The X Factor US: Top 10 SHOCKING Results

My jaw is still literally on the ground. Tonight’s results totally threw me for a loop. Before we get to it, let’s talk about how much of a tool Steve Jones is. While he hasn’t received the warmest welcome across the board, I’ve held off jumping on the anti-Steve Jones train… until now. I thought I’d give him a few weeks to find his groove. Sadly, I don’t think that’s ever going to happen.

During last night’s show, I thought he made a gaffe with the amount of musical acts remaining, but ignored it. Tonight on the results show, I know 100% he screwed up. At one point, he talked about the impending elimination and said that there would only be eight acts left. UMMMM, OK? Last I counted, there was ten acts and no double-elimination in sight. Time to head back to Grade 2 Mister.

From what I hear, he also messed up during the interview with Rihanna as well. The “We Found Love” singer had to perform SLASH lip sync twice, during yesterday’s taping of her performance, since Simon and producers didn’t want to use the first Q&A. I honestly don’t think Steve Jones is going to make it to Season 2. Anyone else agree?

Top 10 Group Performance

The Top 10 did a live rendition of Queen’s “We Will Rock“. How did we know it was live? Ummm, easy… LeRoy Bell screwed up once again. Two weeks ago, he missed his cue and started to lip sync late. Tonight, he once again missed his segment. Instead of looking like a bad English dub translation of an Asian karate flick, this time the result yielded dead silence. Seriously, for screwing up the group performance twice he should be shot. On the flip side, Melanie Amaro and Paige from Lakoda Rayne were the highlights for me during the group performance.

In between all the performances and product placement for some Sony camera, the results took place. First person advancing was LeRoy Bell. WTF??? Who in the hell is voting for this guy. As shocked as he is in the picture above, I was even more so. Next act safe from the chopping block is Lakoda Rayne. YAY!!! Paula ran up to the girls and gave them a hug. So adorable. On a side note, the faces on the remaining singers was priceless. Besides Rachel, the rest had a “OH SH*T” look plastered on their faces. Drew and Rachel’s were particularly funny.

Later in the show, Chris Rene was declared safe. Man, another shocker. This doesn’t bode well for the rest of the crew. I sense someone is about to be screwed. Melanie Amaro, Josh Krajcik, Marcus Canty, Drew and Rachel Crow are all then told they advance to the Top 9 (Not the Top 8 you silly fool, Steve Jones).

That leaves Astro and Stacy Francis as the bottom two. Based on the past couple of weeks, Stacy Francis should probably go. But Astro does something, that makes the deliberation nail-biting. When it’s time for him to perform, he doesn’t even want to. At long last, he’s finally acting his age and starts pouting. He gives a half-assed performance.

Stacy Francis

Song: Amazing Grace


Song: Never Can Say Good-bye

Even though, Astro gets a public flogging from LA, Paula and Simon especially, they decide to keep him. Personally, I wanted him to stay, but after his tantrum and ridiculous comments about not wanting to perform for people who obviously don’t want him, beyotch needed to go. So not cool and respectful.

The Deliberation

Last night, I prayed that my mascara-running Stacy Francis would return. Little did I know, it would happen the next night. In her exit montage, we’re reminded of her memorable plea of not letting the music die in her. Apparently, Simon, LA, Paula and America ignored that. Francis is outta here with the music still buried in her. LOL. She had so much potential but self-imploded the past couple of weeks. Til next week and remember. KEEP LAKODA RAYNE SAFE. They need to make the finals.

  • HomorazziReader

    Steve Jones is NOT a tool, he’s the most genuine, nice helpful funny guy we have seen on UK TV for a long while. He treats fans like friends and friends like family.

    Welsh people NEVER recieve a warm welcome over there, infact it takes a lot for anyone who isnt American to get a warm welcome …

    I think you should refrain from comments like the above .. it’s unfair and I’d wager a bet that if you came over here and we said the same, that you wouldnt like it …

  • @HomorazziReader. Fair enough. I never said he wasn’t genuine. Also, I think he’d be a blast to hang out with. I even wrote about him as one of my Man Crushes a couple of weeks ago.

    But how do you explain him getting the number of remaining acts incorrect on both nights. One, I’ll give him but not two.

