Wynter Gordon Parties “Til Death” In New Music Video

Thank God for the internet. If it wasn’t for its existence, we might have never seen the latest creation from Wynter Gordon. Like many female artists as of late, who aren’t finding success in the United States, Wynter is looking at foreign territories to tackle. Nicole Scherzinger made a huge splash in the UK and now is attempting the US again, while Kelly Rowland, Amerie and Kat Deluna have also tapped into the dance culture outside North America to varying degrees of success.

For the “Dirty Talk” singer, Australia seems to be the country of choice. Her promotional single “Putting It Out There (Pride)” became the official theme song for the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. Her latest single, “Til Death” is currently storming up the charts down under. A perfect follow up to her No. 1 hit single, “Dirty Talk“. The single is doing so well, Wynter recently filmed a music video for it. It’s the perfect visual to compliment the track. It’s fun, infectious and makes you want to party. Wise move Wynter, wise move. Check out the song and video below. I’m obsessed with the beat and chorus. Potential summer song for sure.

Wynter Gordon “Til Death” Music Video

I’ve always been a fan of Wynter ever since I saw her performing live in Los Angeles a couple years ago. My love only increased after I interviewed her for the site. So glad people are finally giving Wynter the love she so richly deserves. After multiple delays, her debut album, “With The Music I Die“, is finally hitting shelves soon. Sooooooo excited.

Wynter Gordon “Til Death” Dance Remixes