While I appreciate original programming on Thanksgiving night, it must suck for the crew, judges and the contestants, especially the latter. For the rest of their lives, getting voted off will by synonymous with Turkey Day. At least they can drown their sours away by overindulging on turkey and cocktails. That’s my go-to remedy 😉

The filler moments tonight included performances from both Demi Lovato and Michael Buble. Love Demi, but if the judges had to critique her vocals, it wouldn’t have been pretty. Pitchy, pitchy, pitchy. I love that the other guest performance was a non-Yankee. Since Buble already celebrated Thanksgiving last month (as we do in Canada) he had no holiday familial obligations this week. BTW, he gave the BEST vocal of the night by far. Without further ado, find out who were voted off on tonight’s show below.

First Elimination

Throughout the night, producers showed the contestants with their respective families giving Thanksgiving wishes. Before the first elimination, Carlito Olivero, Restless Road and Lillie McCloud were up. The second I saw them, I knew one of them was definitely going first. I don’t care what Mario Lopez rambled on about, but Lillie’s elimination wasn’t shocking, or even mildly surprising. I called it last night. Let’s face it. She was never going to win.

Second Elimination

As usual, the four judges occupy a separate part of the giant ‘X’ waiting for Mario Lopez to reveal the results. Carlito Olivero is first to advance. Not a surprise given his spot-on Ricky Martin impression the night before. Ellona Santiago, Alex & Sierra and Restless Road follow.

That leaves Jeff Gutt, Josh Levi and Rion Paige in jeopardy. How much would it suck if Kelly Rowland’s team was wiped out in one night. Luckily for her, that didn’t happen. Jeff is safe, leaving Rion and Josh to perform their “Save Me” songs.

Save Me Performances

Neither performed to the best of their abilities, but I give the edge to Josh even though he chose another Bruno Mars track. It irritates me when back-to-back covers are done. Before the judges reveal who they’re saving, Josh and Rion have a chance to plead for their X Factor lives. Rion pulls out the ‘Lord’ card and lays it on thick. Will that sway the panel?

Rion Page ‘Perfect’

Josh Levi ‘When I Was Your Man’

Demi and Paulina are first. Not surprisingly, they both save their respective act and send home the other. Kelly is next. She blabbers on for a bit, but eventually sends home Rion. YAY. Hopefully, Simon does the same. No deadlock please. Cowell chickens out and let’s the public’s votes decide. I’m thinking Josh at this point is a goner, and I’m right. UGH!!! He’s way better than Rion.

What do you think of tonight’s eliminations? Were you surprised by either? Not to pull the race card, but it’s interesting that the lowest vote getters were both African American. Sound off below regarding tonight’s results.