Not to quote the most overused term in the 21st century, but boy was tonight pitchy, pitchy, pitchy. Whether it was nerves or due to production’s inability to get the sound right, most of the singers couldn’t hit a note to save them.

How does The Voice rarely get a bum performance, yet The X Factor is littered with them. Even though the talent is substandard as a whole, I just can’t break up with the FOX show. With all that being said, there were a couple of standouts. In the end, all you need is one or two acts to emerge as viable recording artists.

Going into tonight’s show I made predictions on which act each judge would eliminate. Thankfully, I didn’t place any bets as I only got one right- Demi’s group. Watch all the performances below and see if the judges made the right decisions.

Before you watch the vids though, can I just mention how much it irritates me to no end how Mario Lopez pronounces Paulina’s name. We get it Mario, you speak Spanish. Speaking of Paulina, if it’s at all possible, she’s saying even less than Britney Spears last year. Production barely gives her a chance to speak and when she has an opportunity, it’s a muddled mess. Bring Brit back!!!

The X Factor Season 3 Top 16

Demi Lovato (Girls)

I understand wanting to end the show on a high note, but how about not beginning it on such a low one. By far, Demi has the weakest group out of the bunch. Once again, I might add. Last year her longest-staying act was CeCe Frey. Enough said.

I had high hopes for Ellona, but Britney Spears she is not. Following her was a “Wrecking Ball,” literally. Danie sucked balls majorly. Things ticked up a bit with both Rian and Khaya’s performances, but both had issues as well. Wisely, Demi chose correctly and gave Danie the boot.

Ellona Santiago

Song: “Till the World Ends”
Original Artist: Britney Spears

Danie Geimer

Song: “Wrecking Ball”
Original Artist: Miley Cyrus

Rion Paige

Song: Skyscraper
Original Artist: Demi Lovato

Khaya Cohen

Song: “Mercy”
Original Artist: Duffy

Paulina Rubio (Boys)

WOW! Did Josh Levi ever choke? His Rihanna rendition is probably the worst I’ve ever seen and heard on a singing competition. That’s saying a lot considering this American Idol hot mess. Sadly for him, the rest of the boys delivered better performances.

Even Carlito Olivero, whom I can’t stand, did a solid. His Carlos Santana number was his best to date. I don’t understand why Paulina and Simon are so hard on Tim Olstad. Once again, he was overly-criticized. Even though Josh sucked, I personally would’ve cut Carlos Guevara. I don’t get why he was so far ahead on the social media votes before the program. I.DONT.GET.IT!!!

Josh Levi

Song: “Only Girl (In The World)”
Original Artist: Rihanna

Carlos Guevara

Song: “Don’t You Worry Child”
Original Artist: Swedish House Mafia

Carlito Olivero

Song: “Maria Maria”
Original Artist: Santana ft. The Product G&B

Tim Olstad

Song: “Always”
Original Artist: Bon Jovi

Kelly Rowland (Over 25s)

Finally, the show started with Kelly’s group. It’s a shame one of them had to leave considering the lack of talent in the prior two groups. If I had Rowland’s power, I would’ve let Jeff Gutt go. He’s got the voice but he doesn’t have that “X” factor IMHO. I much prefer the eliminated James Kenney over him any day.

In a remarkable comeback, Rachel Potter proved she’s here to stay. Not only did she somewhat redeem herself from her disastrous Four Chair Challenge performance, but tonight proved she has tremendous fan support. She had a huge lead with the social media votes even before her song. Goes to prove country is going to be a major factor again this season.

Lillie McCloud

Song: “When a Man Loves a Woman”
Original Artist: Percy Sledge

Jeff Gutt

Song: “Try”
Original Artist: P!nk

Rachel Potter

Song: “I Hope You Dance”
Original Artist: Lee Ann Womack

James Kenney

Song: “Red”
Original Artist: Daniel Merriweather

Simon Cowell (Groups)

Must be nice to be a producer. Simon always gets the pimp spot with whatever category he’s mentoring. Even though Restless Road is Simon’s pet, I’m loving Alex & Sierra more and more with each performance. For once, Paulina said something insightful. The duo is a modern-day Sonny & Cher. Their Robin Thicke cover was pitch perfect.

Like with the other categories, I was surprised with the social media standings. How did Sweet Suspense get such a big following? Even more so than the hunky country trio? The second I saw that Roxxy Montana only garnered 5 percent, I knew they were up sh*t creek without a paddle. After their pitchy performance, I was waiting for the proverbial fork. Stick it in them because they’re dunzo.

Roxxy Montana

Song: “Royals”
Original Artist: Lorde

Sweet Suspense

Song: “I Love It”
Original Artist: Icona Pop

Alex & Sierra

Song: “Blurred Lines”
Original Artist: Icona Pop

Restless Road

Song: “Roar”
Original Artist: Katy Perry

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What do you think of the performances? Did the judges make the right decisions? Who are the frontrunners? Sound off below.