First off – GO buy tickets here… NOW!  Xanadu is currently playing at the Paramount Theater in Seattle until January 24th (this Sunday) – this is a limited engagement and tickets will be gone quick.  So GO – after you read my article of course.

Tuesday night I was fortunate enough to score tickets to Broadway’s hit musical Xanadu, so I grabbed my friend Scott (Lady, as I affectionately call him) and  made our way down to Seattle’s Paramount theater.  To be perfectly honest, when we sat in our seats I turned to Scott and said “I really don’t understand how a musical about a roller skating and Greek gods can be a hit musical.  I mean, REALLY?”  Scott just looked at me, nodded and shrugged his shoulders.  If I didn’t understand why this wasn’t a hit before the show started, I definitely did 10 minutes into it.

It’s safe to say that both Scott and I gay-gasped throughout the musical, probably about every 20 minutes.  Between the outfits, humor, glitter, lights, music and energy – there was no shortage of laughing out loud and definitely not much time spent without smiles plastered across our faces.  The story line, while literally out of this world, is cute and not over the top in the cheese department.  Clio (aka Kara), played by Elizabeth Stanley, kills it as the Leader of the Muses even adapting a comical version of Olivia Newton John’s Australian accent.  Her on-stage counterpart Sonny played by Max Von Essen is equally as entertaining as the goofy Venice Beach “valley boy” artist trying to make a name for himself.  


While both of these characters were awesomely entertaining, I was hugely impressed by Melpomene, Clio’s evil oldest sister played by Natasha Yvette Williams.  Homegirl had some lungs on her and was brilliant as the villain.  Her song “Evil Woman” had me tappin’ my foot and bobbin’ my head.  All the characters in the musical, including Clio’s sisters (played by 4 women and 2 men) were entertaining in their own right and provided for amusing comic relief with lots of gay undertones.

All in all, this musical was seriously BRILLIANT.  If you get the opportunity to go see it, take it.  It’s only 90 minutes long and will turn even the sourest night into a memorable one.  To find out more information and purchase tickets go here.

PS:  the finale… I almost peed from shock/surprise/excitement – it was AH-MAZ-ING!

PPS: here’s a picture taken with my iPhone with my friend Scott and me.