The sporting gods certainly don’t love Simon Cowell, do they? First, the World Series preempted The X Factor a couple of times, and now the NFL pushed tonight’s results show by almost twenty minutes. Side note. I wonder what genius over at FOX decided it was a great idea to hold a LIVE results show while families across the land were having Thanksgiving dinner? Is it me or does it seem like FOX has given up on the show?

Before I get to the results, can we chat briefly about the hosts? Khloe Kardashian has certainly received a lot of negative criticism, but how do we feel about Mario Lopez? While Kardashian mispronounced Cher Lloyd’s name last night to Cheryl Lloyd, Lopez called Carly Rose, Carly Rose “Sonenblerg” on tonight’s show. And he does hosting for a living. With four weeks in, I pose this question to you. Are Khloe and Mario better than Steve Jones or are you missing the British host? Be sure to leave your comments below.

Before the results, the Top 10 performed “Fix You” by Coldplay with a choir from Bancroft Middle School. X Factor teamed up with Best Buy to give the inner Los Angeles school a technology makeover. Later in the show UK X Factor alum Cheryl Lloyd performed “Oath” with Becky G. I have to say, Lloyd is so much better with her live performances then her time competing on the show. On to the results…

Not surprisingly, Arin Ray was the first one eliminated. It was definitely time for him to go. Britney gave an obligatory this is just the beginning bull crap. It would’ve seemed more genuine if she wasn’t so standoffish with him. I half-hearted hug would’ve gone a long way.

After Ray was sent packing, the remaining acts were sent to safety one by one. Diamond White was first, then Vino Alan, Carly Rose Sonenclar, Fifth Harmony, Tate Stevens, Paige Thomas and Emblem3. That left Beatrice Miller and CeCe Frey to battle it out for the judges’ votes.

Sing For Survival Songs

From the second Beatrice found out she was in the bottom, she was extremely emotional. I’m surprised she made it through her Save Me song, not that it wasn’t without a few crying hiccups. Frey on her part was on point with the big notes, but pretty pitchy with the verses.

CeCe Frey ‘Because of You’ by Kelly Clarkson

Beatrice ‘White Flag’ by Dido

Judges Deliberation

Naturally, Britney and Demi both chose to save their acts, which left it in LA Reid and Simon Cowell’s hands. Reid sent Beatrice home with Cowell doing the same. Personally, I agree with Simon’s rationale. Beatrice is clearly not emotionally stable to handle the competition and it’s probably better for her to leave now, which brings me to this question. Should the minimum age limit be raised? We all remember Rachel Crow last year and her collapse to the ground. The only 13-year-old who’s handled their elimination in stride has been Diamond White. She was shocked but was still her cheerful self. White just rose up a few notches in my book.

X Factor 2 – Top 10 Voting Results Rankings

I’m not at all surprised that Carly Rose earned the most votes this week. What I am shocked about is how the top four really haven’t changed all that much. Did Jennel Garcia and LYRIC 145’s voters just stop voting? You’d think their fans would’ve backed similar acts like Fifth Harmony or Emblem3 pushing them higher in the ranks. Something smells fishy. Or was everyone just too busy getting ready for Thanksgiving to give two sh*ts. PS. How insincere did Khloe’s comment about Beatrice’s elimination sound? Don’t say you’re emotional and have a huge grin. LOL.

  • 8. CeCe Frey
  • 7. Fifth Harmony
  • 6. Paige Thomas
  • 5. Diamond White
  • 4. Emblem3
  • 3. Vino Alan
  • 2. Tate Stevens
  • 1. Carly Rose Sonenclar

It’ll be interesting to see next week’s results now that Arin Ray and Beatrice Miller are both gone. Which act will be the lucky recipient of their fans. Were you shocked by this week’s eliminations? What do you think of Khloe and Mario? Was FOX wise to air the show on Thanksgiving Day? Sound off below.