Miley Cyrus & Chris Brown Top Worst Role Models Lists

First she topped Maxim’s Hottest Women list and now this. While Miley Cyrus is no angel, labeling her the worst female celebrity role model is a tad unwarranted, especially given the trainwrecks out there like Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes, Farrah Abraham and so forth. Sure Cyrus is a bit wild, but she’s been with the same guy for years, hasn’t been in and out of rehab, been arrested or doing porn like the aforementioned ladies.

Apparently, the parents taking part in a survey conducted by CouponCodes4U disagree with me. Miley along with Chris Brown top the worst female and male celebrity role model lists respectively. PS. Brown definitely deserves his title and then some.

Also making the list is the Kardashian clan. While Khloe didn’t make the cut, Kim and her baby daddy Kanye West, Kourtney and Bruce Jenner were singled out. Bruce Jenner, really??? Why him? I don’t watch their E! show so I’m not sure why he’s being called out.

What I find fascinating about the survey is that most of the women are relatively young and in their 20s while only Justin Bieber and Brown are the only two under the age of 30. Interesting, don’t you think? Check out who else landed on the lists.

Top 10 Worst Male Celebrity Role Models

  • 1. Chris Brown
  • 2. Kanye West
  • 3. Justin Bieber
  • 4. Lil Wayne
  • 5. Charlie Sheen
  • 6. Lance Armstrong
  • 7. Tiger Woods
  • 8. Mel Gibson
  • 9. Jay-Z
  • 10. Bruce Jenner

Top 10 Worst Female Celebrity Role Models

  • 1. Miley Cyrus
  • 2. Lindsay Lohan
  • 3. Kim Kardashian
  • 4. Amanda Bynes
  • 5. Farrah Abraham
  • 6. Rihanna
  • 7. Ke$ha
  • 8. Kourtney Kardashian
  • 9. Heidi Montag
  • 10. Taylor Momsen

Somewhere out there Heidi Montag is jumping up and down for joy that she’s mentioned in anything? Are the participants of the survey still watching Hills reruns? Who do you think doesn’t deserve to be on the list? Which celebrity would you add? Sound off below.

  • jesaves

    It pisses me off to no end how parents and people in general have the nerve to act like they own celebrities and have complete control over their lives. Miley is 20 years old she isnt hannah montanna anymore no one can tell me that they were the perfect person at her age. why as a parent are you letting another human that you dont even know be your childs role model and then get all pissy when they dont act the way you want them to. The utter nerve of humans just annoys me to no end

  • Ryan

    It seems like whoever participated in the survey cared more about getting coupons/deals and less about accurately ranking the celebrities. I’m assuming that’s how the site and survey works?

  • Micheal

    @jesaves I couldn’t agree with you more.

    I actually find Miley’s presence on this list ridiculous and as number one!? Miley is 20, she is doing stupid shit (which to be honest isn’t all that bad) that every other 20 year old has done/is doing. Her actions are only magnified because of the presence of social media. And what are her actions? Taking inappropriate photographs (with no explicit nudes mind you)? Smoking from a bong? Twerking? This is a college student’s Thursday night.

    People need to get off their high horse and father and mother their sons and daughters. It’s not like Old Hollywood or celebrities of yore were any better. They were addicts, alcoholics, adulterers and every other vice. They just hid it well. Celebrities are spectacle, not spectacular. Society has forgotten the difference.

    Also what the hell has Jay-Z done to earn a spot on this list? This says a lot more about CouponsCodes4U users than the celebrities named. What that says I’ll leave you to interpret.

  • Alex

    Ke$ha, Taylor Momsen and Jay-Z? Really?
    Are people really that unaware of what these three celebrities have done for underprivileged people around the world? Whoever or whatever voted for the outcome of this list clearly has no clue as to who these celebrities are and just how different they are to the way they are portrayed in the media.

  • rui asterisco

    i dont get all the hate on miley. he only ‘crime’ she did is not portraing the role of anna montana anymore, but in some weird parents’ head, stop being a charater and start being a normal girl makes her a really bad girl.

    and was anna montana that good a role model? she had a double life and was living a lie… that’s not the future i’d want for my kids (whenever i have them)

  • Raph

    I couldn’t agree more with everything said above… Wtf Miley at #1!? Ke$ha, Jay-Z, really? No one there is asking to be taken as a role model anyways, so stop blaming celebrities just because you can’t take care of your own children

  • Ryan

    …most of the people who commented need to be dosed with a xanax, or two.

  • Belladonna

    I think theres so many young woman on the femal list because lost of young & older woman are taught to bring each other down, but for the most part Stright white men love each other. Lol By the way theses people thinking Miley & Bieber are bad role models are dumb as Sh*t they work really hard, Miley stands up for Gay Rights & Justin has came in at number2 as the second most charitable Celerity under Lady Gaga for the last 3 years!!!!!! There young & just trying to live there lives.

  • Belladonna

    Oh & Kim-K is a Boss B*tch who took Somthing negative that she did & made the fame she got from that work for her. Now she’s one of the hardest working woman in Hollywood & she’s the producer of all the KARDASHEIN shows on E! Tv. So yeah what a bad person? Lol

  • Kevin

    Its funny the difference between the men and the women. The men have actually done horrible things and never change, but the women are criticized for the perception of them. Like, Miley Cyrus hasn’t really done anything. She cut her hair, WHOA! she must be bad role model. um. no.

    Also, I dont really know who is putting some of these guys as role models. Like, what kid is looking at the world thinking, I want to be just like chris brown or charlie sheen!