This week’s X Factor results episode was brought to you by Sony X Headphones. As if the Pepsi sponsorship wasn’t in your face enough, Simon Cowell is now pimping out Sony products. He even forced asked the Top 6 to praise the superior quality of the headphones which apparently he had a hand in their development evolution. Yay, right. That said, they do look pretty sexy and I want a pair. Simon, I expect my pair in the mail before Christmas.

On deck as filler for the episode were reigning X Factor champion Melanie Amaro and trash-pop innovator Ke$ha. I have to give Amaro credit. She really sold “Long Distance” with her live performance. I enjoyed it much more this time than the first time I heard it. Girlfriend was working that long side blond pony like her rent was due. To be honest, it is due. Melanie needs a hit stat. Otherwise, she might find herself back in Sunrise, Florida working on that island accent of hers *wink*.

Ke$ha performed “C’mon” from her Warrior album. Accompanying her were a quartet of crop-wearing male dancers wearing tiger heads. God love Ke$ha. Personally, I like “Die Young” better, but I’m sure “C’mon” will grow on me as with many of her songs. Note to production: They might want to check the pedestal Ke$ha was performing on for STDs. Girl was writhing on it like nobody’s business. I’m sure a drop or two of her juices leaked out. LOL. As expected, glittered confetti came fluttering down midway through her number. Without further ado, let’s get to the eliminations.

As expected, CeCe Frey was the first to receive the boot. Finally my faith in America has been restored. It’s only fitting she leaves the same episode where Ke$ha performs. Just saying. I have to give Frey credit for handling her elimination with grace. Loved that Demi Lovato sported leopard prints on her face out of solidarity for CeCe. She obviously knew her last team member was outta there. They seem like they have a genuine connection.

The first to make it to the semifinals was Emblem3 (Oh shizz that means my girls are in danger). Next sent to safety were Carly Rose Sonenclar and Tate Stevens. As I predicted, singing for survival are Diamond White and Fifth Harmony. Please, oh please Fifth Harmony… BRING IT.

Sing For Survival Songs

First up, surprisingly are Fifth Harmony. They killed it on the Mariah Carey ballad. Not one hiccup. To her credit, Diamond didn’t take it lying down. This is what a Save Me Song battle should sound like. Both acts giving it their all on the stage. It’s a close call, but I’m biased to Fifth Harmony, so I’m hoping they stay.

Fifth Harmony ‘Anytime You Need a Friend’ by Mariah Carey

Diamond White ‘I Hope You Dance’ by Lee Ann Womack

Judges Deliberation

Obviously, both Simon and Britney save their acts. LA Reid is the first of the impartial judges to reveal his decision. I was a little worried he’d send home the girl group based on his critiques the past few weeks. Thankfully, he saves them. With no acts left, Demi is next and she also sends home Diamond. Phew. No deadlock. Though I think Fifth Harmony had more votes than White anyway.

Once again, Diamond takes her elimination with maturity unlike the babbling fools that were Beatrice Miller and Rachel Crowe. She mentions that Cher Lloyd also came in fifth and look where she is today. Correction, Diamond. Lloyd placed fourth in seventh series of the UK version of X Factor. Note to Brit: It wouldn’t kill you to give a obligatory hug to your departing act.

X Factor 2 – Top 6 Voting Results Rankings

Not surprised by Emblem3’s third placing, but taken aback with Tate’s rise to the top. I honestly thought he’d stay in second if not drop. Clearly, he was the recipient of some of Vino’s votes last week. I’m really shocked he’s staying that high in the votes as the acts diminish. Can he really take the Season 2 crown?

  • 4. Fifth Harmony
  • 3. Emblem3
  • 2. Carly Rose Sonenclar
  • 1. Tate Stevens

Were you surprised by tonight’s results? Who were you hoping would get the boot? Who’s going to take it all? Sound off below.