It’s double elimination time on The X Factor and I’m beyond ecstatic. Definitely time to kick this competition into overdrive and cut some of the fat… like a lot of it. If Simon Cowell wants to cut two acts for the next several weeks, I’m 100% on board. Before we get to the results, I just wanted to remind everyone that next week’s show are on Tuesday/Wednesday due to Thanksgiving. Don’t forget to program your digital recording devices.

On deck for tonight’s special guest performance is Taylor Swift. The pop country superstar belted out “State of Grace” from her platinum-selling album Red. Even with the musical superstars, the production can’t seem to get the sound right. Was it me or did the background music drown out Swift’s vocals at certain times? Speaking of production, poor Khloe really needs to pick it up. I’m a fan, but she’s really not doing anything to win over haters with her sometimes awkward delivery.

Taylor Swift “State of Grace” X Factor Performance

Before Swift took to the stage, Mario Lopez announced the act with the least amount of votes was leaving right away. Surprisingly, but not surprisingly, it’s LYRIC 145. The hip-hop group took their elimination in stride and bid adieu with class. I really hope LA Reid signs them and allows them to do their own thing. Lyric Da Queen is a STAR.

That leaves ten remaining acts quivering in their shoes hoping they don’t have to sing their “Save Me” songs. Lopez and Kardashian-Odom reveal Arin Ray (he’s ecstatic), Vino Alan, Carly Rose Sonenclar, Diamond White (she’s a bit shocked) and Tate Stevens are safe. Reid is the first mentor to have all his acts advancing. Emblem3, Beatrice Miller, CeCe Frey (HUGE GASP) and Fifth Harmony then hear the good news. Turns out two of Demi Lovato’s acts find themselves singing for survival. Eeks. I predict she’s going to be the first mentor without any acts. She’s this year’s Paula Abdul.

Sing For Survival Songs

I actually like Demi on the show, but tonight’s “Save Me” songs just shows she’s not picking the right songs for her contestants. Someone needs to pick up their mentoring game. Both Jennel and Paige picked great choices that allowed them to shine. Personally, I thought Garcia did way better, but Thomas did herself proud. But what would the judges think.

Jennel Garcia ‘The Reason’ by Hoobastank

Paige Thomas ‘Paradise’ by Coldplay

Judges Deliberation

It’s time for the judges to deliver the results. I’m crossing my fingers that Garcia is saved. LA Reid is up first and he chooses to send home Jennel. WTF. Then it’s Britney’s turn and she also chooses Jennel. DOUBLE WTF. Mario then tries to get an answer from Simon, but he won’t until Demi does. A silly back-and-forth exchange between the two transpires. I like their big brother/little sister banter, but this is just ridiculous. So disrespectful for Paige and Jennel. Demi finally reveals she’s sending home Paige. It’s all up to Simon. Please send this to deadlock. PLEASE. Simon says it’s an easy decision and saves Paige. TRIPLE WTF.

Poor Jennel. She’s more talented than poor man’s Rihanna, but singing first the previous night screwed her. Personally, I think all the judges were worried Jennel could be a threat for the title. By far, she was Lovato’s strongest act. BY FAR. Oh well, I liked her but got bored so I’m not overly upset. That said, she deserved to make the Top 10 over some of the other acts. Now onto my favorite part of the results show. Who was on top? Did Tate do it again? Find out below.

X Factor 2 – Top 12 Voting Results Rankings

  • 10. Paige Thomas
  • 9. Arin Ray
  • 8. Beatrice Miller
  • 7. Diamond White
  • 6. Fifth Harmony
  • 5. CeCe Frey
  • 4. Emblem3
  • 3. Vino Alan
  • 2. Carly Rose Sonenclar
  • 1. Tate Stevens

Not surprised about the bottom half, but HOLY F*CK did CeCe move up. Top 5??? Really America? Also a bit shocking that Tate was on top again. I think once some of the tween-oriented acts leave the show, he’ll see his lead diminish. Let’s face it, how many of LYRIC 145 and Jennel Garcia’s voters are going his way? Probably not many. Remember it’s a marathon and not a sprint.

Were you shocked by tonight’s results? Anyone’s place on the rankings surprise you? Will you miss LYRIC 145 or Jennel Garcia more? Sound off below.