The X Factor’s highly-anticipated Season 2 premiere finally airs this week. Feels like forever since Simon Cowell announced Britney Spears and Demi Lovato were joining the show. Even though NBC is trying to thwart its success by airing a third episode of The Voice at the same time as X Factor’s premiere, I’m definitely checking out Brit’s debut and watching Christina Aguilera and company spin around in their swivel chairs later in the evening. It’s Britney versus Christina all over again.

Truth be told, I think three days of The Voice is too much. NBC is silly for airing another edition of the show so soon after the Spring edition and three nights in a row for the premiere week is overkill. Too much of a good thing, if you ask me. Remember the over-saturation of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire on ABC back in 2000. I digress.

Since X Factor is finally here, I decided to pit the two new female judges in the fashion boxing ring against each other. Let’s face it, women are held under a magnifying glass with regards to their outfit choices. I’ve gone through Spears and Lovato’s wardrobe during the audition cities and posted them below, sharing my thoughts on who won the fashion crown in each city and gave an overall winner. See if you agree with my choices. If not, I’d love to hear where I went wrong 😉

Audition City: Austin, Texas

Britney goes bold with a coral-colored Brian Lichtenberg scuba zipper dress with sheer detail. Meanwhile, Demi opted for Top Shop from head to toe.

Winner: While I think Demi’s dress is cute, you can’t argue that Britney is slammin’ in that mini-dress. Round 1 goes to Brit.

Audition City: Greensboro, North Carolina

Once again, Demi goes to Top Shop for her look. Another dress matched with leather jacket ensemble. Brit also stayed in her comfort zone and chose a body-hugging black dress.

Winner: Personally for me, Brit looks a little too momsie in her conservative frock. Round 2 to Miss Lovato.

Audition City: Providence, Rhode Island

Holy sexy shimmery dress, Batman. The 30-year-old singer sizzles in a tight red Herve Leger dress, while Demi chooses a patterned dress from guess where… Top Shop. Does she have an endorsement deal that I don’t know about?

Winner: Anyone who can wear that unforgiving red Herve Leger dress and look good in it takes the cake in my books. Round 3 goes to Spears.

Audition City: San Francisco, California

Britney paired her Lorena Sarbu gold dress with Giuseppe Zanotti shoes. Demi selected a chic Topshop ensemble with Chloe Green peep-toe footwear.

Winner: Can’t stand Demi’s hair here, but I do adore her outfit. Brit’s dress is too shapeless for my liking. Demi wins by a nose.

Audition City: Kansas City, Kansas

The 19-year-old singer looks anything but mellow in this bright yellow dress from Top Shop. On the flipside, the “Toxic” singer looks like a virgin in this white eyelet Azzedine Alaia dress and grey Miu Miu pumps.

Winner: I’m a little torn here. I think this is Demi’s best hairstyle of the audition cities, but Brit’s dress is so darn cute. I’m giving the edge to the former Mickey Mouse Clubber.

X Factor Fashion Battle: Who Has Better Fashion Sense?

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In the end, Britney edges out Demi during the audition cities with regards to fashion sense. There’s still plenty of show left when the live rounds begin so it’s anyone’s game. I hope Britney gets a bit more experimental with her looks. She definitely has that body-hugging dress down pack, but would love her to mix it up. Demi, on the other hand, needs to refine her youthful choices just a notch. I love how carefree she is and hope that doesn’t change completely. Whose look do you appreciate more? Sound off below.