This week, I’m giving Patrick a break from his weekly Sports Stud duties and taking the helm to bring you a hot piece of gymnast to get you prepared for the 2012 Summer Olympics. C’mon, I know all you homos love watching the male gymnasts work the rings, poles and floor during their days of competition. Those outfits perfectly defining the muscles underneath don’t hurt either, am I right?

This week, I’ve chosen to feature Dutch gymnast Yuri Van Gelder who’s best discipline is the rings and you check the pictures below, you’ll understand why. Yuri is quite decorated winning gold in rings at the 2005 European Championships held in Debrecen, Hungary. He became a world champion in the same discipline at the 2005 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships in Australia.

Scandal and controversy also follow Yuri around. In the summer of 2009, van Gelder admitted to doing cocaine three days before the Dutch championships in Rotterdam. He stated that he regretted the lapse and even called himself incredibly stupid. After this, Yuri had to return his national championship gold medal and was suspended by the Dutch Gymnastics union. He was also released from his job with the Dutch military as they have a zero-tolerance drug policy.

In 2010, he pulled out of the world competition with team mates citing personal medical reasons for his departure. Other reports claimed that he had refused to answer questions about drugs and had once again relapsed. In April of 2011, Yuri returned to the rings to compete at the European Championships. He was a bit shaky but definitely proved that the rings were his home. Check out a few photos below.

Yuri did this photo shoot back in his prime. That body! Delicious.

That photo with the rings on the right doesn’t leave much to the imagination. *wink*

Yuri’s giving me bedroom eyes. You don’t have to ask me twice.

This gymnastics hottie sure likes to practice with his shirt off. I’m not complaining.

I included this photo just to show you his tremendous strength. Wowza!

Just one more look at that body. Think he’s an animal in the sack?