Yuasa’s Sexy Spring & Summer 2012 Campaign

Yuasa’s 2012 Spring & Summer Campaign has definitely made me interested in practicing some yoga… how about you? Today, I came across Yuasa, a brand of men’s essential lounge wear and was lured in by a few pretty sexy pictures and a video.

From what I can see, Yuasa has an assortment of boxers and accessories that are available directly from their site. The boxers/shorts are a classic American motif comprised of 96% cotton poplin and 4% spandex, designed for a relaxed fit. “Yuasa strives to create clothing that is simple yet powerful, paying homage to the modern American design aesthetic: minimal, experimental, and innovative.”

Either way, it’s the pictures & video of two guys working out together in these short shorts that are the selling feature for me. Enjoy them below.

You can get Yuasa loungewear on their site here: yuasastudios.com/