My Chat With ‘World Of Wonder’: Creators Of RPDR & Party Monster

If you follow me on Twitter (@TommyD) or Instagram, you likely know that I recently took my maiden pilgrimage to LA. Yes, it took me a long time to get there and yes I had to the time of my life.

One of the coolest days my “wife” Anna and I had was the day we spent networking and doing some interviews. I was very lucky enough to get to go to the World Of Wonder offices. Now for many it might not be THAT important, but for me it was a very special day. I LOVE World of Wonder. I have been a fan of their’s for years. They have in my opinion the best blog on the internet (aside from Homorazzi, of course) the WOW report, they are the creators and producers of RuPaul’s Drag Race and Drag U, and are also the brains behind some of the best movies and documentaries and reality shows out there. Yes this was a big day for me.

To say that I was nervous was a bit of an understatement, but it wasn’t a bad nervous. As Anna and I parked our car and met up with Pete I was getting juiced. We walked onto the main floor and I started to see all my favourite bloggers (James St. James, Stephan Saban) and photos and posters of all the WOWlebrities on the walls. Our first assignment was to look through their new book The World according to Wonder which was a 21 year history of the production company. So Peter sat us down as a desk (which we later found out was RuPaul’s desk, NO BIG DEAL!!!) and we went through the book. It was incredible, everyone is in it. Seriously like everyone. From the biggest stars to the in house staff, everyone. Funny story, as we were reading I heard JAMES ST JAMES doing a Celebrity receptionist of the Day and it was The Beekman Boys, but I was too scared to even peak around the corner! Totally regret it.

Anyway back to the main issue at hand, I got the chance to talk to the creators of WOW, Randy Barbato and Fenton Bailey who were just as sweet as can be. I could’ve spoken to them for hours but I hit three major points; The history of World of Wonder, the new book, and RuPaul’s Drag Race (obviously). After the interview, we met James St. James (again NO BIG DEAL) and got a tour of the amazing building. The basement of the building used to be an old Punk Rock club, the graffiti on the wall is totally awesome.

Check out the video interview and pictures below.

Tommy Chats With The Creators Of ‘World Of Wonder’

Myself with James St. James.

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Thanks WOW for such a cool afternoon! Won’t be forgotten.

Also make sure you check out The-SocialLife for a backstage look at what we did that day!

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  • DouggSeven

    Ugh, I think I sat through 75% of Party Monster on cable before just having to turn it off. I doubt they even auditioned Macaulay Culkin. Unless it`s a full on parody – straight men cannot play queens. It was exactly like watching a train accident.