World Cup Hottie of the Day: Yoann Gourcuff

Bonjour, monsieur! This hot 23 year old plays for France and athletics is definitely in his blood: His mom was a basketball player, his older brother (Erwan) is a competitive swimmer & cyclist, and his dad was a former footballer who played for several clubs/countries – thus, he followed in his papa’s footsteps. He mainly plays midfield (which is what I play mostly – requires A LOT of running) but sometimes plays striker.

Back in 2008, France Gay magazine Têtu named him “Bomb of the Month.” The gay mag referred to his “doe eyes, rebellious locks, and tapering thighs. He had succeeded Cristiano Ronaldo for this title in Têtu.

Here are his stats:

  • Date of Birth: July 11th, 1986
  • Height: 185 cm
  • Shirt number: 8
  • Position: Midfielder
  • Current club: Bordeaux (FRA)
  • International Goals: 1

Frenchie makes a shit merde-load of moolah and had been romantically linked to the daughter of former prime minister Marie de Villepin, but from what I can find, he’s engaged to beauty named Anne Sophie.

Not afraid to take it all of to celebrate a win!

Expect him to do a lot of celebrating on the last day of the World Cup because you may have noticed that July 11th is also his birthday – the big 24!

Check out this video of Gourcuff stripping down to his bikini underwear!

  • The hottest and most eligible bachelor in soccer, excluding Cristiano( 1 cause he is a manwhore, and 2 because he’s taken). Gorgeous eyes, awesome hair, toned legs and body, and a smile that could melt your heart. I was so mad with what happened to him during and after the world cup.. but i am definitely tunning in for tomorrow’s game France vs Brazil! He might just score!

  • karen c

    i was mad, cuz on the france vs brazil 2day, the coach duchbag changed yoann!!!! i was like “now there’s no more worth watching the game” though i was waiting for the end to see if gourcuff woold come out and exchange his shirt aka. see him shirtless! it was a good game, though, france beated brazil!