Is it me or does this season of The X Factor seem more streamlined? There doesn’t seem to be as many awful auditions as in seasons’ past. While I know some enjoy them, I can do without. At this point, we’ve seen and definitely heard it all.

Check out Thursday’s auditions below. There’s a cutie in the mix that can do some serious damage if he improves. If you only have time to watch one, jump straight to Andrew Scholz. He’s not the second coming by any means, but at least he’s easy on the eyes.

X Factor Season 3 Episode 4 Auditions

Andrew Scholz ‘Too Close’ & ‘A Little More You’

Not to sound like perv (I’m sure I will though), but did anyone else notice his bubble butt in that trampoline photo. BAM. Thank God he’s legal age đŸ˜‰ And I’m not the only one. Kelly Rowland has definitely taken over as the horny one on the panel this season from Demi Lovato. The second Kelly finds out they’re legal, you can almost see that sigh leaving her mouth. LOL.

Back to Andrew. Clearly Simon Cowell saw cha-ching dollar signs the second he walked up. When it was obvious none of the ladies were feeling the performance, Cowell gave him another shot. Truth be told, his voice did sound a whole lot better when he tackled the country track. If he commits to what he said about working hard, Scholz could go far in the competition. Simon needs a little teen heartthrob eye candy to lure in the younger viewers.

Ellona Santiago ‘Wings’

Simon didn’t immediately recognize Ellona, but I did. Like Arin Ray from last season, she was cut during the first season, but received new life when she was put in a ten-member group called inTENsity. They made the live rounds but were eliminated early. While I enjoyed her back then, I thought her Little Mix cover was overrated. It was too spastic and all over the place for my liking. I’m not sure what the judges were smoking but they all loved her. Hopefully, she’ll do better in future rounds. I gotta support my Filipino sister.

Stone Martin ‘Little Things’

Perhaps it’s because I don’t have a subscription to Teen Bop, but I just don’t get it. IMHO, he butchered the One Direction ballad. It’s obvious he needs a few more years to grow. This kid is going to get eaten alive in the future rounds. Expect a crying fit complete with “where’s my mommy?” when he’s eliminated.

Ashly Williams ‘I Will Always Love You’

It was a solid effort indeed, but I’m not sure if it deserved the pimp spot. The high notes were spot on but I didn’t get tingles. I’m sure her backstory is why producers saved her for last. I love me a black girl to root for, but I don’t think Ashley is it. Personally, the missing “e” in her name is enough to cut her. #justsaying

What do you think of tonight’s auditions? Do any of them have what it takes to make it to the live rounds? Are you ready for the auditions to be over? I am. Let the games begin. Sound off below.