I had the PLEASURE of watching this movie on Wednesday night and I gotta tell you, it’s a MUST SEE. At first glance, you’re probably like, “Oh wow, Sigorney Weaver, Kristin Bell, Betty White, Jamie Lee Curtis…This movie should be pretty good. It has some big names.” Yes, that is true. BUT, I’m here to tell you that these actors (and the others) more than succeed in delivering a stellar performance… and the laughs just don’t stop.

Here’s the premise of the film: “When a young woman realizes her brother is about to marry the girl who bullied her in high school, she sets out to expose the fiancĂ©e’s true colors.”

In the film, Marni (Kristin Bell) used to be a nerd in high school – and that’s putting it mildly. She was a pizza-faced, clumsy girl with glasses and braces whose life was made a living hell by Queen Bee, JJ. (Odette Yustman). Sidenote: Odette Yustman is engaged to Brothers and Sisters star Dave AnnableIn (who plays Justin Walker). Anyway, at the present day, Marni is a successful advertising executive who has grown into her looks and gained confidence to stand out in the business world. Marni has to fly home for her brother Will’s (Jim Wolk) wedding, to a woman Marni has yet to meet. Their mother Gail (Jamie Lee Curtis) is all for Will’s bride to be. The bride to be’s name? Joanna (AKA JJ)! This is Marni’s biggest nightmare!

Joanna’s parents died a long time ago, so she only has her Aunt Ramona (Sigorney Weaver) to support her on her big day. GASP! Ramona and Gail both have a past from high school as well and now it seems as the entire family is reliving the torments from each of their former high school arch nemesis.

Grandma Bunny is played by the infamous Betty White. She’s Marni’s grandma, but in Marni’s absence, she has grown close to Joanna, which makes Marni extremely jealous.

Marni and Joanna don’t know about the history of Gail & Ramona, nor do they (including the husband to be) know of the torment that Joanna put Marni through.

Everything comes to a boiling point at the rehearsal dinner. Let me tell you, throughout the film, when there is tension or embarrassment, you feel it too.

Some other hilarious performances include Kristin Chenoweth, who plays Georgie, the wedding planner as well as Kyle Bornheimer, who plays Tim, Joanna’s unrelenting ex.

Surprise cameos from none other than Patrick Duffy and Cloris Leachman (who debuted this week in “Raising Hope) in the film as well!

The film was epic. Great cast, great storyline, great lines, and great performances. You will LOVE it.

MOVIE RATING: 5 out of 5 stars