Adorable Irish Dancer Gets In Formation With His Killer Voguing On ‘Ireland’s Got Talent’

When anyone mentions Ireland, visions of the Riverdance quickly come to mind. Zacc Milne proves the Irish are capable of doing other forms of dancing other than traditional stepdances. The 19-year-old could easily fit in with New York’s ballroom scene. Dude is a masterful voguer.

The Finglas dancer wowed Michelle Visage and the other judges during Ireland’s Got Talent. I wouldn’t be surprised if Zac makes it all the way to the finals. He’s cute, talented and charming.

Watch Milne whack his little heart out below. His hair-flipping is everything. LOL

Ireland’s Got Talent 2018: Zacc shows the IGT judges how to ‘Vogue’

  • Doug Seven

    Meh, not great. No real flow and no death drop? Shame on you Michele for praising that – you’ve seen better, much better.

  • Aridianwolfe

    I look forward to seeing your performance on national television.