Michael Kors Bids Auf Wiedersehen To Project Runway

Say it isn’t so. Michael Kors is my FAVORITE judge on Project Runway. He simply cannot leave. Who else is going to give such memorable one-liners as “Her drag name would be Origami Rose” or “She looks like a pole dancer in Dubai.”? No matter how much I’m in denial, Kors’ departure is a done deal. The designer won’t be a part of Season 11 of Project Runway.

If you think there’s drama behind this, you’ll be disappointed. Reportedly, it was his busy schedule that kept him from signing on as a full-time judge for the next season. Lifetime revealed in a statement that Michael will return to help judge the finale. At least, we’ll have that.

As if Kors leaving wasn’t bad enough, there is another change coming that I’m not excited about in the least. For the first time on Project Runway, the designers will compete as teams and not as individuals. Boo, this is starting to sound like Bravo’s The Fashion Show. Remember their lame attempt to replace Project Runway when Harvey Weinstein moved his show to Lifetime? UGH. Find out who Kors’ replacement is below.

Truth be told, Zac Posen sitting on the panel isn’t all that bad. Sure, I’ll miss Kors, but Lifetime could’ve brought someone in truly heinous. Hopefully, he’ll come up with a couple of decent zingers. If he proves to be a worthy successor and Michael wants to come back to PR, perhaps they can transplant Zac over to Project Runway All-Stars. I’m kinda over Isaac Mizrahi.

As usual, a revolving door of guests judges will sit alongside Nina Garcia, Heidi Klum and now Zac Pose on the panel. This year that list includes Bette Midler, Miranda Lambert, John Legend, Joan and Melissa Rivers, and designers Rachel Roy, Tracy Reese, Chris Benz and Project Runway season 4 winner Christian Siriano.

What do you think of the changes for Season 11? Do you think Posen will have chemistry with Garcia and Klum? Will you tune in to Project Runway on January 24, 2013 for another season of designing drama? Sound off below.

  • Rob

    Booo I’m so sad Michael is leaving, he’s so great and Imho one of the best judges ever in the whole reality tv
    You could just sit Simon Powell, Michael Kors and Janice Dickinson together and put some wannabes to cry
    seriously, I would so watch a reality with those 3 on the same panel ehheeh

    Isaac Mizrahi is an awful judge. He’s so obsequious to anyone and always pick the most heinous designs. For me this season happens to have some of the best runways (specially when it started) but then they go pick a black dress from casanova or kick Wendy Pepper which we love to hate over trainwreks like Andrae, Kayne or SUEDE!! who idk how the f they even got here in the first place
    I also had to watch Isaac Mizrahi on the Fashion Show with Kelly Rowland and he was just sad to watch, it was painful the guy is sooo obsequious you would need a glass of water to pass him through

    hope Kors is back again as permanent judge next season

  • justin

    simon cowell.

  • daws

    Sucks that Michael is leaving. No clue if I’ll like Zac but Nina and Heidi are awesome so all is not lost. Erm, not sure about the team thing either. My biggest criticism of some of the recent seasons is that the contestants have been awful and cruel to one another. I don’t watch it for the fights and trashiness. Seems like this new setup is just meant to foster that. Ramp up the drama. Wait and see.

  • Ode

    With Michael goes a bit of the humor of the show. He always has a hilarious comment about the outfits the contestants make. I’ve seen Zac on TV, he seems personable, but its going to change the mood of the show.

  • How anyone could agree with Kors or like him as a judge is beyond me.
    He was constantly complaining about seeing “the same old thing as last week” from the contestants yet even though he is a famous designer himself the only outfit I ever saw him in was a pair of jeans, a black T-shirt & the same old jacket week after week, season after season, year after year !