The X Factor returns after being sidelined by the MLB playoffs. On tonight’s show, the field narrows down from 16 to 12. Each judge can only choose three acts to move forward, eliminating one act each.

For the first time ever, the FOX singing competition will allow social media votes to act as the fifth judge. Starting at 12pm ET/9am PT today, fans can make their voice heard using special hashtags on Twitter and Instagram. Whether or not the results actually influence any of the judges’ final decisions remains to be seen. However, it’ll be interesting to see the real-time results during the live show as each act performs. More interestingly, if any of the judges ignore the public vote.

I’m going to go out on a limb and predict which act each judge will eliminate regardless of their performance tonight. For Paulina, I’m going with Carlos Guevara. With the girls, Demi will cut Danie Geimer. Meanwhile, Jeff Gutt will get the axe from Kelly. Last and certainly not least, Simon will surprisingly discard one of his manufactured acts. So long Sweet Suspense. You’re no Fifth Harmony 😉 Check out the special hashtags below along with makeover pics.

Team Demi Lovato (Girls)

Twitter & Instagram Hashtags

  • #xfKhaya
  • #xfDanie
  • #xfRion
  • #xfEllona

Khaya Cohen

Danie Geimer

Rion Paige

Ellona Santiago

Team Kelly Rowland (Over 25s)

Twitter & Instagram Hashtags

  • #xfJeff
  • #xfJames
  • #xfLillie
  • #xfRachel

Jeff Gutt

James Kenney

Lillie McCloud

Rachel Potter

Team Paulina Rubio (Boys)

Twitter & Instagram Hashtags

  • #xfCarlos
  • #xfJosh
  • #xfCarlito
  • #xfTim

Carlos Guevara

Josh Levi

Carlito Olivero

Tim Olstad

Team Simon Cowell (Groups)

Twitter & Instagram Hashtags

  • #xfAandS
  • #xfRestless
  • #xfRoXxy
  • #xfSweet

Alex & Sierra

Restless Road

RoXxy Montana

Sweet Suspense

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