Maybe y’all have already seen this on the interwebs, but last week I stumbled on what I think will be the newest dance craze of the summer (if I have anything to do with it) called “The Yes Dance.”  This. Is. Ah-maz-ing.  I particularly enjoy this video because one of my very favorite past times includes creating new dance moves sporadically, on the dance floor, as soon as a song starts playing.  Usually the dance moves are literal interpretations of the lyrics, but whatever, it’s original and even the drag queens like it.

Anyway, The Yes Dance was created by Robert James Hoffman, III who, according to his website knew as soon as he saw Michael Jackson for the first time that he had to have whatever it was that allowed Michael to move the way he did.  After that realization (at pre-kindergarten age… kid genius) he began after-school dance classes (in kindergarten) including ballet, jazz and tap.  Through the years a combination of a love of dance, comedic personality and a hobby of making home videos have allowed RJH to come up with some pretty funny skits/viral vids.

Still though, The Yes Dance kills it and reminds me so much of myself and friends when a good song comes on and there just is not a dance move created to express the raw emotion that the lyric evokes… ok that was reaching a bit, but you get the jist.  Check out the video of the dance below.  My favorite move is the ‘Garbage Disposal,’ “TING TING TING, TI-TING TING TING…”  You should also check out some of RJH’s other vids – pretty funny stuff.