With the third installment of The Twilight Saga hitting theaters soon, I thought I’d highlight one of the new cast members sure to cause a bit of dramz amongst the hardcore “Twihards“. Forget “Team Edward” versus “Team Jacob“, this summer a new team will be born- “Team Riley“.

Australian actor, Xavier Samuel, will make his debut as Riley in “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse“. Riley is a young vampire approximately Bella’s age. He was changed by Victoria to help her lead an army of newborn vampires against the Cullens.

While Samuel has appeared in various Australian films and television shows, “Eclipse” will mark the 26-year-old’s first exposure to North American audiences. You can’t have a bigger coming out party than that, can you? According to the rumor mill, Xavier beat out Channing Tatum (Step Up) and Tom Felton (Harry Potter franchise) to play the new heartthrob vamp.

Is this the end of Edward Cullen? Victoria and Riley look like they’re about to finish him off.

Uh-oh, here come the army of vamps coming from Seattle.

With his strong chiseled features, it’s no wonder why he was chosen to play Riley.

So dark. So ominous. So hot.

He looks a bit Zac Efron-ish in these pics for GQ. He looks ever so yummy all dapper’d up.

Going for that LA laid back look for his Teen Vogue photo spread.

Certainly looks like a vampire in this picture. No wonder he was cast.

Is Xavier hot enough to take away some of the adoration from Robert Pattinson or Taylor Lautner? Voice your opinions below.