Zac Efron Channels His Inner Zookeeper For BlackBook

I didn’t know this about my celebrity crush, Zac Efron but apparently, the actor is quite comfortable with animals of the wild variety. As the coverboy for BlackBook magazine’s September Party Issue, Zac channels his inner zookeeper for the mag.

Shot by Doug Inglish, Zac poses alongside a snake, a cute little fox and an intimidating hawk. Sounds like a crazy ANTM photo shoot that Tyra dreamed up for her next fashion film. In the upcoming interview, Zac talks about being a famous actor in Hollywood and hating himself? He explains, “As a man watching Zac Efron, I don’t necessarily like me yet. So how can I like Zac Efron? Maybe, if that guy shook things up, did what I didn’t expect him to do, if he wasn’t afraid to be a dick, if he wasn’t afraid to fall on his face, if he hung around long enough and did the grunt work, one day I might respect him.” That’s quite an insightful way to look at yourself, huh?

Zac also talks about fame and working on Charlie St. Cloud. “Around the time “Charlie St. Cloud” came out I was confused, I wasn’t here for money; I didn’t need any more of it. I wasn’t here for fame; I wasn’t enjoying it. I was here for art.”

  • Justin S

    Oh my lord, this man is gorgeous! I was never into him during the High School Musical days, but ever since (hence) when he cut his hair and became a man… well, some drool may have commenced.

  • Justin S

    Oh, and BTW Patrick, your boyfriend is gorgeous, as are you! 🙂