Watch Contestant Admit His Brother Is Better Looking Than His Boyfriend

Talk about awkward. Thank God, the question was who was better looking and not who’s hotter. That would’ve been all kinds of weird had he still chosen his brother.

Your Face Or Mine is a show that airs on Comedy Central UK that asks couples who they think are the most attractive in a series of match-ups. It’s like Who’d You Rather but sanitized for television viewing. If their choices match up with that of the audience, they win money.

On a recent episode, Callum (26) and his boyfriend Ashley (20) were featured. Unbeknownst to them, Callum’s brother Jack was brought out as a surprise guest. If that wasn’t enough to rattle Callum, his sibling goes on to talk about dick pics and how his compares to his brother. Again awkward. LOL.

Watch the amusing clip below. To be fair, not that Ashley isn’t cute but I would’ve picked his brother Jack too 😉

Are You The Brother That Was Sent The Naked Photo?

  • Nozuka

    this is awkward to watch and wrong on so many levels ?