A new video by a YouTuber named Tori Locklear that has gone viral over the past few days is just the perfect material for Willam’s Beatdown (and a new episode comes out later today… check back here for that).

Tori Locklear is one of the many people on YouTube who like to offer beauty tips and tutorials, despite their limited knowledge or lack of any formal training. For Locklear, this video was supposed to be about how to curl your hair… but things didn’t go as planned.

Thankfully, regardless of what happened, she decided to share the video and that’s what YouTube is all about. It goes without question that the video would have never receive the attention it has had the procedure gone as planned. Watch the video below to find out what happened. One person who commented on the video wrote this awesome play-by-play of Locklear’s reaction: “1:09 shock and denial, 1:11 pain, 1:24 anger and bargaining, 1:26 depression, and? 1:42 acceptance.” Enjoy!

Hair Tutorial Gone Wrong