is the point of this story? Did you interview the guy or get his permission to write about him? Do you know what his thoughts are on gay issues? Homorazzi is a joke….the writing is worse than a three year old….the stories reflect your personal opinions rather than those of the general gay population…

  • @ Don. We are not a news site but a blog where it’s our opinion. We never claim to be anything else. I’ve taken your feedback and written why I wrote the post. Thanks.

  • czahn

    don juan….you sound like Elizabeth Hasselbeck….annoying and intentionally uninformed. IT’S A BLOG! YOU DOUCHE! NOT ANDERSON COOPER 3 FUCKIN 60!

  • Ashley

    I’ve always found this guy to be very cute, but I must say, for a NHL player he doesn’t have much definition in his chest at all. I was looking forward to a shirtless picture of him but this is very underwhelming.