‘Younger’ Season 4 Trailer: Hilary Duff & Nico Tortorella Bond Over Sutton Foster’s Deception

We’re less than four weeks away from the Season 4 premiere of Younger. I can’t wait to see how Kelsey (Hilary Duff) copes with the bombshell confession Liza (Sutton Foster) dropped. It’s clear she’s not dealing well with the fact her friend/co-worker lied to her for all these years. Naturally, she turns to Josh (Nico Tortorella), since he was also initially deceived about Liza’s real age.

The full trailer for the upcoming season features plenty of hookups. Everyone’s getting their freak on, but with exactly whom? Josh is shown making out with a blonde chick, but I think that’s just a red herring to fool fans into thinking he’s hooking up with Kelsey.

In the words of guest star Kristin Chenoweth, “The bottom line: Truth is a four-letter word.” Amen sister. No doubt all the lies will surface this season. Younger returns June 28 on TV Land. Check out the clip below and try to decipher everything that’s going on.

Younger Season 4 Trailer