The X Factor isn’t getting anywhere the amount of headlines it received the first couple of seasons, but I have to say this is the best season yet. Even without Britney Spears’ priceless facial reactions, the episodes so far have been entertaining with very promising talent. I’m definitely enjoying it.

If Simon Cowell and his angels pick the right contestants to make it to the live rounds, this season could yield the most viable artists to date. Everyone loves a rags-to-riches Cinderella story and this season certainly has it. The first week had more outstanding talent, but there are a couple acts who have potential in this episode. Check them out below.

X Factor Season 3 Episode 3 Auditions

Josh Levi ‘Come And Get It’

He’s what Arin Ray from Season 1 and 2 should’ve been. It’s shocking that an urban male superstar hasn’t been discovered on any of these talent shows yet. Where’s the next Usher? A little young, but kid has some serious talent. Loved his rendition of Selena’s hit.

AKNU ‘Valerie’

Their biggest worry was that Simon would perceive them as old fashioned. Fear not, Cowell loved them despite not being a fan of the song. They were that good. This trio had an old school Motown sensibility with a contemporary fresh vibe. Their dancing was infectious. Hope they make it far.

Brandie Love “Up To The Mountain’

Just like American Idol‘s Kree Harrison, this chick gave this MLK folk song a country twist. With Kree’s impeccable rendition still fresh in my mind, this paled in comparison. Not saying it was awful. In fact, she did a commendable job. It’s just that Kree slayed this song during Idol. Love her name though.

Carlos Guevara ‘Gravity’

Speaking of Idol, Cowell found his version of Lazaro Arbos. While Lazaro suffered from a stutter, Carlos has Tourette’s syndrome and OCD. Double whammy. He did a solid job with the John Mayer track, but I wasn’t as blown away as the judges. If he goes far, hopefully he doesn’t flame out like Lazaro and only gets better in the competition.

Colton Pack ‘Hicktown’

He’s cute, young, and lifeguards in the summer. Sounds like we have this season’s country singer. Not the best vocal, but Simon really, really, really, really likes him which means he makes it far. I’m predicting a manufactured country boy band this season. Can’t you just picture One Direction with a couple of hees and haws.

Danie Geimer ‘House Of The Rising Sun’

Quirky with hipster glasses and a wicked voice. Danie has this season’s alternative Drew (Season 1) slot sewn up. Her preview package talking about nuclear science books with another contestant is everything. That poor girl never saw her idiot edit coming.

Jeff Gutt ‘Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing’ & ‘Creep’

How many chances does one contestant get? Apparently, a few. Gutt narrowly missed the cut last year and is looking for redemption. After flubbing his first song, Simon gives him another chance which yields a better reaction. Cowell comments he’s the one that got away last year and isn’t going to make the same mistake. This guy is definitely making the live rounds.

What do you think of this episode’s auditions? Who stood out? Who shouldn’t have advanced? Sound off below.