Poor Simon Cowell. The X Factor’s third season is off to a rocky start with regards to ratings. Without the hype of Britney Spears, the premiere was way down when compared to last year. The show was decreased about 27 percent in viewers and 36 percent in adults 18-49. OUCH. Typically, the show increases as it reaches the live rounds. Hopefully, that trend continues otherwise this could be the singing competition’s swan song.

Even though The X Factor isn’t the ratings powerhouse as The Voice, I enjoy it much more. While neither have produced a huge star yet, Cowell’s show has at least done so with the UK version. One Direction, Leona Lewis anyone?

Just like yesterday’s post, I’m only going to discuss the acts that advanced. There’s really no point in talking about the trainwrecks. At this point, we’ve seen it all through 13 seasons of American Idol. While collectively yesterday’s talent was better, there were still a couple of standouts. Check them all out below.

X Factor Season 3 Episode 2 Auditions

Rylie Brown ‘Clarity’

When she wasn’t forgetting the words, Rylie was incredible. With maturity and more experience, she’ll only get better. There’s undeniable talent there. However, I don’t think it’s her time just yet. I don’t see her making the live rounds, unless of course Simon creates another manufactured girl group.

Jeff Brinkman ‘You Are So Beautiful’

He’s semi-cute with a beautiful raspy voice. Paulina called him fresh and original. I definitely disagree. He felt dated and I thought he was mimicking Joe Cocker (the original artist) a little too much. Bonus points however for owning a doggie daycare. How cute is that? Kelly sure ate it up 😉

Rachel Potter ‘Somebody To Love’

If Rachel continues to put a country twist on all her covers, I can see her going far. Her voice is powerful and her clarity amazing. Hands down, one of the strongest girls so far and much better than any of the girls last year. She’s a shoo-in for the Over 25 group. Marketable, marketable, marketable.

Jorge Pena

UGH!!! Another douchey guy gets through. First Carlito Olivero yesterday and now Jorge. Granted Pena is a tad more talented, but he’s far cockier. All three ladies found he lacked humility. Even though Demi was insulted with Pena calling her “woman,” she put him through. Boy, is she a glutton for punishment.

Simone Torres ‘Mustang Sally’

Wasn’t expecting such power to come out of her. Great vocal but she needs one huge makeover. As great as her voice is, I think she’s a one-trick pony and can’t handle the live rounds when random themes will be thrown at her.

Roxxy Montana ‘One Night Only’

Simon called it. The one with the dreads is phenomenal. When she started singing “One Night Only,” she was giving Jennifer Hudson a run for her money. But when the other two chimed in, they lost their way. Thankfully, the judges gave them another shot. YOWZA, did they impress with their second try. Their harmonies were everything.

After being called out as weak, the other two sisters brought their “A” game and showed they have skills too. Not as great as the other one, but definitely capable. I really hope they make it to the live rounds. Simon loved them so much, he declared he wants to coach the groups category for the second year in a row.

Al Calderon ‘Sara Smile’

Kelly was in full-on cougar mode during his performance. I don’t blame her. This 19-year-old Italian is cute as shizz. With his looks, charisma and the right kind of coaching, this kid could be huge. He has massive potential and that all-important “x factor.”

Denise Weeks ‘The Greatest Love of All’

I’m always down for a good Whitney Cover. While definitely capable, I felt her performance was a tad overrated. Great backstory, but I can’t see her making the live rounds. I think it’s safe to assume Lillie McCloud from the premiere has the older black lady spot locked down.

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What do you think of the second round of auditions? Are you invested in anyone yet? Are you warming up to Kelly and Paulina? Sound off below.