Zac Efron Celebrates His Brother Dylan’s Birthday

Is it too late to get adopted by the Efron family? Because vacays with the Efron brothers would be everything.

Zac Efron posted a sweet message on Instagram the other day, declaring his love for his younger brother. Dylan recently turned 27-years-old. However, if you’re like me, you might’ve missed the kind words at first. The images of the siblings wrestling as the waterfall cascaded over their taut abs and muscular frames proved too distracting, in a good way.

“Happy birthday @dylanefron! Honestly, I never in my wildest dreams, would’ve thought that the little terror, devil, monster that was my little brother would turn into my very best friend. I’m so proud of the man you are today. Let’s save the world together- one waterfall at a time. Love ya little brother!”

Check out the slideshow below. Even if you’ve already seen it, it deserves another look. Be sure to have a tissue handy 😉