In the most recent issue (#175) of DNA Magazine, an incredibly sexy model named Yadier Rodriguez takes the cover and certainly has everyone talking (and gawking). DNA describes him as “Brazil’s Sexiest Secret” and if that’s the case, the secret’s out.

The photos in the spread were shot by photographer Abel Cruz and features Rodriguez wearing only speedos or underwear in all of the shots. He’s got impeccable body and the sexiest tattoos, with one large one on his left shoulder and another balancing it out on the right side of his stomach/torso. a couple of the shots feature Rodriguez draped in rope which you can let your imagination run away with.

The funny thing is that I think he actually has been “secret,” or at the very least, this is his big debut because I haven’t seen any other modelling shots from him on the web other than from this shoot. I have a feeling that this is definitely not the last time we’ll be seeing him though. I’ve included the magazine cover and a handful of the pictures from the spread below. Enjoy!