World of Wonder’s Transformations With James St. James

I’m doing ANOTHER World Of Wonder post? God it’s like they are paying me (they aren’t, but I’m still totally putting in my application for their Canadian correspondent).

In this latest post about my current obsessions, we are going to take a look at the newest weekly video by my favorite blogger on the planet James ST James doing his TRANSFORMATIONS! So James ST James is bored, he needs a new look and a new vibe. He has asked his friends and celebrities who do faces to give him a brand new face. The only rule is, there are no rules. It’s been going on for about a month now and I am going to post them all, but my personal favorite right now is done by Gloria Shuri Nava who is famous for doing the Chola Makeover.

They update every Tuesday and I will post the month wrap up with all the ones that were released. Make sure you follow James ST James on twitter (@JSJDarling) and as always find me on twitter @TommyD! Love your work!

Check out the videos below!



Gloria Shuri Nava

Squeaky Blonde

  • Juan

    ummm….you know who James St. James is beyond blogging for WoW right? lol