X Factor Season 2: Top 8 Double Eliminations & Voting Rankings

Tonight’s X Factor results recap is going to be extremely short. I have an event to go to tonight and have to leave the second the show is over. Trying to primp and get dressed in between commercials is kinda hilarious. This is ONE time I’m thankful for the show’s overabundance of ads.

On deck tonight for guest performances were X Factor Season 1 runner-up Josh Krajcik and R&B superstar Alicia Keys. That woman is scorching hot. Fittingly enough, she sang her catchy “Girl on Fire“. She tore it down during her performance. It was so effortless yet powerful. The more I listen to the track, the more I LOVE it. I enjoy belting out the chorus no matter how tone deaf I am. Krajcik on his part sang “One Thing She’ll Never Know” off his new EP. I forgot how rich and strong his voice is. Vino Alan wishes he could sing this well. Now on to the results.

Before tonight’s results I was hoping Vino Alan and CeCe Frey would be the ones to go. Would I get my wish? Let’s find out. The act garnering the least amount of votes is Paige Thomas. SAY WHAT??? I thought last night was her best performance. Clearly the judges praises’ resulted in voter apathy or people just weren’t feeling her new vibe. Personally, I loved it and look forward to that type of material in her future.

The rest of the remaining acts were sent to safety in the following order: Fifth Harmony (HELL YEAH), CeCe Frey (SHOCKER), Emblem3, Carly Rose Sonenclar and Tate Stevens. That left Diamond White and Vino Alan to prep their Save Me Songs. I can’t believe Vino fell that much after placing the past few weeks in third place. I hoped for it, but didn’t actually think it could happen. Please, oh please let Diamond win this battle.

Sing For Survival Songs

As much as I’m not his biggest fan, I have to say Vino was the superior performer in tonight’s battle. I felt Diamond was straining when she went for those high notes. Meanwhile, I actually felt emotion from Alan. In a fair world, Vino would be staying based on that performance. But this is X Factor, so anything can happen.

Diamond White ‘I Was Here’ by Beyonce

Vino Alan ‘Trouble’ by Ray LaMontagne

Judges Deliberation

Obviously, both LA Reid and Britney Spears chose to save their acts, leaving the decision to Demi Lovato and Simon Cowell. Demi was first to reveal her decision and it involved sending Vino home. Would Simon send it to deadlock? Nope. He also sends Vino packing. Was he worried that Alan was a bigger threat to his acts? I wouldn’t put it past him.

X Factor 2 – Top 8 Voting Results Rankings

Clearly, Simon’s threat to pack her bags, mobilized CeCe’s fans. I can’t believe she placed 5th this week. Looks like all the tween-oriented acts benefited from Arin Ray and Beatrice Miller’s elimination last week. I wonder who’ll be the recipients of Vino and Paige’s fans.

  • 6. Diamond White
  • 5. CeCe Frey
  • 4. Fifth Harmony
  • 3. Emblem3
  • 2. Tate Stevens
  • 1. Carly Rose Sonenclar

Were you shocked by tonight’s results? Who were you hoping would get the boot? Is a Carly Rose Sonenclar win inevitable? Sound off below.

  • Why do people keep saving Cece? Paige made an honest improvement this week and what did she get? The boot. That’s really too bad.

  • L

    What the fuck ! Paige ? her performance was amazing, her voice soft and rich.
    Cece is a big big joke.

  • André Dias

    @Tyson Because of this? http://www.votefortheworst.com/

  • Doug

    Go Cece! So happy she was safe!

  • Evan

    I’m also happy CeCe is still there, but am really saddened by the fact that Paige went home after such a great performance yesterday. I’m happy Vino is gone though… I found him ingenuine and creepy. Simon’s comment about him looking like a hunchback on stage was dead-on too.

  • HarryR

    What is sort of amazing is that the top 3 are only separated by 1% of votes and the top 2 by 0.5%. Dead surprised that Cece has made it this far. While Paige was far better this week than previous, she still was not at the level to win, yet I am still sorry to see her go. Vino had gotten boring & all his tats are, in Evan’s words, creepy. It is likely that Tim will win because he has no competition in his wheelhouse & a huge number of country fans vote on these singing shows. As for me, Emblem3 are my favs. They do play instruments & write original music but Simon has advised them not to use those aspects as yet.