Must Watch: A Fight Breaks Out During Circuit Party In Mykonos

This clip brings me back to when I at the XLSIOR Festival a few years back. However, the only body-on-body contact I saw on the dance floor then was of the sluttier variety. I prefer what I witnessed instead 😉

Surrounded by hundreds of shirtless men in beautiful Mykonos while listening to “Never Enough” from The Greatest Showman. Sounds like heaven to me. Not so for a few men who decided to have a full-on fight in paradise.

Naturally, a video of this altercation has gone viral. While several responses to the clip have been mostly of holier-than-thou outrage, let’s all keep in mind we’re all guilty of doing stupid things when under the influence. Personally, I chuckled watching it. I can’t even imagine how horrified the brawling men feel about their antics being broadcast all over the gay universe.

  • TrevorZ