These Shoe-Inspired Sushi Rolls Are Everything

These are almost too good to eat. Who am I kidding? Pass over the soy sauce and wasabi. Beautifully designed or not, sushi is sushi and I’m going to wolf it down 🙂

Chinese-Italian chef Yujia Hu combines his love for Japanese cuisine and designer sneakers to make beautiful edible works of art. “I’ve always been a big fan of NBA, so I started creating onigiris representing my favorite basketball players,” Hu told SELF magazine. In addition to baller lookalikes, his sushi art also include recreations of Vans to Nike Air Jordans and every sneaker style in between.

The 28-year-old chef owns the restaurant Sakana Sushi in Milan. Check out his shoe-shi masterpieces below.

For more designs, head over to Hu’s Instagram. His Stormtrooper sushi is pretty fierce too.