Who’s In The Running To Play Wonder Woman’s Love Interest?


With a female director finally locked down to helm the Wonder Woman film (Patty Jenkins stepped in after Michelle MacLaren quit), focus can now be shifted to casting some of the key roles, specifically the superheroine’s love interest.

Rumor has it, Scott Eastwood was offered the role but was also eying a smaller part in Suicide Squad. When pressed to make a decision, the 29-year-old stud decided to participate in the star-studded antihero film instead. That sucks big time. He would’ve been perfect to play United States Air Force pilot, Steve Trevor. Find out below who producers are test-screening for the part.


Allegedly, Liam Hemsworth or Alexander Skarsgard are being considered to woo Wonder Woman. Both are solid choices but interesting ones at that. It appears every option is being considered. There’s a 13-year age difference between the two actors.

Who do you think producers should go with? Hemsworth or Skarsgard or someone else? Out of the two, I think Skarsgard fits better with Gal Gadot. Liam might be too young. Weigh in below.

  • chris


  • Tommy D

    both are TERRIBLE choices. barf.

  • nunyccock

    I’ll go with Alexander Skarsgad

  • J Russell

    Great choice Chris, that was mine as well….wadda team!! lol

  • J Russell

    me too!