First she topped Maxim’s Hottest Women list and now this. While Miley Cyrus is no angel, labeling her the worst female celebrity role model is a tad unwarranted, especially given the trainwrecks out there like Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes, Farrah Abraham and so forth. Sure Cyrus is a bit wild, but she’s been with the same guy for years, hasn’t been in and out of rehab, been arrested or doing porn like the aforementioned ladies.

Apparently, the parents taking part in a survey conducted by CouponCodes4U disagree with me. Miley along with Chris Brown top the worst female and male celebrity role model lists respectively. PS. Brown definitely deserves his title and then some.

Also making the list is the Kardashian clan. While Khloe didn’t make the cut, Kim and her baby daddy Kanye West, Kourtney and Bruce Jenner were singled out. Bruce Jenner, really??? Why him? I don’t watch their E! show so I’m not sure why he’s being called out.

What I find fascinating about the survey is that most of the women are relatively young and in their 20s while only Justin Bieber and Brown are the only two under the age of 30. Interesting, don’t you think? Check out who else landed on the lists.

Top 10 Worst Male Celebrity Role Models

  • 1. Chris Brown
  • 2. Kanye West
  • 3. Justin Bieber
  • 4. Lil Wayne
  • 5. Charlie Sheen
  • 6. Lance Armstrong
  • 7. Tiger Woods
  • 8. Mel Gibson
  • 9. Jay-Z
  • 10. Bruce Jenner

Top 10 Worst Female Celebrity Role Models

  • 1. Miley Cyrus
  • 2. Lindsay Lohan
  • 3. Kim Kardashian
  • 4. Amanda Bynes
  • 5. Farrah Abraham
  • 6. Rihanna
  • 7. Ke$ha
  • 8. Kourtney Kardashian
  • 9. Heidi Montag
  • 10. Taylor Momsen

Somewhere out there Heidi Montag is jumping up and down for joy that she’s mentioned in anything? Are the participants of the survey still watching Hills reruns? Who do you think doesn’t deserve to be on the list? Which celebrity would you add? Sound off below.