  • Gabriel

    I agree Donovan. Steve is HOT, probably the most attractive TV host out there right now, but that is all he has going for him on this show. He flubs, is a bit stiff and awkward, inflexible, and seems to be very disconnected from the contestants and judges. He’s pretty, but that’s about all…

  • erico

    Lakoda needs to be safe? you’re kidding right?

  • Aqua

    Fuck X factor .. Its already Fixed… I dont understand why r they keeping Pottymouth ASStro ..ugh

    Stacy HUNEY u were robbed and sabotaged..ur still the Winner in my eyes and the best of X factor season 1. Just go ahead and work harder and prove those A*sshole judges wrong .

  • HarryR

    Astro is a very talented 14 year old, who probably, like many 14 year olds, can be absolutely insufferable at times. Needs a good confrontation behind closed doors to instruct him on professionalism. If he doesn’t get it then he needs to be sent back to Brooklyn to grow up a bit. He promises to have a stellar entertainment career but if not straightened out he’ll flame out early.

  • HomorazziReader

    Hmm, maybe the same way you guys make typos on the site, the same way we all sometimes turn up for work late, the way we all miss our friends needing us once?

    Its called being human ?

    And trying to break a country that can be very tough to crack based on totally different attitudes and lifestyles can be nerve wracking.

    Im quite sure when the few American TV Hosts we have here mess up a line on a live show, or when Kelly Rowland says something on LIVE X-Factor here we dont all go on about them being tools ?

    This is the first thing I have seen on the site that I disagree with, the rest of the site is usually spot on 😛

  • Ryan

    It’s odd to me why Simon would be confident of Astro’s chances after he basically insulted the audience. At least Francis possibly could have bounced back from poor performances…it’s going to be a lot tougher for Astro to win back support. Support which apparently only got him to the edge of elimination pre-tantrum.

  • Wes

    Personally, I think both Stacy and Astro were in the bottom 2 due to perceived arrogance. I watched the performance show and results back to back last night. At the end of Astro’s performance, he was a bit cocky. And when Stacy got several bad critiques, she had this awful defiant look on her face. I read that Stacy later said she was in shock.

    I truly don’t understand why Simon kept Astro. He’s as good as gone next week. Based on Stacy’s comments last night, she understands that she needs to act professional in tough times. I think she could have turned things around.

    Regarding Steve Jones, the man is absolutely gorgeous. And if you think people are being overly critical of him, check out most of the comment boards on Ryan Seacrest. We skewer all of our hosts. LOL

  • Andre00x

    Stacy was loud…omg I couldn’t take it.

  • CT

    Astro is being arrogant too soon. Kanye West can be arrogant, he’s sold millions of albums. Astro is still on a talent show. Anyways, moving on, I’m sure part of Fox’s agreement to bring X-Factor back for a second season is to overhaul the show, so I imagine one or two new judges, along with a new host, or giving Steve Jones a co-host. And the anti-Jones comments aren’t because he’s not American, Carson Daly and Brooke Burke also get horrible comments, while Cat Deely is pretty much agreed to be one of the best hosts ever. I think it takes hosts like Carson Daly or that woman who hosted SYTYCD-Canada to make me realize how good people like Jeff Probst, Ryan Seacrest and Cat Deely are at what they do

  • Johnson

    You don’t pay attention do you? When Steve Jones said 8 acts left that was when he already announced 2 of the contestants that were saved. He would be announcing the next 8 after the break.

  • Cblaze

    Steve Jones = super hot, gets nervous during interviews and gives off this vibe that he’s better than everyone… BUT does his job getting the answers from the judges so the taping doesn’t go overtime and the editors don’t have to freak out cause they’ve gone over by half an hour…

    Astro – should of gone home… sorry but the 15 year old needs to get off his high horse and suck it up. He embarrassed himself, his mother and yeah granted he’s got talent but not enough there to make him international. Sorry but the whole “i’m not going to perform for anyone who doesn’t want me to perform” was just stupid.

    Stacy: loved her in the beginning and she let her ego go over her. .. when she sang “its all coming back to me now”… UGH MY EARS WERE BLEEDING… out of tune, disgusting, and just not a good performance in any books. I would of given you one more week but thats it. too much.

    who should of advanced first? Josh Krajcik… a true rocker – plus it was his best performance ever!

    and SORRY Donovan I love you babe but Lakoda Rayne needs a LOT more work… remember they were created into a group by the judges and they are all soloist – so they are all fighting to be in the spotlight and their harmonies are plain horrible. they are cute but not star quality…